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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
Tableau vs Power BI

If we talk about Business Intelligence tools. Tableau and Power BI are the best performers in this Decade. Both themselves have a trademark in Data analytics and BI tools. We will Discuss Tableau Vs Power Bi in detail.

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1. Tableau Vs Power Bi:


Generally, any Software has a Community. Coming to this Two Software Bi tools. User communities and Support are best. In addition, Microsoft Power Bi. It Is Younger than tableau. It has a small community. 

Tableau vs Power BI | OnlineITGuru

Especially, Both Tools Work. For Different Concepts. In point of the community. We cannot Define any winner. However, you have to select the best tool. Based on your needs. That we can take into considerations. In the below-listed points.

b)User Interface:

Power Bi has the Best Intuitive User Interface. Which is Simpler to Learn.

Tableau has a slick user interface. That enables a user to design a Dashboard. In a simple way. You can go through Tableau Vs Spotfire also.

c)Programming Support:

Tableau Integrates better With the R language. When compared with Power BI.

Power Bi Still connects to the R language. By using MS Revolutionary Analytics. However, it is available only for Company level users.


Similarly, Both Products integrate with popular. Third-party information sources. Tableau small Edge over Power Bi, When it works out of box type Integrations.

2. Functionality:

When it comes to managing. Big Amount of data Sets. Tableau ranks better than Power bi. Power BI tends to drag and Slow when handling. Bulk type of Data. That Fixed by utilizing Direct connections instead of Importing Functionality.


Tableau has Flexible Deployment options. If we compare with Power Bi. It is also available only like the SaaS sample.

Tableau has got on Both cloud and On-Premises Options. For some of the Reasons. Your Business policy doesn’t allow for SaaS. That is Power Bi, it is out of the Scene.

b)Data Visualization:

If it is your main Objective. And Point is Tableau Data Visualization. It is the most selected Choice. It is the best tool. When it comes to Data Visualization. whereas Power Bi Concentrates. On Predictive Reporting and Modelling.

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Both Tools cost is Low. Power Bi comes into Point of Larger Enterprises. For getting the most out of tableau. By the way. You have to Design Data warehousing. 

Specifically, the cost of the Power BI Version. It is less than 10$ per month. In addition, the pro version Tableau. It is higher than 35$ in a month.

If your company is a small business or a Start-up Business. You can go to Power bi. If it is not sufficient.  You can upgrade to the next BI tool in this frame.

3. Data Sources:

Generally, tableau Support. Many hundreds of Information connectors. That includes online analytical processing types. Big Data Options. Such as Hadoop. On the other hand No SQL, Tableau Data Export, and Tableau Data connection.

When Users add, Multiple Sources and Relationships. That is determined by tableau. In an Automatic way. In addition to that, Tableau offers users the ability to modify Document Links.

Coming to Power BI. It is capable of Connecting. User external Sources. That includes Mysql. JSON, Sap Hana. In the same fashion. When users add Information. From Many Sources.

Power BI shows Relationships. In an Automatic way, It makes sure to communicate, With Microsoft Azure Information and Data Mashup.

4. Main Points:

Especially, Power BI and Tableau have plus points and minus points. In comparison with other BI tools.

However, Tableau allows many users to integrate. Into an Infinite amount of Data points. On the Other hand Power Bi. It is taken by smaller and start-up companies. Those who are looking forward. To every business Intelligence Answer.

In fact, selecting one over the other Tools. It depends on the User’s business needs.

As a matter of fact. If you are into new business Intelligence tools. Just select any one of these Business Intelligence tools.

Tableau new features

Apart from the general features, this BI tool included some new features. This came with the update of the new version. Let us look at a few of the latest features of this BI tool.

  • Ask Data
  • Explain data for different viewers
  • Collection of content from site through its Online or Server platforms.
  • Desktop web authoring improvement
  • New Search Experience
  • Connect to Salesforce data easily
  • Better workflow and analysis for decision making

These are a few of the new changes derived from the latest updates of this BI tool. Further, there are some general features and benefits available for this tool such as;

  • Blends data easily
  • Lesser technical knowledge required to learn this tool
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Easy data alliance 
  • Drag-drop facility 
  • Filter and highlight data for better visibility
  • Share dashboards and reports 
  • Easy for mobile view reports and dashboards
  • Convert queries into interactive visuals
  • Import data from all ranges whether small or large in size
  • Offers cost-effective training
  • Get good customer support for all users
  • Its desktop version allows users to build reports, dashboards, stories, etc. easily.
  • Moreover, users can manage large volumes of data easily.

Now let us look at the features of the Power BI tool.

Power BI features & advantages

Experience the latest changes in Power BI features that are exciting and easy to know.

  • Customized and personalized visuals for better data view
  • Effective, Efficient, and Reusable deployment pipeline for faster content delivery. (PS: Currently, this feature is available for Premium PBI users)
  • Besides, some new action buttons. Like page navigation, drill through, have been added.
  • Better user experience with a new drop shadow feature for visuals.
  • Can customize the existing theme
  • Further, you can sort out several columns for easy to understand data
  • Change detection and auto page refresh 
  • Conditional formatting- for total values and sub-total values

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Moreover, there are some other general features of PBI include the following;

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports
  • Get a real-time dashboard and report updates
  • Besides, you get customizable dashboards, reports, and datasets
  • Offers faster and safe deployment and configuration along with information security
  • Have the support of powerful AI and ML programs
  • Large-scale database connectivity is available 
  • A full-fledged data visualization and reporting tool
  • Furthermore, it gives better data analysis for decision-making
  • Power BI tool to transform data from different sources into meaningful insights.
  • Supports data integration and processing well.

Hence, these are the best comparative features and benefits of both powerful BI tools. You can experience the way they provide services to their users and the changes within the tools. Furthermore, they offer some premium usage benefits also with additional features that may not available in free versions. But even they provide the best features and added tools to their users. 


Thus, here it is to conclude this discussion on Tableau vs Power BI, the BI tools comparison. Both are powerful BI tools that thrive to provide a better UX to their users in data visualization. Moreover, users of these tools get the benefit of better reporting and easy dashboards. 

However, it is a little difficult task to choose the best one to use among the two. But depending upon the business needs and size of the business and its operations, one can choose the best BI tool. Apart from that, both tools have some good things and bad things depending upon the usage. Their features also vary at some point which makes the difference between them. Moreover, using these BI tools one can make visuals, reports, and dashboards attractive.  

To get more information on the usage of BI tools, get into the Tableau Online Course with the ITGuru platform. Learn from industry expert mentors and get guidance for making a great career in this field. 

These are the best-known facts about Tableau and Power Bi in upcoming blogs we will update more data on this Topic.