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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Explain about Power BI Mobile Apps?

Power BI is famous business analytics and intelligence solution that helps to visualize data and share meaningful insights across the business entity. Power BI mobile apps are useful and compatible with many mobile devices supported by Windows 10, Android, iOS, etc. Moreover, the Power BI mobile app helps to connect and interact with the cloud and on-premise data. They also support iPhone and iPad like devices.

There are many services that Power BI offers to create attractive dashboards and visualize them for business people to make decisions. Today there are a lot of smart devices available in the market. The use of smartphones also gained popularity. These smartphones are much useful when they contain smart apps. Power BI mobile applications and gadgets make it possible to use as many as possible.

The latest addition of Dec’2020 within Power BI mobile apps is the development of anomaly detection features. In case, the builder of the report has set up anomaly or irregularity detection for report viewing. This feature makes users check the irregularities in data caused by outliers or anomalies. Moreover, this feature displays the anomalies detected on the chart/report and also gives an explanation for those anomalies. 

Further, the team Microsoft also added a dark mode feature so that we can view the reports in heavy lights outside. By minimizing the screen background brightness, the report’s view will be more attractive also. Also, there is an expansion to full-screen mode also for the views which is additionally added for Android tablets.

Moreover, there is an automatic page refresh feature also added in addition to those above. This makes the page always fresh with any little change to it by displaying. Navigation also made it easier for the Power Bi mobile apps to have a great user experience for people.

How to install a Power BI mobile app?

The Power BI mobile applications make it possible to access various dashboards and reports on mobile devices that we made on desktop and report server. This is done on any platform whether on-premise or on the cloud.

Power BI Mobile apps for different gadgets

Power BI uses to run many advanced gadgets other than smartphones. These are;

iPad: Power BI mobile apps show various reports and dashboards on the iPad along with reporting services that build using the Power BI report server. The user can set certain information change cautions whenever the application informs about any change.

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iPhone: The BI mobile apps for the iPhone device also goes very well. They help to add the application to devices like Apple watch and can inquire about anything about happenings. Such as viewing and analyzing various reports.

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Android: The BI mobile apps keep running across Android devices very smoothly. Here it allows the user to view dashboards and reports that they built for the Power BI benefits. Moreover, it gives mobile access to precious business data to view easily on a mobile device. These reports and dashboards can be viewed rapidly as they appear on the device.

iOS: This mobile app also supports Android mobile phones. It gives the power to the phone. It offers to scan QR codes through Android phones and channelize various reports within the local area.

Moreover, the Android telephone conveys the PB to your pocket-friendly device that empowers upcoming contacts to access mobile business data.

Android Tablet:

These Power BI mobile apps smoothly run on various Android tablets. Moreover, it provides users up-to-date, touch-based access to the latest information about the business. Here also, the Power BI mobile app shows the dashboards and reports like in Android phones designed for the Power Bi service. Besides, users have the facility to bookmark the favorite reports and images for easy and quick access. They can watch using this option, their favorite dashboards, reports, KPIs, etc. 

Here, we start by using these mobile apps. At first, we need to sign up for the Power BI service through the website. It requires creating and storing various reports and dashboards that bring data together. Next, we need to sign in to the Power BI from an Android mobile device. After sign in to the account, we can start the creation of dashboards and reports of different styles. Moreover, we can view them also by going through the website or applying them to our device.

Power BI mobile apps for Windows devices

The Power BI mobile applications also run on various Windows gadgets along with its latest version Windows 10. It offers different useful features of Power BI on Windows telephones and mobiles. Microsoft Intune utilization also helps to look after the various gadgets and apps along with the mobile apps for Android and iOS like devices.

Setting up Mobile gadget administration using MS intune

Associating with MS Intune arranges to utilize the Power BI mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. It provides all the benefits of using Power BI on the web.

Getting URL for the mobile app of Power BI is an important thing. For iOS, it will get from iTunes. But for Android, it can be derived from the mobile page of Power BI. For iOS, we need to open iTunes and search for Power BI. We can get the URL under iPhone or iPad apps. From here we can use them or have to search for a similar URL. Moreover, we can copy the link of the URL from this point.

For Android devices, we can get the URL from the Google Play Store using the Power BI mobile page. It could be downloaded from there for further use.

Later, we need to create and configure the mobile application using some administration set up. Here we can change the design of the application according to our needs. We should prepare an application and give references to the URL got from Google Play services or iTunes. Further, we will check some steps here.

  • Enter into in tune and select apps from the menu.
  • Next, select the Add app to add the Software app.

In the case of iOS, Select the managed iOS app from the App Store. Now, we need to select the application URL and proceed next. Later, we need to give the names of publishers, descriptions, etc. Here, we can add a small icon also. Then will go next. Now, we need to choose the device on which we want to run the application. It may be an iPad or iPhone. Finally, we will upload it.


For, Android devices also, there is a similar process to the iOS pattern. And finally, we will deploy the application and run it for further utilization. Moreover, we need to check the discrepancies if any occur during the installation of the application and its operation.

Benefits of using Power BI mobile app

Using this mobile app is beneficial in various ways. It is most useful for the business people that increase productivity by this usage. The following benefits are available for using Power BI and its mobile applications.

a)Reduces information time

It helps to get information quickly that enables them to take decisions in real-time. Having various reports and dashboards handy on mobile devices, it becomes easy to access data and performance reports anywhere.

b)Improves decision making

Some business decisions need to make on the spot which may be out of the desk. In this situation, the Power BI mobile application gives access to reach the actual data. This data is fact-based and more reliable than any human can present. Moreover, there may be some errors in human interaction but the device and apps may help out of the box.

c)Reduces decision-making time

This mobile app helps to make important decisions without spending much time on traditional devices and reports. With the changing trends and technology, it requires maintaining some ready-to-use applications that make it easy to take any decision. This will reduce the time and complete the task faster.

d)Improves revenue

Using mobile devices and apps will improve the ways of making revenue. Many business people can make smarter decisions on the spot by viewing various fluctuations in data. They can mitigate the risks associated with data and find the latest opportunities to generate more revenue.

e)Improves performance

When it comes to fulfilling targets and KPIs of personal performance, the use of mobile apps within Power BI will help to improve them. Through the use of different applications and reports within them, one can easily make decisions and improves self-performance along with the business.

f)Special design for mobile devices

Power BI offers a lucrative design layout for the Android mobile devices that recreates the user interface. It helps many developers to design various and attractive reports and dashboards within Power BI Desktop and Service. Moreover, they can easily change from desktop layout design to mobile. 

g)Compatible with other devices

Similar to other common mobile apps, users can use Power BI mobile apps on different mobile devices like iOS, Android, etc. As Power BI is a Microsoft product, the mobile apps developed from this end also support all the mobile devices. Moreover, using Windows 10 or a higher version of OS is more compatible for them. 

h)Special interactivity for views 

The Power BI mobile app service has improved the interaction for the users to have a great experience with views. It simplifies the common tasks for the users while they consume any reports or dashboards for viewing. For instance, we can tap on the specific point within a pie chart or graph that we see for getting a specific part to view. This gives a great user experience with Power Bi mobile applications service. 


There are many filters available within Power BI known as “Slicers”. Using these slicers, we can make them responsive for our mobile apps so that we can resize the layout leaving space left within the report. Moreover, this feature will work out for us when we design the layout for mobile devices. This helps us to make use of better space within the app for great data visualization.

j)Sharing reports with others 

The Power BI mobile apps allow us to annotate the reports within the mobile app and share them with other people by taking snapshots. We can use it for sharing through Power BI users or 3rd parties like email.

Limitations of Power BI Mobile apps

Typically, Power BI mobile is a great application for viewing and interacting with various dashboards & reports across devices. We can access them from any place at any time without any issues. But there are a few areas that need improvement within the Power Bi Mobile applications. Here, we go with these areas.:-

Low flexibility in the design layouts

There is a specific design layout for phone views that we generally see. But the Android tablets will present the reports/dashboards in the same way as in the Power BI Service. Hence, we cannot design reports specifically for tablet landscape or portrait formats and view. Another limitation here is that the mobile layout is for a generic phone and the view is normal. Thus, it's not possible to verify how the reports will look at various other devices with different screen sizes.

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Therefore, there is a need for the format changes to be done within the desktop view. And we cannot make any modifications that are only applicable to mobile views. For instance, we should select a medium or smaller font size, so that a particular visualization looks better on a smaller screen also.

Limited map interaction

Map interaction is one of Power BI Mobile’s strongest features. However, there are many specific features such as the probability to center or filter the report by present location. But, the interactivity with map views is very limited in the PB mobile app service. And also it doesn’t allow us to do simple actions like selecting a group of marks in parallel.


Finally, we can say there are many things of use under Power BI mobile apps and their various aspects. The usage of mobile applications that made out of Power BI is out of box experience. These applications serve different devices for various purposes. It applies to different devices and makes them perform well in making important decisions.

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