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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-11-29
Power BI's Benefits for Your Business

power bi advantages

You've heard of Microsoft Power BI if you're looking for a self-service BI solution. Is it, but, the correct business intelligence platform for you? How would Power BI help your company? All these concerns are addressed in our blog article. If you're thinking about using Power BI, here's what you should know.

Each company is unique and will benefit in various ways. But, we've compiled a list of some of the most typical Power BI advantages that will help every company. So, what distinguishes this program from the rest? It is quite useful for a variety of reasons. Take into account the following advantages in this blog:

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a set of tools and services for enterprises. It includes BI, reporting, and data visualization. It creates dashboards and visuals from your raw data. This enables you to test data more quickly, detect trends and patterns. So, you can get actionable insights to help you make better business choices.

Power BI is consists of many components. So, they work together to allow you to develop and share business insights. They also provide a variety of items depending on your company's needs. Consider the following example:

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What is Power BI Desktop?

It's a free data analysis and report-creation program. So, you may download and install it on your computer. The majority of customers develop reports in Power BI Desktop. Further, then share them with others through Service.

Power BI Pro 

This is Power BI's complete premium version. It's a self-service analytics tool that runs in the cloud. It lets you create dashboards and reports, then embeds them in applications. Further, share them with users, and combine them with other Microsoft products.

Power BI Premium 

This version is best suited for big enterprises with a significant number of users. Consider it a major enhancement to Power BI Pro. You get higher data storage, full speed, access to one API interface, & many more skills. Also, to the features and functionality of Pro.

There are various types of tools present. For example,

Power BI Report Server 

Report Server is an on-premises report server. It saves reports prepared using Power BI Desktop or Pro.

Power BI Mobile 

Access Power BI on the move with mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Power BI Embedded 

It enables developers to integrate Power BI dashboards and reports into other apps.

Advantages of Power BI
It enhances the visual presentation of any data

Enterprise data doesn't always make sense unless you see it in a visual format. When you master data visualization, you can help your firm communicate more effectively.

As per the Harvard Business Review, today's leaders spend an average of 23 hours/week in meetings. Because they're not communicating properly, a lot of this meeting time is fluff and waste.

You may improve your meetings and use actual metrics to drive you toward your objectives. So, this you do by including a visual element in your presentations.

Using maps and other graphics to sell a presentation may help you get results. Whether you're dealing with internal conversations, building firms for users, or attending seminars. So, this pays dividends.


Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making ensuring that tools like Power BI are rich in functionality. They have comparable usability and are compatible with one another. It is a business intelligence program. So, it helps you make better decisions. You can do this by creating intelligent visuals that rely on firm data. Power BI Pro allows users to generate graphical data in either a standalone or joint way. So, this can be shareable with workers.


There are two versions of Power BI: Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. Pro is the base level offering. So, it provides all the capabilities in the Azure cloud for a low monthly fee per user.

Premium is for you if you need hundreds of users to view the reports. Plus, if you need to update your data more than 8 times each day. Premium is more costly, but you won't need as many Pro licenses. So, you'll receive a dedicated node on Azure. Thus, enabling you to respond more quickly to your company's demands.

Your company benefits from seamless cloud-based analytics and reporting

Speed is a killer. That is the most important takeaway from this software platform. You will be able to gain an immediate response. But, since it creates so elegantly and synchronized with the cloud. At the same time, everyone with access to a project may see and edit it in real-time. The software's seamlessness makes it an indispensable tool for meetings and presentations. But, while cloud-based technology keeps it light. Hence, provides lots of firepowers anytime you need it.

You have complete control over the dashboard options

When it comes to utilizing PBI, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your dashboards are completely customizable. So, it allows you to organize your tools and processes in the most efficient manner possible. The customized dashboards are jam-packed with features. Thus, it will enable you to extract whatever data you want from the reports you produce.

The software has excellent security and compliance ratings

You're putting together reports that may include sensitive internal data, security is critical. This is particularly important at a time when virus assaults and data breaches are on the rise. When it comes to security and compliance, Microsoft has always been ahead of the curve. So, MS Power is no exception. You'll feel more at ease accessing data on the cloud and developing projects on the go. Further, if you have access to up-to-date security and compliance.

Every month, new updates are available

Any decent software product should come with excellent support. You'll like the fact that MS PBI releases fresh upgrades every month in this respect. This degree of commitment assures you that the problems will fix as soon as workable. You'll get access to fixes and upgrades. So, you can keep your program up to date and functioning smoothly. Because you'll be paying membership fees to keep access to the program. So, you'll want to know that your money is going to work for you rather than sitting idle for years. You'll discover that the updates are useful and efficient. Thus, providing you with everything you need to get the most out of your data sources.

The Software is Fast and Flexible

The architecture enables Microsoft BI to remain strong and unrestricted. In reality, it is powered by three distinct cloud data centers around the country. This ensures that you have exceptional uptime. It restricts your memory and data use.

It's simple and intuitive to use

When it comes to generating data visualizations, the last thing you want is a high learning curve. The sooner you can get started with some presentations, the more you'll be able to get the most out of the program.

You'll like how simple this software platform is to use. The majority of the procedures rely on drag-and-drop technology. At every turn, you'll find widgets and tutorials.

This removes the fear element and helps you. Plus, your whole team gets familiar with how the program works.

You have a low cost of overhead

This software platform does not have to be prohibitively expensive. The administrative costs are cheap, your firm can come up to speed with a subscription.

You will be able to pick between the Pro and Premium choices when purchasing this service. Subscription rates for PBI Pro are $9.99 per month, while the Premium edition of the program is $4,995.

You may get a consultation for this installation depending on your firm's needs

Because of the low barrier to entry, even if you operate a tiny firm with just a few people. So, you'll have access to the same toys as the big guys.

The Software Can Run on Almost Any Platform or Device

Because MS PBI is cloud-based, you'll be able to log in. So, you can make adjustments on the go from many PCs, cellphones, and tablets. Because presentations are often presented remotely, this is critical.

This is simple to use and interfaces with a variety of Microsoft business tools. You can rapidly export a BI report. So, it includes graphs, spreadsheets, and other graphics, to view in a browser or with a Desktop.

There is a large and active community

The fact that MS PBI has its community is the finest advantage of all. Users may share ideas and information. They share on getting the most out of the program via built-in forums and third-party websites. Many programmers also build templates and reports that other users may use to come up to speed. You will be able to get answers to your problems, troubleshoot as needed. Thus, connect with others who can teach you how to maximize the way you use the program. So, if you have access to such a helpful community.


Given the rapid pace at which tech advances, Microsoft invests in PBI's long-term. For instance, the product responds to market demands. Further, by having a wide range of software compatibility. That is, the software is capable of many data sources into specialized Datasets. Thus, allowing you to create reports.


updated on a regular basis Ensure that PBI receives monthly updates on a regular basis. This is possible by Microsoft. So, it is proactive in reacting to comments from the Power BI community. The suggestion of new functionality was voted on and integrated into the main product.

Meanwhile, as the group expands, you should expect your support channels to expand as well. So, giving you new ideas for how to use the app and tools.

Refreshing the information

Because not all data sources offer live querying, how do you know you're looking at the most up-to-date version of your data? With Pro, you can refresh the data cache up to 8 times per day. Thus, with PBI Premium, you may update it up to 48 times per day.

All in one application. The easy usage of its data cache allows for simple and speedy report distribution. But, while also enabling the flexibility to view data updated at predetermined intervals. So, that matches the business' requirements.

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Rapid data breakdown

Your Power BI users will be able to make more informed decisions. So, in response to firm demands if they have easy access to intelligible data.

E.g., the data shown inside the app may be styled to say which of your markets are performing below, at, or beyond your expectations. Thus, resulting in actionable insights that will help your organization compete more effectively.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you're seeking reporting and analytical skills that go beyond Excel. So, Microsoft Power BI could be the ideal fit for you. You can display and analyze data across your whole firm with it. Hence, giving you valuable insights into your operations and performance. 

Power BI was named an industry-leading BI tool by Gartner for the thirteenth year in a row. So, it can help you make smarter choices throughout your company.

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