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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Tableau Vs Spotfire

We all know that tableau is a powerful Data Discovery Application; tableau allows us to use it with a drop and drag User Interface to show any type of Information. It explores many different views and we can explore many databases easily. It does not need any critical scripting. After analysis, we can share a report in a simple way by publishing it on the server. In this blog tableau VS Spotfire, we will see what are all differences are there on both BI Tools.

tableau vs spotfire

Data Types:

Tableau tool Supports Different Types of Data Types, it classifies every piece of the particulars into Four Variations. However, it is like String, Boolean, number, fact time.

Data Centralization

Usually, the server offers a centralized location for handling total organizations that publishes detailed sources.

Friendly Design and Architecture

It guides every Device, where matter Flows.

Different Data Sets

Tableau mobile allows you to integrate with variant relational, semi-designed Raw report sources in real Time, by without any extra price.

Visual Analysis

You have an option to analyze different visual tools. In fact, it is like graphs, charts, lines, and colors.


It doesn’t require any critical software Installation. Not to mention Desktop utilized by many users that is installed very easily.

Speed Analysis

In particular, it does not require any programming, any user for accessing matter to initiate by using it.

Now we see a little Introduction about Spotfire.


It is an analytical platform, for offering Valuable Intelligent Business particulars. Especially it is an easy, flexible Information Tool that offers matter visualization and predicts analysis of business Reports. At the same time, it has an Intelligent Dashboard and communicative Application. Now we will go with some of the main Features in It.

In-Depth Data Wrangling

It accepts you to clean and combine critical Data. It converts features into an easily acceptable Matter.

 Data Discovery

Data Discovery of Spotfire offers you smart and virtual features of Discovery credits.

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Data Visualization

The File Discovery feature provides you a smart and visual matter Discovery Benefits.

Both BI tools deal with Below Industries

  • Non-Profit.
  • Public Sector.
  • Transportation and Logistics.
  • Telecommunications.
  • IT.
  • Utilities and Energy.
  • Retail.
  • Education.
  • Consumer Goods.
  • Media.
  • HR.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Agriculture and Science.
  • Financial Services.

Pricing of Tableau and Spotfire

Spotfire and tableau pricing are available in many different configurations, for matching the number of users that we have. That is, if you want, software hosted online or installed locally or if you maintain a company, you have to request a custom price quote.

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These two vendors use three different pricing structures. They differ on few points, we have software in server, online and desktop editions. Tibco Spotfire is available on cloud and desktop platforms. Not to mention tableau desktop version needs an upfront tableau license. Where Spotfire desktop edition offers a total annual subscription. Even though it is installed on Premise. In the same fashion Portfolio of Spotfire offer more connections between the tiers. You exactly design dashboards and analytics apps in every edition. Where Tableau mainly utilizes its online and server editions for offering and editing. As a result, work was designed in tableau training Desktop.

These two products scale from one power user to a total company and stakeholders that were outside of the company. That is like Partners, users, and Investors.


Generally, a dashboard offers users the ability to maintain documentation sources, reports, and objects. In particular, one Central location that stays updated in real-time Scenarios.

Tableau Visualization  -  Tableau Data visualization

Let the user simply design Communicative Dashboards, operational Dashboards, and applications. These dashboards are shared by tableau servers, online, corporate portals, and web pages. For Instance, options contain executive, applications, operational, ad-hoc dashboards.

Spotfire offers a dashboard similar to tableau online education. Intuitive Design and capability to promote total dashboards by No footprint web users. For low-experienced users, the Spotfire recommendations wizard guides the best practical visualizations. Based on the information that you select. In the same way With the Spotfire 7 update, users can apply visual branding and themes to dashboards.

Analytics and Reporting

Most Important both tools were powerful when they come to point of processing Raw features. And Showing exact business Visualizations. To enumerate they both utilize a hybrid sample that consists of specifics and memory analytics Architectures. In particular, translations that they adapt to your computer-processing unit and Database synchronize fast.


In addition, it covers total Information Discovery, Information Visualization, Survey analysis, Geocoding, social Analytics, and many more. Conversely, It Integrates with Statistical programming language. At the same time, it offers mobile BI access with a Touch feature for tablets.


Data Preparation, let you connect to complex Spreadsheets and configure information when you Synchronize it. In like manner, Pivots cross-tab Information, specifics back into simple columns, terminates titles, text, images, and compromises Meta specific fields.

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Especially Spotfire’s analytics contain Communicative information, specific augmentation, visualization, predictive analytics, and content analytics. Simultaneously Real-time Event Analytics, location depended on analytics and in spite of other areas.

Best Features

Content Analytics

Generally Unstructured stats, text depended on details from any type of source. As an illustration Mix of Unstructured Content With other reports to understand the main cause and recognize the latest opportunities.

Data Connectors   -   Tableau Data connection

BI applications are designed on the concept of Interpreting reports from outside sources. Therefore, these are useful in Integrating with Information sources and other business systems, just like Marketing, automation, servers, databases, and CRMs. Accordingly, a vendor offers combined stats Connectors, as a result, it continuously pulls reports. From that sources without required configuration or scripting.

Power Users

There are many power users for the Tableau BI tool such as Dell, SpaceX, Citrix, etc. On the other side, Spotfire also has some renowned users such as P&G, NetApp, Cisco, etc. 

Customer Support

This is the major part after the user decides to install and use the particular software. It requires in the path from installation to deployment and any other technical issues that occur post-deployment.

Hence, the customer support team works round the clock with all the stakeholders of the business. It keeps the image of the organization positive with good support. So, here we check the support level for these distinct tools and how they differ from each other.


This product offers different types of customer support like Complimentary, Elite, Technical, and OEM. 

The complementary support includes all the non-technical issues, software bugs, configuration-based queries, etc.

Another side the technical support includes the most critical problems which include the annual subscription.

In the Elite program, there will be a dedicated support manager who checks the queries and requests with priority and offers support.

Further, in the OEM support program, there will be a partner support engineer who integrates this product with their current software. It works effectively after this successful integration. 

Thus, there is a significant growth in customer support along with this product. Therefore, the product receives good customer satisfaction reviews.


Users of Spotfire generally use the Tibco Support Central portal for submitting their requests and queries. 

Also, users can find some knowledge articles to get the answers to specific queries.

There is a facility for users to connect with the community of Spotfire.

Also, this product offers some discounted training for educational purposes. 

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Thus, we have gone through the differences between two different software products Tableau vs Spotfire. Also, we have seen the various features, pricing, and other comparisons of different areas. Both are powerful and robust data analysis and data visualization tools and offer good support to their users. But it is a little difficult to select the best one to use among the two products. 

We tried to present the maximum details of comparison for the above two distinct tools. If you are looking to learn Tableau, get into the Tableau Online Course with the ITGuru team. Explore the real-time learning experience