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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-09-22
Use of ServiceNow Automation for better business

Today, there is a huge need for service automation as the customers are growing and the products too. In the IT world also there is a big change in the work environment. ServiceNow is a cloud-based software that offers ITSM or IT Service Management and focuses on service-based tasks. Moreover, ServiceNow automation brings a great change in handling customer requests.

ServiceNow automation works powerfully to offer the best services to its clients and users. By automating services many businesses get the benefit of putting huge effort into efficiency management. Moreover, by turning the business processes to automation, the entities enhance their revenue and service quality.

Service Now was Estd. in 2004 and put its foot in the ITSM field later. It has given good competition for big players like IBM and HP. Today ServiceNow is not just limited to ITSM, but it still forms a big part of its revenue. Now, it is has expanded its wing into 5 different major services. These include IT, Security, Customer Service, HR Services, and Business Apps.

Let us move deep in this blog on how ServiceNow automation changes the business in a better way.

ServiceNow Automation benefits

There are many benefits of adopting ServiceNow Automation at the enterprise level. The following are a few of the benefits that the platform offers.

Better business tool integration

Automation tools help in the smooth-running of specific tasks like help-desk ticketing and invoice tracking services. Although, most automation solutions do not offer a large range of products for other business areas. Such as HR, Security, Finance, etc. The employees within any Org. might be using a number of tools that serve individual functions. Also, they may not interface or interact with each other. This outcome in anger gaps within service, individual contact for software problems, etc. This also puts employees at various levels of understanding. Thus, business solutions may have sudden problems than they solve.

In this regard, Service Now offers a fully integrated and customizable automation tool suite to businesses. Using ServiceNow automation any business can connect to cloud integration from ITOM  to Performance Analytics to HR Service Delivery (HRSD) areas.

By knowing the benefits of using ServiceNow automation tools anyone will be eager to start with them. Moreover, businesses can make a tie-up with service offering companies that include ServiceNow automation.

Get practical knowledge on automation processes and their design principles with the ServiceNow Online Course at Onlineitguru.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Every business wants to achieve higher ROI in the long run with less expenditure. Instead of using helpful tools, it may be time-consuming to spend much time on setting up software, working with errors, and getting results. The solution the business need should not be more difficult than it is worth. By adopting automation tools that are easy to use and manage will give more benefits.

ServiceNow automation tools allow users to automate various business processes with an integrated system. The user will get regular updates, quality analytics, and solutions that will not affect other areas of business. The -ve effect comes in when there are multiple different software solutions across the Org. With the ServiceNow automation platform, the business will get personal roadmaps and deployment ideas. Moreover, it will provide to have an affordable and easiest way to get a higher ROI.

Improve Service Quality

To improve the business and its service quality you need to know what works for and what doesn’t. These business metrics can be achieved by creating custom reports and records. But sometimes it can be difficult or time-taking to gather and build them. If you have only a single point of access, the staff is forced to submit a request and wait for the replies.

With ServiceNow automation tools, users not only automate data production. But they can line up their performance analytics to the business goals to drive specific results. 

Better workflow automation renders faster problem solutions, better customer service, and happier internal staff. Hence, there is no single solution model that fits every industry. Business users have to build custom applications to meet specific goals. This customization makes it easier for the business model to focus on improving operations.

Enhance Efficiency

Business Org’s don’t realize the wastage of time in waiting for approvals, corrections, solutions, or responses. These lag times stop employees from doing their jobs efficiently. In case, you are into a client-based business, then your clients may also be suffering from these issues that take too long to address and process. Service Now’s workflow automation enables the business to smooth-run regular tasks. And eliminate wait time and intrusions.


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Get more knowledge on this platform through the above video that will give you a basic idea of the platform.

Combine and Improve Processes

In addition to enhancing the employee’s efficiency, the ServiceNow automation process allows the business to identify processing areas with extra steps. It helps to combine them easily. The performance analytics they offer help companies to simplify crucial processing issues across several depts. They might find operations that may be cleared by solving regular issues by combining IT tools, HR services, and approvals. By removing needless processes, any company will run smoothly. And also their customers will put good attention.

ServiceNow automation ideas

The ServiceNow automation ideas are many to provide relevant solutions to the issues that one can imagine easily. The following are a few common ideas regarding process automation for every business.

Provide answers and solutions automatically

Using ServiceNow automation one can provide Q&A’s to the clients, customers, and any others who deserve the service. 

For example, an employee from the HR dept. wants to download SnagIt onto his working system. There is a process for requesting the software to get service. This spontaneously secures the important approvals and begins the installation. Here, the employee needs to request the software from the online service catalog and he gets a link.

Rather than this, he contacts the service help desk and disturbs a service team member. They ask him to use the service catalog to complain. This kind of process is not of good use for employee’s time.

Get feedback from customers

There are many sides to estimate service desk performance overall. It may be cost-per-ticket, resolution rate, average time-to-resolution, etc. But the ultimate saying is that none of these metrics will be of use if the service quality you provide is ugly. Moreover, high-resolution rates and low-resolution times aren’t the best metrics. In case, teams achieve them by closing tickets with unsolved issues, then it will affect them negatively.

Provide instant feedback to people

Generally, support or service desk managers listen and record employee service calls. They do so to provide feedback and improvement suggestions. But it’s a time-consuming process that leaders rarely find time for.

Fortunately, this is another area that gets benefits from automation services. Here, tools like “Cogito” uses behavioral data to provide services. This helps to provide real-time advice and directions to support employees while they’re attending calls. Moreover, it helps support team members to know when they’re speaking too quickly or not listening exactly. It even alerts executives/team leads of calls that are going very poorly so they can involve in.

Route tickets to the right people

Routing of tickets that generate several issues to get resolved is another crucial task. The employees triage the tickets rising and routes them to the proper channels for resolving. Ticket triaging is not only a wastage of time for supporting teams. But it increases response and resolution times too. It results in hurting the customer experience and gives a bad impression.

With the help of ServiceNow automation tools, it becomes easier to solve issues. They automate the process of obtaining issues to the right dept., teams, and/or people. Hence, some of these are more helpful than others.

Send status updates and onboarding information

To make satisfying customers, businesses have to keep them within the loop about the progress on solving their problems. In this regard, ticketing systems support very well. They contain some built-in features that send email updates automatically for triggers. This may be like updated ticket statuses or new requests.

But there is another way to boost service quality and performance is the use of email marketing. A program like ActiveCampaign is useful to create and send onboarding emails. This is useful to reach new company staff or customers through various processes. Such as setting up and using new systems and software, etc.

Several onboard campaigns with automation can be as simple as sending an individual email to new users. This includes a long list of to-dos and directions for setting up their own systems. Even they are as complex as a sequence of emails that are sent when new users do or don’t take any actions.

Manage company assets automatically

Ordering, setting up, handling company devices, and software are another set of support tasks that automation removes.

There are many tools available like automating the deployment and management of Apple devices. They are also useful in making it easy to track goods, push software updates, and many more.

Reset passwords and unlock accounts

Many people forget their passwords and even account details. The number of cases comes in daily in this regard. The IT support team spends much time on password-related issues & their solutions.

Escalate major incidents

Much large business Org’s may have the best support teams that work round the clock. Most SMBs have classes in the evening, even at the weekend where no one is actively checking tickets or system issues. In this regard, it becomes important to have an automation system. The system will look into major problems and incidents to the right people. It does so when solutions can’t wait for normal business hours.

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Servicenow automation examples

We can check the following examples for ServiceNow automation. These provide the idea of how automation helps in real-time.

Account Lockouts & Password Resets

Recent research presents that in most business units more than 25% of helpdesk activity involves in account lockout issues. This is largely the result of business Org’s deploying strong security needs. Moreover, the time spent by IT people to support lockout problems is only part of the cost equation. But the business also needs to account for the lost efficiency of the user and any service downtime issues.

Diagnosis and healing of Common Incidents

The time spent on reacting to and solving issues takes a large time of IT people. It also detracts them from being able to provide better service to the business with VA services. Building knowledge base articles and problem resolution scripts are great aids to IT people. They are useful for quick diagnoses and resolving issues.

But the question is why not taking it a step further and put automation to run the diagnostic tests? And, if possible, resolve the problems too? This is the way that IT needs to invest its time in resolving unique and uncommon issues. It also increases business quality and service great.

Employee on-boarding

The process of onboarding an employee or a contractor for any project is again difficult. By employing the ServiceNow automation process, it becomes easier for the business unit. The people dealing with these tasks may get rid of the issues.

Cloud services

By providing cloud services with automation also benefits the industry by saving a lot of time and money. Cloud services offer better quality and quick response to any issues. Thus, most businesses prefer it nowadays.

ServiceNow Automation best practices

There are five different ways you can prepare the best for ServiceNow automation processes. They are as follows;

Implement it in IT first

ServiceNow automation helps in many processes, not just for ITSM. However, most people mainly focus on service areas always to automate IT operations. Since IT is the main functionality of many business org’s. This allows the IT teams to get experience. They can then start building various capacities for other departments to hold them. Including IT within automation helps to create a reference for other people to understand it well. Thus, it has to put in IT to test.

Begin with High-Visibility Processes

It’s better, to begin with, processes having high-level awareness. And the same will require significant time and effort. In this way, entities give themself the best chance to get success even if problems arise. Moreover, they will have enough time to plan a solution. It improves services well.

Build Repeatable Processes

Try to build processes in a way that users can expand these workflows to automate other similar processes. Thus, by deploying ServiceNow automation, businesses may not feel any burden to make repetitive tasks.

Build robust ITIL skills

The ITIL is at the top of the Service Now ITSM platform and is very useful. An enterprise should send its employees to train on ITIL and basic IT SM principles. It helps to gain good knowledge for ServiceNow automation deployment.

In this way, service now helps business Org’s to scale their operations and services with good quality. Moreover, it helps the employees to work smartly by saving time and cost to the company.

Final Words

Thus, the above post provides an analysis of ServiceNow automation usage in business. Any business can get huge benefits by deploying these services on a large scale. It improves business service quality and enhances efficiency in less time. That’s why most companies today prefer it more. If you want to excel in designing automation processes and a good career. Then go through the ServiceNow Online Training with expert guidance. This may enhance your skills to become a professional.