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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-09
MSBI Developer-Skills and career opportunities

MSBI or Microsoft Business Intelligence is a powerful BI tool that offers fully efficient solutions to businesses to overcome IT issues. Also, MSBI is available as the best option among other BI tools that many businesses today are adopting. This is why it became a lucrative career choice for many learners looking forward to growing in the BI space. MSBI Developer is a person who can build and manage BI analytics and industry-level solutions for large databases. 

An MSBI Developer is required to respond to the queries and data requests and build suitable solutions for them. 

There are different types of skills that an MSBI Developer should acquire for his career growth. Also, he can perform well in his tasks by using his intelligence within an organization. Moreover, users can get access to the most accurate and up-to-date business information for making more informed decisions.

Here in this blog post, I am going to explain the different skills and career opportunities that an MSBI expert has in this market. Before you go deeper in this section, you should know in brief about MSBI Developer.

MSBI Developer

What is MSBI Developer?

An MSBI Developer is responsible for designing and developing industry-based solutions using data warehousing skills. Also, he should be able to respond to various data queries based on the requests made by users.  Adding more intelligence to business is the major role of this developer. He should know about different types of BI tools and technologies that help him in accomplishing his tasks. 

There are different roles and responsibilities of a developer in MSBI. Besides, he should understand well what the business exactly needs and implement it as a solution. 

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MSBI developer skills

An MSBI Developer should enhance the following skills that help him work effectively. Also, he should gain good knowledge in data modeling concepts. Companies look for highly skilled and experienced developers and MSBI experts. They should be able to build, design, and manage BI solutions analytically. 

Generally, an MSBI expert should have the following important skills:-

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Database skills
  • Testing Skills
  • Data Security
  • Troubleshoot systems

Let us elaborate on these important skills that help one to become an MSBI expert.

Communication skills 

These are very essential for an MSBI expert to convey solutions to the team by explaining the queries. Also, he must be a good listener so that he can provide better solutions to the team for improvement and resolve queries. 

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Database skills 

The skills like software development and best practices are required for MSBI developers.  They must be aware of some important skills like data testing, reporting, designing, mining, deployment, and other operations. Also, these skills help them in their career growth.

Data Security 

Security of data is the major challenge that most businesses face today due to its increase in high volume. therefore, an MSBI professional should be aware of data integrity, confidentiality, and surety best practices. 

Testing skills 

These skills are required at every stage whenever new software is developed. Software testing is necessary for different reasons. It helps us to check whether the data is processed properly and the same display accurately. Moreover, Tools like SSIS and SSAS are useful here that ensure error handling for different objects in a database. Here, SSIS refers to SQL Server Integration Services and SSAS refers to SQL Server Analysis Services. 


This is also an important skill for an MSBI Developer that helps him to troubleshoot performance-related issues. He or she should always monitor the tasks and their issues to find the root cause and apply troubleshooting to solve. For this, he/she must implement the MSBI tools effectively into the system and check them frequently. 

Moreover, an expert must know that how much amount of data transfer takes place across the network during working hours. He should also focus on data security whether the shared data over networks is safe or not.

Hence, these are the essential skills that every MSBI Expert should have always keep updated. Let us move on to other segments of this developer and his career chances.

MSBI developer roles and responsibilities 

Before starting your career as an MSBI expert you should know his various roles and responsibilities. The following are the major duties and roles to play for an MSBI developer in his workplace. 

  • You must aware of building, developing, and managing business intelligence solutions deeply.
  • You should be able to design and execute solutions for queries made. 
  • Should be able to provide various types of analyses and reports for the given data.
  • You should present the information in attractive visuals for better understanding.
  • Can be able to understand the client’s needs and design powerful business solutions.
  • Moreover, you should have the knowledge to design tools for storage and managing high-volume data. 
  • Also, you should know to test and troubleshoot the solutions that you design.
  • Furthermore, you need to collaborate with other team members to design more effective BI solutions. 
  • As an MSBI expert, you must know to collect data from various sources. Also, should have the knowledge of storing the same in a data warehouse for further usage. 
  • You should know about the SSRS tool to prepare various reports and technical documents. Along with this, you should know about the OLAP and ETL functions.
  • Also, you should maintain secrecy to secure sensitive business data. 

Hence, these are the important duties an MSBI expert should know to perform well.

The following different roles that an MSBI developer would get in his career are:

  • BI Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Consultant
  • BI Admin
  • BI Manager/Project Manager, etc.
MSBI developer career

A BI expert can get job opportunities in the following giant companies which hire these experts.

  • Wipro
  • TCS
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Accenture
  • Birlasoft
  • IBM
  • Dell
  • Cognizant
  • Barclays
  • Fiserv

The list of companies is much more but these are some of the most ones to name. 

Salaries and Development

According to leading websites like PayScale, Indeed, etc. the research on salaries says that an average MSBI Developer at entry-level can earn up to INR 296K p.a. With work experience up to 4 years can earn around INR 450K p.a. Moreover, with expert skills and good BI experience, one can earn between INR 8-12 Lakhs p.a. 

In order to maintain the high-volume data with the increasing businesses, these experts are in most demand. To manage, report, secure, and resolve issues, an expert BI developer is required for today’s companies. As the market is growing, it needs to add more intelligence to make the data secure and smooth flowing of business. Hence, the changing skills and knowledge can enhance career growth with business growth. Also, it will help in making better business decisions for a better future.

Why choose MSBI as a career?

MSBI offers a better solution for the various IT issues that businesses face. Some of the important reasons are discussed below to choose MSBI as a career choice. 

Data Visualization

Using MSBI one can design an easy data visualization and is good for data exploration also. It provides the business every possible solution in a cost-effective way. This is the main reason behind choosing MSBI as a career option.

Complete business solutions

This BI tool offers complete business solutions by deploying products effectively and increasing business services quality. Further, it helps to make great business decisions at a time, through data mining and analytics. 

Easy Usage

Today MSBI is the easiest tool that everyone uses easily with some basic skills. Earlier this is only limited to expert people but now it’s easy to use and maintain than other BI tools. 

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Data warehousing

This is the most important feature of this BI tool that provides data storage, management, and processing. It follows the ETL process where data is collected from different sources. Then the same is loaded into a data warehouse for further process. 

Supports MS Excel features

Experts with strong knowledge of MS Excel can work with MSBI easily. It helps to collect, store, and handle data easily. Further, you can use this data to report generation also. 

Moreover, you can also find design very intuitive dashboards and scorecards using the MSBI tool. It helps to access any data sources easily and also joins data from various sources and gives a personalized experience by conversion. Further, it also connects with various third-party tools that make it an amazing tool for the organization. Also, it allows us to combine the most desired web services to our business. 

Bottom Line

MSBI Developer is definitely a great career option nowadays because of the increasing demand and businesses. This BI tool offers every possible solution that a business need in its processes. The various skills and working knowledge will help you become an MSBI developer and can have good career options. In this post, you got the basic knowledge of MSBI developers and their various activities and skills. Further, these skills will help to get into a lucrative career with a good pay scale and growth. Companies are looking for people with expert skills in this area and also meet their business needs.

If you’re planning to get into this excellent career path, you join the MSBI Online Training with the ITGuru platform. This learning can help you with different skills and knowledge and you can apply them in real-time for updating skills.