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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
How to Create and Save Power BI Templates?

Power Bi Templates are best used in Designing, small and similar reports, with the latest Data and Reports. For implementing this, we must have a Power BI desktop updated on our PC. The Templates are made with Relationships, Schema, Data models, visuals and pages, and many other query Definitions, parameters, and other definitions. The old Template from where the new template was designed produces this type of features and Data.

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1. How to create a Power BI Template?

a)You can install Power Bi, from its official website.

b)When the power bi is installed the next step is to design reports from basics. To design a Report, we should have certain data, this data can be from any external source that is like a database, text, excel.

c)We simply enter the data that is like a section, of Date that copied from a workbook or a webpage that copied and pasted in power bi.

d)The sample Report that showed in the image made from Tabular data of Excel. In the second process, the report is made by dragging the required columns for designing a chart, graph, and other visualization types.

e)With many modifications, the report gets ready. Now we have the access to export the report by clicking on File>Export>Power BI Template and you can store them in the system with a folder. The report template made as of now.

How to Create and Save Power BI Templates | OnlineITGuru

f)We can import a template for Designing new reports, by clicking on File>Import>Power Bi Template. When importing the template, you can see a dialog box that appears, for any parameters implemented in the template to design a Report.

g)The location of the Dialogs as follows, to load the report from the direction, where it stored. In the dashboard, the reports created, when the template gets imported. This report's design based on Elements, visuals, queries, according to the requirements. The reports generated by the companies updated by power bi Server.

2. Why Power BI Template is Important?

As we know that it is an Analytical tool and BI tool, it is already free for a single user. It guides all types of business whether big or small. Many companies can see their business closely with its communicative dashboards and some useful reports.

Some BI tools like Qlikview, the tableau is available but Power Bi is the most used tool by many corporates today. Data models made by this tool have many applications, that include results with charts and they examine loss or profit with companies.

It is useful for administrating and managing, whether the team is performing or not. Many data analysts and beginners, without any experience, using this tool for making reports.

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3. Tools used in Power BI:

a)Power View and Map: It is for visualizing the data.

b)Pivot: To analyze and sample the data.

c)Power Query: For manipulating and Uploading the Data.

4.Features of Power Bi Templates:

a)We can Integrate Cortana assistant with Power Bi for verbal Queries, and you can access results from verbal Data.

b) These Templates offer analysis and reporting without any technical guidance and support, where it is a graphical-based design features and tool.

c)No need for any memory constraints when you are integrating with cloud servers. Every user can share reports, in the cloud for importing and exporting data to power bi from the cloud for visualizing data.

d)Reports published in a secure way to avail of the latest data.

e)With a limited set of Engineering and some efforts, power bi templates will produce new reports from the old reports for answering the valuable Insights.

f)Every month power bi themes and templates updated, with that we can make beautiful reports.

g)These templates are simple and free to use and you can reuse this for new users.

h)When you are generating the Report, we can link any data source such as SQL server, share point, google analytics to design reports in a more communicative and interactive way.

i)Especially, With SQL Server, we have Azure analysis services in the cloud that guides users to Design reusable data models for communicative analysis and reporting.

Power BI template apps

The latest Power BI template apps allow Power BI partners to develop Power BI applications with lesser coding. They can deploy these template apps to any PBI customer. Moreover, these Power BI template apps allow customers to link and represent through an instance within their accounts. 

Also, the MS Power BI template apps allow Power BI Pro or Premium users to get more insights right away. This is through pre-packed dashboards and reports that link with live data sources. 

Let us discuss the various steps involved in the development of Power BI Template apps. These help us to understand the way or process through which we can design better templates.


The following points denote that how to build an MS Power BI Template app. These are high-level steps.

  • At first, you have to review the needs to ensure that you meet them smoothly.
  • Next, you have to create a report within MS Power BI Desktop. Use some specific parameters so you can save the same as a file for other people’s use.
  • Then build a workspace for the Power BI template app within the tenant on the Power BI service portal.
  • Later, you import the .pbix file and add content to that like a dashboard to the application.
  • Then, build a test package to test the Power BI template app yourself within the working enterprise. Hence, it doesn’t need to call an expert for this work.
  • Next, promote the test application to pre-production to submit the application to AppSource to validate it. And to test the app outside the tenant.
  • Later, submit the whole content to the Partner center for publishing at the portal.
  • Now, make your offer go 'Live' within the AppSource and move the application to production within Microsoft Power BI.

Hence, you are now ready to begin developing the next latest version in the same workspace, under preproduction space.

Difference between PBIX and PBIT

In the following context, we will discuss the important differences between the PBIX and PBIt useful in the Power BI template.

The main file that is saved under MS Power BI is called -. PBIX MS Power BI document file. This file includes the datasets, visuals, reports, dashboards, data models, and so on. All of these items combine to make up the main file. Moreover, it particularly works with a linked data source.

On another side, the Power BI template is also known as.PBIT (MS Power BI template file), is the framework that includes many things. Here, it is packed with all of the current data models, dashboards, reports, and visualizations. But the major issue is none of the data would be found in the PBIX file. 

Here, the PBIT file is a sample file waiting to link with a perfect data source. Further, using a PBIT file makes sure about the same dependability, accuracy, and productivity across the destiny data sources wherever it is useful.

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Why Power BI only useful?

The use of the MS Power BI template and cloud analytics can give better results to users.

  • To meet the enterprise BI needs and the self-service satisfaction, many enterprises across the globe choose Power BI. 
  • Businesses can rely on the largest and fastest-growing BI clouds through the Power BI and its templates. They can share interactive data visuals across data centers along with national clouds. This helps to meet the business regulation needs. 
  • Enterprises and users across the globe can trust the global industry leader, Microsoft. This is for their adaptive technologies that meet various business needs.
  • It helps business data to secure through strong and dedicated data analytics. Moreover, it provides more user and data-driven insights with high-level data security.
  • It also allows taking the benefits of the innovative advances of the MS AI useful for non-data scientists. 
  • Using various Power BI templates and many other features, users can improve their publishing productivity & accuracy of the BI content.
  • Also, users can get a great integration platform with MS Excel using Power BI. Also, the Power BI template helps to turn many insights into action mode. 
  • Moreover, using MS Power BI and Power BI template one can easily stream dynamic analytics in real-time. 

Creating a designer Power BI template is a great way to present various small, and informative data reports. Moreover, these reports are easy to understand various data models and parameters in an intuitive way. This learning can enhance your existing MS PBI skills to the next level and help you to launch a successful career also. Learn more about Power BI Templates through the Power BI Online Course at the ITGuru platform through industry experts.

This is all about, how we use and create Power bi Templates. There is a lot to discuss on these templates because they update every month. In upcoming blogs, we update more data on these templates.