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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2023-02-15
Will the Business Analysis be automated?

Rapid technology changes have been more prevalent over the past ten years, and discussions concerning their effects on society, the global economy, our personal lives, and our vocations and occupations have also increased. Computers and smart devices have become more streamlined, and their capabilities and applications have grown.

Additionally, artificial intelligence(AI)  is expanding. This technology was formerly mostly employed in the military, science, and other government-related disciplines, AI is currently becoming more common and is being developed for use in everyday life.

You've probably seen or heard about ChatGPT, a new AI tool that appears to be the subject of every other article on our newsfeeds some days. It's extremely user-friendly, produces conversational content, and is now free. Many people are also concerned about their careers and how to use technology to work more effectively and productively.

Have you ever paused to consider whether the position of a business analyst might someday be automated with all the talk of computers taking our jobs?


The repetitive professions, that require little to no specialized training, and don't require social skills are the ones that are most likely to be displaced by automation and AI technology. These include such roles as:

Telemarketers: Have you ever been the recipient of a robocall? Conversion rates for this kind of sales strategy are already poor, so it doesn't take much to convince businesses to move to a reduced maintenance strategy.

Clerks in bookkeeping - Many pieces of software already exist that do this function. A tremendous job is done by software like Freshbooks and Quickbooks to make money visible and reportable.

Receptionists - Many businesses today employ automated phone systems and directories, even if the human touch is still great.

Couriers - Despite a challenging beginning, major corporations like Amazon are already experimenting with drone delivery services.

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Cashiers -  Have you noticed that your grocery store's self-serve checkout area is expanding? At your preferred fast food restaurant, are ordering kiosks being used more frequently? You are not dreaming. Even more, McDonald's has begun testing a brand-new concept store with few personnel, conveyor belts, and robots that serve customers' food.


There's no need to worry because the position of business analyst won't disappear anytime soon. Critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence are all important components of business analysis, as are complicated interactions and conversations that happen among numerous participants. If anything, AI technology will probably turn out to be a practical tool you can use in your job to generate efficiencies and boost productivity.

Artificial intelligence is already assisting Business Analysts in more effectively and accurately extracting valuable insights from mountains of data and delivering solutions to businesses to help them achieve their goals in light of the massive amounts of data being produced for and by businesses these days.

BAs will be required to examine, modify, and improve programs and processes to implement this new technology as more businesses accept the usage of AI and automation in their processes. Business analysts will have more work and projects as a result!

AI-powered machine learning solutions will undoubtedly continue to assist BAs and organizations. They work for lowering costs and inefficiencies while raising profits and productivity.

There seems to be a pattern here. The first jobs to be automated tend to be highly routine and would even cost a corporation less if computers or robots did them.

Is any future for a business analyst?

With a rapidly evolving economy in the twenty-first century, the business landscape is also changing quickly. This naturally creates new commercial issues as the need for innovative solutions rises. The development of new, sophisticated technologies is on the one hand, and the rising business pressure on customers to put those technologies into use is on the other.

As a result, it is now more difficult to win over clients with conventional commercial solutions. Business analysis is crucial in this situation since it provides the most efficient strategies for solving business problems.

Future of business analyst

Once you have enough experience in this position, you can advance to project management or consulting positions that cover anything from functional to pre-sales consulting to IT PMO.


One of the most demanded jobs for many professionals is the position of business analyst because it gives generous compensation.

Job security:

The business analyst is a role that cannot be automated at a time when automation is moving into every area of IT. Simply, this work is people-oriented. Thus, a robot cannot take its place.

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Will Business Analysts be replaced by AI?

BAs must assume that a market is thriving for a certain product and that it can grow or contract; AI cannot foresee whether unconnected events would completely upset the industry.

Being a good business analyst requires having a wide range of talents and the ability to change with the environment. Each business analyst will undoubtedly bring a distinctive set of abilities and expertise to the table, but may AI  in future

1) Fully Comprehend Objectives: It's crucial to be able to completely understand directions. An AI runs the danger of failing to provide the desired results if it is unable to completely comprehend what and, more crucially, why it is being asked to accomplish something. Such AI would need to possess human brain-level intelligence.

2) The Ability To Hold Stakeholder Meetings: Would AI be able to negotiate in a meeting with stakeholders? Never undervalue the importance of face-to-face meetings to clarify any misunderstandings and explore issues in greater depth. In meetings when people are more likely, to be honest about their feelings, we frequently learn more about our project.

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3) Stakeholder Management: It would be crucial for AI to understand stakeholder management and their level of impact on a project. Stakeholders may be our most ardent defenders of our harshest detractors. A human BA will be able to examine each stakeholder's management demands and how they should be managed individually.

Full AI's extravagant claims are predicated on the assumption that we have a complete understanding of human intelligence and consciousness. From a scientific perspective, AI involves math and equations. And as humans, we are aware that the human brain and intellect are very different things. So perhaps when we achieve Absolute AI, Business Analysts will finally meet their equal.

Is business analyst require a lot of math?

A business analyst does not need to be an expert in mathematics. You will succeed as a BA as long as you can perform simple mathematical operations like addition, multiplication, etc.

As a BA, you will need to comprehend business procedures that may involve numbers, such as those in finance and inventory management. However, none of these processes will need you to grasp calculus or other advanced mathematics, and you won't be expected to perform your figure crunching.

There may be some calculations involved in the process, but nothing too difficult. You don't have to conduct math manually because sophisticated computations (like simulations) are frequently coded into the application. There are programs on computers that can do that. Simply expressed, you must give the app the necessary data and be aware of the expected outcomes (i.e. verifying the output)

Is a business analyst requires SQL?

Although the research indicates that SQL is not necessary, you might be shocked to learn that to stand out from the competition, you might need to have some experience with SQL. Business analysts, are one of the most adaptable data positions available, depending on the combination between interpersonal skills and SQL report development. There is some evidence that indicates a significant demand for SQL.

Are Business Analysts well-paid?

  • Several variables, including the industry, geographic location, level of expertise, and size of the organization, might affect a business analyst's pay. In the United States, a business analyst can expect to make between $70,000 and $120,000 annually, but those with extensive experience and advanced skills can expect to make more than $150,000.
  • Keep in mind that additional factors, such as the sort of company a business analyst works for (such as a tiny startup versus a major multinational), the amount of responsibility they have, and their education and qualifications, might affect their pay.
  • It's also important to keep in mind that pay can vary significantly by geography, with business analysts often earning more in key cities like San Francisco and New York than in other places.

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