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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-10-04
Why is Power BI a BI Revolutionary Tool?

When it comes to data warehouse skills, it is one of the finest self-service BI tools available. It's been a while since Microsoft released its Power BI tool. But, with the way things are going for this fantastic BI and Analytics tool. So it's just a question of time. Further, Power BI becomes the tool of choice for BI and analytics in the majority of businesses.

In the hands of businesses that want to pull data from many sources and generate valuable insights from it. So, Power BI is a famous tool. It provides unique interactive visualization skills as well as genuine self-service analytics. All this allows users to see the same data from different perspectives. Thus, one can make reports and dashboards in the company. Moreover, without the aid of IT engineers and admins. Do you have an interest in learning more about Power BI and its importance? Take a look at this informative blog!

Why is Power BI a BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence software package. So, it includes software services, applications, and data connectors. It's a cloud-based platform. It combines data from many sources into a single collection. These data sets are to create shareable reports, dashboards, apps for data visualization. There are three kinds of Power BI platforms offered by Microsoft. So, they are as follows below

Desktop (a desktop program)

Service (SaaS, or Software as a Service)

Mobile (for iOS and Android devices).

Power BI's Advantages

These are some of the benefits that offer it a competitive edge:

Analyze the data

It can gather your company's data. Whether it's on the cloud or your local machine. Also, it provides you fast and simple access to it. Your customers receive a real-time 360-degree picture of their company. So, it allows them to search and explore their data.

Reporting in an interactive environment

Customers can view all their data on a single page. Also, the Power BI Mobile apps update as your data changes. So, allowing you to get current data and reports. So, no matter where you are or when you need it.

Overview of the financial situation

It provides you with a complete view of your data from many data sources in a few seconds. As a result, you can see all your financial data in one place.

Mobility for everyone 

The simple tools allow you to examine the underlying data. Hence, making it simple to get the precise answers you need.

Data Visualization

You can be both creative and productive using this tool. Combine data from many databases, files with its visual skills. So, it does this to get a unique perspective on your data.

Before comparing Power BI to other BI tools, these are the top features to be aware of. Though the above advantages prove why it is a popular tool among business analysts. So, the following important feature of Power BI will make it even clearer.

A dashboard that is easy to use

Provide a Data Source 

Customized visuals

Q&A in natural language

Data Modelling

Creating Reports.

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Why does Microsoft need Power BI when it has MS-Excel?

Also, it has a famous SSAS data analysis tool. In the market, already Microsoft took a stronghold. But, it did not have a significant presence in the BI or OLAP. Excel serves as Microsoft's effort to serve as a display layer for its products. But, it had several flaws. E.g., restricted memory and data integrity problems. So, that made it unsuitable for business customers.

But, Power BI is a useful tool. So, it takes the best of MS Excel and elevates it to a new level. It works with many tools. Like Power Query for data extraction, Pivot for data modeling. So, Power View to map the data. They can display it in unexpected ways is a whole new experience. It brings all these tools in one place. Thus, making it simpler to work without relying on MS Office. The fastest-growing BI sector is cloud-based BI.

What is it about Power BI that companies find so appealing?

It does not need a manual process for extract, sort, and display data. So, it allows you to bring all your data together. They can get valuable insights. With PBI, getting data from many sources and data in various forms is simple. So, it will create stunning charts and data visualizations. Thus, the whole process of dealing with data is automatic. Data can pull from a variety of open source and commercial cloud platforms and apps. The Power BI REST API is to push data from any cloud form. Get interactive graphs and charts as the responses to queries asked in plain language.

Using PBI, you can turn to collect business insights into a daily habit. This anybody can perform. It is no longer about database experts or admins. They are experts in data cubes, OLAP models, etc. To generate reports, you don't need to set up a database. As a result, it is well on its way to worldwide domination of BI tools. It is useful for rapid expansion businesses of all sizes. As a modern IT worker, a Power BI job can help you move forward in life!

It is the market leader in cloud business intelligence and analytics. So, it provides services that can be without delay accessed from the cloud. Thus, it is a significant advantage when it comes to BI deployment. Power BI Desktop is a desktop version of the software. It can do several tasks. E.g., data preparation, and the creation of interactive dashboards. Microsoft took it a progressive step by making a version of Power BI. Moreover, it is available on the Azure cloud platform.

Power BI Places the Power in the Customers' Hands!

It has strong features and applications. Hence, it includes altering data size and creating calculated columns. So, this tool places the power in the hands of the users. It's a lot better than working on a data warehouse tool. So, it needs the whole range of ETL processes for loading data, creating data cubes. Hence, making sense of it. Thus, Power BI makes it easier, more agile, and quicker to produce. Also, erasing different clogs by removing useless trust in IT staff.

Customers are looking for business intelligence, and they want it soon. PBI helps you by allowing you to start simple to install priority. Hence, allow you to focus only on the metrics that are vital to your firm. It creates customized dashboards, charts, reports, and graphs. So, you can change your specific terms and based on data that matters. It's possible to join all dashboard views in one location.


The inclusion of the Natural Language Processing layer to PBI is a significant tool. This makes it very easy to use normal human language to inquire for any information needed. It's more about the art of what's achievable with PBI. You take your data, apply machine learning to it, create an app out of it. Also, turn it into serious business information. 

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Why is Power BI such a useful tool in today's world?

Establishing direct links to data sources allows for real-time analysis in PBI. Furthermore, data refreshing maintains data up to the current to the second.

Custom visualizations from a custom visual's gallery are useful. There are many choices and categories for custom graphics.

Using the Quick Insights tool, you can search your data for key insights and information.

Connect to on-premises data sources, live or not. Such as SQL Server, and access data via data gateways using a secure channel. Since a result, it is enterprise-ready. As on-premises connections provide safe data transmission. Furthermore, the technology is scalable and dependable.

You may use it to connect to other services. Such as SSAS, Microsoft Excel, and so on.

It is a cutting-edge program that makes use of cutting-edge technology. It involves HTML 5.0, column store databases, cloud computing, mobile apps, and more. This helps to maintain it at the top of the charts and popular. But, since it has continuous updates with new features.

Why Power BI Is Different?

It is a data modeling tool. It has a simple interface and a multi-layered business solution, among other things. Any BI tool consists of three parts:

Raw Data:

The information gathered from the data source is in an unstructured format.

Semantic Model:

This model alters data to analyze it using pre-defined models.


Reports are the output of any BI tool. So, it displays the data in a graphical manner.

All three levels get supports from PBI. The majority of other Data Analytics solutions focus on report creation. So, with minimal usage from the first two components. This tool's main goal is to offer the finest BI tools. It gives BI reports, and analytics features to its customers. This program includes a cloud-based service feature in the desktop-based interface. It's a one-stop-shop for business intelligence, with many features. So, it includes data discovery, data shift, and visual engaging dashboards. It focuses on data modeling and reports production rather than visualization. From the dashboard, you can create reports with a few clicks.

Also, it connects other data sources with this tool. Hence, it does this by using the right connections and drivers. Also, you can choose a scalable dashboard for optimal notion.

Among the many more BI tools available on the market are:



Power BI vs. Tableau  

Data Access:

Power BI enables you to direct contact to Salesforce and Google Analytics. But, not to Hadoop. Tableau provides the ability to connect to Hadoop. To be honest, most of the industry does not need the Hadoop purpose. But, since it deals with large amounts of data. The majority of companies are modest to medium-sized. They do not need such extensive data processing.


Microsoft's application has 3500 data points. So, they are to check your information. After that, make choices using predictive analytics consultancy. Also, if you have no prior coding expertise, you can do it. Natural language is to construct inquiries. Tableau is well-known for its data visualization. But, you'll need some coding expertise to use it. Tableau has about 24 baseline visualizations.


PBI is only available in one deployment model: SaaS BI. Tableau is available in two models. First is the cloud model. The second is client machine installation, on the other side of the fence. You can select between cloud and installation formats. It depends on how much data you have. When there is a large quantity of data, it counsels you to use a cloud model.

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Power BI vs. SSRS 

SSRS requires an SQL Server license to operate, while Power BI is free. PBIRS, but, requires a PBI Premium license.

PBI is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution. SSRS is a component that runs on the server.

Advanced graphical tools are available in PBI. SSRS is a more ordinary kind of software. Also, it calls human input to generate reports and analyze data.

In the case of PBI, you can use cloud data. But, in SSRS you can only accept on-premise data.

PBIRS, or Power BI Report Server, is the successor to SSRS. It works with both PBIX and analytical XLSX reports. SSRS does not support these two.

PBI now supports Cortana for Natural Language Processing. SSRS does not support this process.

PBI has a simple interface with a drag-and-drop skill for creating reports. Unlike other BI apps like Tableau, you don't need any coding expertise to use it.

PBI enables the use of vague data, methods, and seamless interaction. With the built-in skill, it merges several data cubes.


As you can see, the free edition of Power BI offers a lot of strong skills. They aren't available in other BI applications. Also, it does not need any prior coding knowledge. It is inexpensive and accessible. Also, even incorporate versions, putting it within reach of small and medium firms.

Despite this, it is a powerful BI solution that is here to stay in the Data Visualization world. We can easily connect to hundreds of data sources. Also, inject life into our data via dashboards and reports insight. Thanks to the influence of Power BI in the area of business intelligence. 

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