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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-07
Future scope of Informatica ETL tool

Effective and customer-centric data is the basis for any company’s growth. Today we can see there are many effective data warehousing solutions available and companies are investing much more in this regard. Reporting and analysis of meaningful data through data warehousing and its tools is there for a long time. It is a big deal to recover many actionable insights from the data. This is where the Informatica ETL tool emerged with plenty of offers for the developers. Also, we can see that in recent times, Informatica ETL is focusing on major technologies like Big Data, Data warehousing, Cloud, Data Security, etc. 

We can see that Informatica still has a good customer loyalty rate across the industry. Further, it is trying to redefine the ETL and data warehousing field with new actionable insights. 

Also, this field has opened the career progression with rich opportunities in ETL Developer, data warehousing, etc. within Informatica. These expert skills always will be in demand with the latest technology updates and growing businesses.

Thus, in this blog post, we will discuss the future scope of the Informatica ETL tool and how it creates opportunities. Before you dive in-depth, you should know in brief about Informatica.


What is Informatica?

Informatica is nothing but a software development company that mainly offers data integration tools and products. These products include ETL, data masking, quality data, master data management, and replica, etc. Hence, this ETL tool is the most commonly use data integration tool for connecting and fetching data from multiple sources. Among which Informatica Power Center is the widely used ETL platform across the industry. 

Moreover, this ETL software is useful in the following typical areas of need.:-

  • When a company wants to move from its existing database to a new database system or software. 
  • A company is trying to set up a powerful data warehouse. There the whole data is moved from the production system to the warehouse.
  • Also, the ETL tool helps in data cleansing by sorting and removing unnecessary data from the database records.

This is a brief idea about the Informatica ETL tool. Now let us move to the further details of this powerful ETL tool.

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What is ETL?

ETL refers to Extract, Transform, and Load which is a data warehousing concept. It helps in data extraction from multiple data sources and converts it to meaningful information and loads into the database. 

The concept of “Extract” tells us about the data extraction from different sources which could be in different formats. These data-source formats include relational databases, XML files, or other database structures. Also, data validation is conducted in this area to confirm that the data extracts have accurate and correct values.  

Transform is the concept where a set of rules and conditions are applied to clean the extracted data. This data is later loaded into the target data source like a database/warehouse. Besides, there are different types of conversion applied to data as per the business needs. This means that only proper data should pass into the target source after the data cleansing process.  

The concept “Load” refers to simply loading data into the target or final data source.

Thus, all three tasks were performed in parallel without waiting for any single task to complete or start from.

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Future of Informatica

We can see that there are some promising career highlights for Informatica experts and specialists. The jobs in the ETL sector are frequently opening and creating a boom. 

A person can start his career journey with an ETL Developer at the entry point. Soon with the updated skills and experience, the position may raise up to a Senior or Lead Developer role.  Moreover, there are different job profiles in this field such as Informatica Architect/Admin, ETL or Data Architect, Consultants, Analysts, etc.  

An Informatica Developer job role includes writing, testing, debugging, application, etc. tasks. He should be able to understand the business needs and design technical documentation. Also, he should test the modules, ETL mappings, and plan for easy deployment. 

Furthermore, Informatica ETL products and services are applied to improve the business processes. Minimize the big data management and provide high security to the data storage and processing. Moreover, support for data retrieval when there are unforeseen conditions. Also, help in automating the process of data processing and designing. 

Thus, an expert in this skill will have plenty of job roles to play. There are multiple companies to hire these skills. In this way, we can say that this popular ETL software will have a good demand in the future IT market.

Features of Informatica

The following are the prominent features of this ETL domain.

  • This domain serves as the basic unit for all the management and admin requirements.
  • PowerCenter is the major data integration platform of this ETL tool that resides within the relational database. It contains some tables that include instructions to ETL data.
  • Helps to extract or gather data from different sources and load the same after changes into the target data source.
  • Supports IT and business alliances by timely delivering data to businesses with agile processes.
  • It provides reusability with easy-to-use data and offers data processing with automation.
  • Also, supports distributed processing with high availability, scalability, and works with zero downtime. This ETL tool also has adaptive load balancing features.
  • Moreover, there is a Power Center Repository Service that allows you to recover, insert, and update metadata into database tables.
  • Besides, it offers advanced data conversion as per business needs.
  • It provides real-time accurate data for customer-centric apps and operational excellence along with analytics. 
  • Has the ability to produce and parse complex XML data. 
  • The ETL tool allows automated data validation and testing that moves across the growth, testing, and production environments.
  • Through high-level connectivity, data access and combination are possible from all types of sources. 
  • Supports parallel processing of data where we can process data in different environments at a time.
  • Furthermore, provides scalable and reliable data which is safe even after a strong disaster. 
Informatica ETL developer salary

Having expert Informatica skills with the growing jobs trend, we can see a steep hike in the salary trends. With the data available in the top job sites like Indeed, and Glassdoor, the average salary for an Informatica Developer in the US is around $ 102K. This salary also varies with the skills and experience that these experts have.

Moreover, the salaries also differ with the job role and place of posting (City, Country, etc.). This salary trend also reflects in India where the average salary of an ETL Developer stands Rs 410K as PayScale data. Further, we can take the UK data also where these ETL experts get around £55k as a median salary. 

The people who can opt for this career are- BI/DW Experts, Software Developers, Analytics professionals, etc. As the skills and experience for these people grow, the salary package also moves up. 

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Characteristics of ETL tool

A good ETL tool always helps the data processing with enhanced data connectivity and scalability.

The tool should connect with different relational databases.

Also, this tool should enable end-users to customize the data modules as per their business requirements.

Moreover, it should a user-friendly UI so that end-users can connect and join the data. 

Also, ETL is expanding its wings across the globe with the latest technology. This is to deliver things faster, integrate, innovate, test, and deploy. So there is a big scope for these ETL experts.

Final thoughts

Today many giant multinationals are investing in Informatica tools and leveraging from the relevant business data extremely. Some of these organizations including Allianz, ING, EMC, Asian Paints, Samsung, and many more. The footprints of these companies extend to India also along with the rest of the world. Hence, plenty of jobs openings are upcoming with a demand for well-trained ETL developers. This is an emerging field with lots of new technology changes and has a good impact on the IT field.

ETL tools have a good role to play in large entities where data is available in huge amounts. They do continuous changes to data extracts from various sources to make them secure and available anytime. 

Thus, we can say that the market for these professionals does not end up instead many more opportunities come up. These are the well-known facts about this ETL tool and to get more knowledge in real-time, opt for the Informatica Online Training with ITGuru platform.