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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-04-19
Explain Power BI Version Control Best Practices

Version control is also known as source control that enables users to manage any modification within files over time. These changes should be stored in a database. Moreover, version control is useful to control version code, binary files, and other digital assets. Power BI version control is a free packaged solution that allows users to implement version control, local editing, etc. Also, it helps users to manage PBIX/PBIT files easily. This solution is completely a Power BI platform and supports a SharePoint environment. 

Power BI version control is another name for Power BI Source Control that allows business users or organizations to apply version control for their PBI projects. Moreover, version control is the most important component for the configuration management of software.

There are many things to know about version control in Power BI. Let us know these things in detail that how Power B version control works and its best practices and uses.

Power BI version control best practices

The Power BI version control allows different designers, developers, and other team members to work together on the same project. These systems are very crucial and critical to make sure every team member has the latest code access. Moreover, it depends upon the complexity of the development process. As it gets complex it becomes critical to manage different versions of whole products.

This version control system solution is not an important replacement for current organizational source control solutions. Hence, the solution copies and publishes to a single folder and it doesn’t manage the other environments like development, testing, and production. 

Further, the Power BI version control solution executes the following important tasks. :-

Verifying and lock editing for a single user

Keeps version history secure and modifies comments

Also, it copies files to a local folder that has synced with that, for safe edits.

Moreover, there are some limitations also includes in this version control system other than the useful functions.

Power BI version control

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Importance of version control system

The major benefit of using a version control system is to keep track of every change. Making the team members work on the latest versions always. Moreover, version control software is also useful for all code, files, and assets. This helps when there is a collaboration of different team members in one place. 

Other than just keeping track of files and managing them version control system has other duties also. It helps the DevOps teams very much in development and delivering products much faster. All this happens due to its reliability, it improves visibility, accelerates delivery of products, and helps the global teams to collaborate.

Furthermore, there are a wide variety of version control systems available today that many teams use. Such as Helix Core, SVN, Git, ClearCase, TFS, etc.

There are some useful benefits also of the version control system that are as follows. :-

It helps to trace every change that ever made.

The system supplies the single source of truth across the teams, code, and assets that work together.

Moreover, it makes the development process faster for the teams who don’t like waiting for files.

Similarly, each version control in Power BI also comes with different features and changes. It totally depends upon the development team and its best practices.

Further, the most important things that a current development team looks for are the following.

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Today each development team works for the high quality and enhanced productivity of their product. Hence, it needs to automate the tasks like testing and deployment for easy & faster product delivery. Moreover, in the software development process, the CI (Continuous Integration) plays an important role. It helps with automated builds and code reviews as a general operating procedure (SOPs). 

Similarly, in hardware development, the semiconductors use automation including testing through FPGAs. And integrating them through simulation verification and other systems. 

Hence, these FPGAs and other integrated testing systems must be versioned and controlled themselves. Also, they should carry the potential to handle large data files. It helps in managing and tracking the small changes done. Therefore, it refers to the existence of a strong version control system even in Power BI.

Team alliance

A team of a strong workforce makes the company workflow growing and the talent lives forever in their entity. Whenever a project needs to complete on a limited deadline it needs to add more workforce. This needs to allow the working team to have global access with team members with secured ID and access management. Further, this makes it a critical success for a team.

Hence, with the use of a version control system, each team member works on the latest versions that make it easier for the alliance. 

Simultaneous development

The projects are getting complex day by day due to technological advancement. There is also a need to manage this growing complexity of various versions of files and code. In this case, different teams of developers and designers can work on the same project.

Thus, using the right version control system helps in managing multiple versions of code. Also, it manages the particular functionality of the Operating System that we use.

Hence, it helps to make specific changes need and fix the issue for further deployments.

High Availability

The right version control system provides the data recovery from any disaster that comes in the development process. Every organization mostly depends upon the product development team only for its progress. This is very important to keep them engaged with good access otherwise they lose code access while idle. 

Hence, the VC software works as a replica for the enterprise repository that operates in another location. This helps with the uninterrupted supply and availability of the main files. 

Changes Tracking

A good development team working on a project always needs clear visibility into the changes made. It is important to look into the changes made and the people who attempted this and why.

Hence, the version control system under Power BI-like software also captures the information details. It also maintains the history for a long time so that anyone can access and look into the changes made. Moreover, the audit log history is the crucial thing for many industries like aerospace, automobile, medical devices manufacturing, etc. 

Without breaking builds

There is another version control system best practice is to avoid breaking builds with complete commits. Hence, a complete commit makes it easier to grow between the different branches that provide stubs and test cases. Also, this makes sure that these commits are useful for every team member without breaking the build.  Therefore, it makes available that every commit is traceable. The traceability ensures that every project should be able to build and pass its tests before and after the commit. 

Hence, these are a few of the version control best practices and their importance. Let us know the Power BI version control system and its use.

Power BI version Control

The Power BI version control branching is a method type that allows editing to codes in a secure and reliable way. In general, the users copy the code to their local device or system to make edits. Later, they add the code back to the master code by commenting on the changes made and by whom. Here, every change made is saved as a different version and it can go back to any of the versions. This practice keeps the developers from avoiding errors in the process.

Most of the Power BI reports are packaged into the PBIX files which most users found hard to work on branches simultaneously.

Why use version control in Power BI?

There are many uses of Power BI version control that allow many users to look into the changes made. Here are the following best uses of the Power BI version control system.

Keeps all the versions of the report in one place

Sometimes we want to roll back to the changes made in past to the files and mostly we keep them safe. SharePoint in this regard keeps user files without adding any version numbers to them. In addition to this Power BI version control system makes it possible for users. It allows them to roll back to any of the versions when there is a need. 

One location for all reports

All the files we can keep under SharePoint from where we can find them easily. Thus, a single location of files always includes the latest versions of files to download. This also avoids the emailing of files to and through.

Checking and add comments on changes

Whenever we edit files we want to keep the track of changes that we made. So, the Power BI version control system helps us to add some description to the changes made to files.

Work on copies instead of original files

The PBI version control method allows users always to work or edit the copies when changes need. This avoids direct manipulation of original files for security and breach. Here, we can copy the files to our local system and do experiments without damaging the main report. 

Thus, these are some of the best uses of the Power BI version control system. Now let us see how to use this Power BI  version control in real-time.

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How to use Power BI Version Control system?

The use of Power BI version control is very simple starting from downloading the app for each project. After installing the file we can configure it where the installed file builds folders on the SharePoint site that is required. We can allow the local edits required by the files made through syncing the Checked out Reports on the local device. The installation is possible through the SharePoint site or from Microsoft teams that help. 

This gives the access to the user to access the files within the directory even from the local device.

Then the following instructions need to follow to use the application in a proper way.

First, the users need to Check Out by opening the Power BI Version Control application.

Here, they will get a window by clicking on the Check Reports Out Button on the home screen of the PBI panel.

There will appear a list of PBIX and PBIT files in a report publishing folder. Then, the user needs to click on the Checked Out Reports button and wait for a moment to process the reports. It may also take a bit longer when the reports or files are larger. 

Next, if the user wishes to make changes to the report then he can edit them. Here, he can go through the synced folder of Checked Out Reports for editing and save the same. 

After publishing the edited reports he can check in the reports at the Checked Out Reports folder. Also, users can do Commit Changes into the files and discard the files that do not need change. 

Hence, in this way, a user can use the Power BI version control system.

Bottom Line

I hope this learning gave you much knowledge on the Power BI version control system and its uses. This helps users to make changes to the binary code versions, digital assets, etc through using the software. If the user or development team uses this practice then they can make good changes and safeguard the system. Further, a right version control system keeps assets secure from intrusions. It also gives backup over the failure of the system and provides access control to the users. Every activity or change made to the system is clearly visible through this practice. It traces everything that is useful for security. Hence, to know more about this segment through industry experts, get into the Power BI Online Training with ITGuru platform. You can enhance your existing PBI skills with the latest changes in technology. So, keep learning to grow with the industry standards.