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Explain Informatica ETL work process

Informatica ETL is a data integration tool that is useful to connect and fetch data from different sources. It offers different data integration products. Informatica ETL includes a data warehousing concept where data is extracted from various data sources and stored. The ETL concept includes Extract, Transform & Load. All these include data as a common thing while performing the work.

Informatica PowerCenter is the flagship product in this data integration portfolio. Informatica ETL is the way to provide data integration services to various businesses, industries, Govt. organizations, etc. Furthermore, it also offers various services to telecom, finance, health care, and other segments of the business.

Every business needs to maintain huge data that cannot be possible using merely software but it should have good database software. Informatica ETL fulfills this need for every business. Through using this system, any business can achieve new scales.

Informatica ETL process flow

Every company in the current day process a huge amount of data. This data comes from different sources and it needs to transform into meaningful data. This insight will help to make better decisions for the management of any business. Many large businesses face big challenges with the data. Moreover, the data consists of various formats and mostly unstructured and available in different databases. But these databases do not collate or combine to work seamlessly. They need some interfaces to integrate them.

For all the above problems, Data Integration is the only option. Data integration technology enables the user to allow data from various sources and different formats. Moreover, it communicates between them. This process helps businesses to combine a large amount of data into a small thing. It could make it easy for business people to make better decisions on the activities.  All this helps a business entity to prosper further its goal.

Informatica ETL sytem work

Informatica ETL helps to integrate the data with its powerful specifications. It provides a Data Warehousing system where large amounts of data can be stored coming from various sectors. Furthermore, the Informatica ETL system works in the following way.

  • It extracts data from different source systems. Most of this data is unstructured and in a different format.
  • The data gathered from different sources are transformed into meaningful insight. Moreover, it cleans up the unnecessary data which is irrelevant.
  • It removes all the errors and makes it clean and clear for visibility. It also makes the changes required within the data.
  • Later, it distributes the data into different segments wherever it requires. Then, it summarizes data into different areas. It looks into the relevant areas of necessity and transforms them into meaningful data.
  • Now, it loads the data into the warehouse. Here, the data is captured and stored for further work. It tracks the changes required for the source data.
  • Moreover, it always keeps the maintenance of data with regular updates. These updates will help business persons and users with the changing trends and methods of using these software tools.
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ETL work process

ETL denotes the Extract, Transform, and Load process of data which cleanly enables the data workflow. The Informatica Powercenter helps in this process. It helps the data to get placed in the right way. Every business holds lots of data in its lifetime. Every business holds lots of data in its lifetime. This data has to be maintained accurately and securely to get better business insights. Without exact and accurate data, no business can work further and make it's turnover a large one. So, it is necessary that every entity should have a proper database and security system for it. These are valuable things in any business unit.

  Informatica ETL Work process| OnlineITGuru


The Powercenter under Informatica ETL reads the whole data within the database and in different formats. It extracts it from various sources and stores it in a single place. The data extracted is raw data. It needs well processing and removal of irrelevant data. Moreover, this data is useful to transform further to get valuable insights from it. This helps to make a good and visible database


The PowerCenter transforms the data from transformation objects and makes it available for use by another system. There are many types of transformations available applied to data for different business needs. All data is not similar to each other. Through the transformation process, the raw data is converted into meaningful insight that helps business management very well. Transformation is the process of removing irrelevant data from the database and maintains it for further usage. It helps the developer to make the data error-free. This makes him transform data easily and make it ready for the next phase. It is the main phase where data get its original view and leaves the intricacies in data.


Here the PowerCenter loads the data into the target database. It writes the data in every row and adds it to the database. The actual structure of data is consists of the target object. It avoids any issues while loading the data into its target database. The data loaded is finally applicable for vision to the management team. Here, using this data, they can make a better decision that transforms a business into a new scale. It also helps to drive business to achieve great heights. Moreover, Informatica ETL is rich in various features like operations, data migration, and transformation, integration of data from various, etc.

Informatica ETL concepts apply in real-time business areas. It is applicable when a company migrates from one system software to another database system. Moreover, it applies at the time of setting up a data warehouse. Where data is moved from production to the warehouse. This also serves as a data cleaning tool that removes errors and makes the data accurate.  Moreover, the ETL follows a parallel processing system where several processes run simultaneously.

Informatica ETL provides good data connectivity and scalability. It is highly capable of connecting different databases at a time. It provides attractive visual data delivery to its clients. Moreover, it has a centralized cloud database server.

Informatica ETL lifecycle

The Informatica ETL lifecycle includes different phases such as; development, testing, and production. It is developed at different centers and tested by running in a real-time environment. Moreover, it collects production data to process it well. Furthermore, various components help the ETL process to become easy. They are; supporting data change, notification support, error handling, auditing the data, and storing data from different sources. Data can be in any format but the ETL tool will help to transform it meaningfully. These tools help business users in many ways. They are useful to gather data and store them for future use. This data will be put in transformation mode to get meaningful insight from it. Later, it will be sent to the target database or the final storage where users get it for making useful decisions.

This ETL lifecycle has many aspects that dynamically transform business needs. It helps in every sector of business while performing its operations. Moreover, it gives an advantage of the flexible use of all the tools and techniques that help to make business decisions.

Besides, it has good scalability and flexibility. It also provides data accuracy across different systems. This facilitates business entities to achieve their goals very easily. By maintaining data accuracy and secrecy it makes a great difference. Every business user must apply these systems in their business management to get meaningful business insights. Moreover, these insights help to make good decisions and develop the business into various segments.

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Informatica ETL developer

Informatica ETL developer is a person who maintains a data warehouse. He uses different techniques and tools to maintain the database. The developer is responsible to review data storage and various procedures. He must use the Informatica tools to test the data and resolve issues within it. His important role is to develop a strong data warehouse system using various tools and maintain them well.

Moreover, the ETL developer needs to check the data quality, data storage, and the threats that may occur while storing the data. The career of an Informatica ETL developer is very vast. He must acquire skills such as SQL, ETL tools, Scripting language, creativity, etc. All these skills will help him to achieve his career goals. There is a great way for this career. Shortly, this field will scale to new heights in maintaining business values.

Furthermore, this will pave the way for business growth and it works better among other competitors. Informatica ETL can be a good career for self-development. The person who knows the various tools and techniques along with little programming knowledge can prosper in this field.

Informatica ETL features

To perform data integration and ETL operations smoothly, Informatica offers Power center architecture. Further, there are many useful features of Informatica ETL.

Informatica ETL facilitates to mention a large number of changing laws using a Graphical user interface.

It helps to produce various programs that modify data.

Informatica ETL also helps in managing several data sources.

Moreover, this framework allows data gathering, cleansing, extraction, modification, and loading operations.

This tool automatically produces data extraction programs.

Furthermore, it helps in faster loading of destination data warehousing.

Parallel processing of data is another useful feature of Informatica ETL. Moreover, there is data re-use, rerun, and recovery of data is offered by this platform.

The tool also helps to enhance data connectivity and scalability. Furthermore, it is also capable of linking several databases together. This tool also able to provide services with other technologies like Big Data, Cloud, SAS, etc.

Hence, there are some other typical uses of Informatica Power Center are as follows;-

Data Transfer

In case a company has a new Accounting application, then the Power Center within this framework helps moving existing data to the new app. This is the process of data migration or data transfer from one app to another.

App Integration

To understand this, we can use a simple example like a company buys another company. In this case, to get the benefits of consolidation, we need to integrate the applications like “billing system”. Besides, this process of integration is easy with Informatica Power Center.


Informatica Power Center framework is also useful as a middleware. For instance, an enterprise is using two different applications for its retail operations and data warehousing. Both apps are based on SAP software. There may be no communication between these apps due to the lack of any interface to contact. Here is the place where Informatica PC acts as a middleware between these apps to link them as an interface.

Data warehouse

Typically, data warehousing actions require performing two different things. Such as, data integration from different sources at one place for analysis, and transferring data from database to data warehouse.

In these cases, Informatica Power Center plays an important role. It combines all data from different data sources/databases. And it brings the data to a commonplace, data warehouse.

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Informatica ETL testing

The ETL testing performed using Informatica is the process to check whether the data loaded from a source to any target is accurate. This data transfer is done after the business acquires this platform for use. Moreover, it verifies the data/information at different stages used between the source & target.

The ETL Testing process is executed in different stages. Such as - understanding business needs, test planning, and estimation, etc. There are a few other stages also like test case designing, data acquisition, performing tests with bugs/errors reporting and closing, test summary, test closure.

Moreover, Informatica ETL testing has different types like validation testing, production validating testing, app updating, metadata testing, etc. Other than these, data completeness testing, data accuracy testing, data quality testing, and GUI testing.

Informatica ETL Testing is classified into two different parts like high-level testing, and detailed testing. ETL tester has also some responsibilities while implementing the Informatica ETL app.

Further, there are many benefits of using Informatica ETL through its tools and services.


Thus, the above writings explain the Informatica ETL work process and the various phases involved in this process. This is very helpful for every business entity to maintain its huge database. Moreover, it helps the business in its usefulness and offers great business solutions. This process helps the business in many ways. It brings great changes to the new era of technology. Using this technology, many businesses can prosper to a new scale. This change can bring more value and goodwill to the business entity and the business people too.

To get more knowledge on Informatica in an expert way one can opt for Informatica Online Training from various online sources. This learning will help to gain expert knowledge along with the way for a great career.