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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-08-05
How Salesforce CPQ can help to improve customer experience?

The basic objective of every company is to make higher profits doing their various business activities by remaining competitive. But even in this modern age, some companies fail to present accurate, precise, and meaningful quotes or optimized pricing. Their outdated ordering and pricing methods, which mainly rely on the traditional ways, leads to inefficiency in pricing & quoting. Moreover, it puts off good customer interactions. 

Many salespeople make delay closing contracts and spend time on drafting plans, quotes, pricing, etc. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and it loses deals. Salesforce CPQ is the ultimate sales tool for the sales team which helps them to make perfect pricing deals with updated quotes.

Today, many giant companies are showing interest to use Salesforce CPQ for speeding up sales deals. This tool helps the sales team to produce quotes instantly and enhance sales activities with accuracy. Moreover, with the help of this tool, an organization can keep their customers satisfied and deliver a high-level customer experience too. 

Salesforce CPQ

You also can opt for this great sales tool to enhance your sales activities, make your business profitable along with providing good customer satisfaction.

Let us look into that, how Salesforce CPQ can enhance your customer’s experience by getting their deals done. But before that, I would like to let you know what is Salesforce CPQ in brief.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

In Salesforce CPQ, the term CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It simply states a complete solution for customer selections by arranging prices, products, and meaningful quotes in one place. Salesforce is a leading CRM platform that helps in marketing, sales, service, and keeping IT teams working from anywhere to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

Thus, Salesforce CPQ helps enterprises to close deals by customizing goods and services, prices, orders, and quotes rapidly and robustly. It saves their precious time that earlier they used to spend on a single customer or product. 

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In this modern era, Salesforce CPQ is the best tool for the sales team of any company. It not only focuses on rapidly producing quotes, minimizing complexity, and enhancing productivity, but also helps the team to make the sales journey personalized for a specific customer they deal with. It leaves both the salespeople and customers satisfied. 

There are other CPQ apps also available in the market, but the Salesforce CPQ is the best sales tool. It helps to provide advanced sales, which is much better and easier to perform than the traditional CPQ apps. 

When Salesforce CPQ is useful?

Every business wants to be profitable by satisfying their customers by offering certain products that they need. But to get the sales deal done, it needs to quote the price perfectly and very rapidly. So that the customer couldn’t feel dissatisfaction. Here are the possible reasons when the use of Salesforce CPQ will best suit your business needs. 

Using conventional and outdated systems

If you’re using some traditional systems/apps like MS Excel or PPT, then it's time for you to choose the Salesforce CPQ tool. It helps to configure your pricing and quotes for the product that you’re going to sell. Also, you can help customers with prices and quotes personally as per their needs. It not only makes you close the deal soon, but it saves many resources, time, energy, and also minimizes quotation errors. 

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Missing opportunities

Through the use of the Salesforce CPQ tool, you will get the best suggestion and relevant advice. So that you never lose a chance or opportunity to present the exact product to your customer. Moreover, it will keep you updated every time with the latest information.

Producing accurate and correct sales quotes

If you’re not able to release the precise quotation, then it will put on bad impression on the sales part. The customer may not understand the product offerings well, and it will lead to loss of the deal. Salesforce CPQ will help you to produce accurate and exact quotations by eliminating the differences between the CRM operations and quotations. A wrong sales quotation may lead to minimizing the marketing results for the product within a company.

Hence, this CPQ tool will help to reduce the pricing and quoting errors and improves CRM well. 

Inconsistent Data

Sometimes, data that you collect from different sources may be inconsistent and not relevant for sales. But Salesforce CPQ easily integrates with CRM and ERP systems. This helps to streamline information throughout the entity and can be accessed by relevant people within that. It will also improve decision-making, making quotes, authorization, conducting analysis, etc. Thus, all the people within the sales department will have the same information access. And it will minimize the errors and misrepresentation of data. 

How Salesforce CPQ can enhance customer experience?

Getting the customer satisfied with the exact product or service is a big challenge for every sales team. But due to Salesforce CPQ, it becomes easier to reduce the gap between the sales team and customers’ thinking. The CPQ tool can do the best things that a salesperson cannot do it traditionally. It not only makes the happy customers but also the happiest bottom line of the company. 

There are so many things to describe this leading CPQ tool and its uses. Let us know the different ways that Salesforce CPQ enhances customer experience.

Generates faster and better results

There is stiff competition in the current market for every product and service due to numerous producers. Hence, businesses require making strategies for accurate pricing decisions at lightning speed. This keeps them up with the customer expectations and leads to get the deals close. Salesforce CPQ helps you to do so by generating complex quotes rapidly. This process helps salespeople to respond to the current market situations promptly in real-time and without any delay. 

Reduces errors

This sales tool is not only robust but also delivers accurately by minimizing errors in quotes and prices. The CPQ technology lefts the sales team with no errors in quotations by producing automatically optimized error-free pricing. It will include all the contract terms like discounts, subscriptions, pre-defined contracts, etc. So, in this way, it reduces human-made errors with great accuracy in results. 

Being a cloud-based platform, it supports all the sales channels from record to report with centralized information. 

Personalized customer experience

This CPQ tool also allows personalized communication with specific customers by offering dynamic pricing-quotation features. Moreover, the sales team can tailor these specifications according to the latest market trends to deal with specific customers. It can benefit the business by satisfying customers with pricing offers that actually appeal to them. Also, it gives a great customer experience too. 

Automating approval process

With the help of AI, Salesforce CPQ can make approvals relating to special pricing automatically. Through this process, the sales team can put the request for special pricing, and they can offer discounted prices while closing a deal immediately. It really reduces the time for them to take the approval for any special price quote back from the office. They can make spot decisions with this AI-based tool. 

Transparency in sales

This CPQ tool helps you to get transparent results and reports from different areas and can analyze them easily. You can check what is relevant for your sales department and updates needed to execute. Get detailed and meaningful insight into each quote generated for different products and proposals. Also, you can verify the sales reports and visuals to make the difference between the most profitable and superior customers. Along with this, you can also look into the different optimal pricing strategies. 

Productivity analysis

You can do an analysis of your sales team’s productivity through real-time reports. This CPQ tool also involves making sure that your sales offers and prices are efficient. Through this, it helps you produce only successful and competitive quotes with an automation process. It will lead to successful sales and makes the business profitable.

Hence, these are some areas through which you can provide a better customer experience. 

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Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

There are a number of benefits of using the Salesforce CPQ tool, and they are the following.:-

  • It helps to streamline business operations smoothly with great customer satisfaction.
  • Enhances sales team efficiency to produce more sales quotes with accuracy.
  • Brings in a great customer experience with good deals. 
  • It offers robust tools to automate the quotes and prices to close sales deals smoothly.
  • Reduces quoting errors and operational costs to meet the business needs.
  • Allows application of smarter quotation and pricing strategies with ease.
  • Better sales strategies with personalization are also possible through this tool. 
Final Words

Through this great CPQ tool, your sales team can do wonders in the competitive market. It has the potential to change the scenario of your entire business. By analyzing the data and making efficient and time-saving quotes with clear market sense can give better results. Salesforce CPQ implementation is not that challenging, but it can give the best-selling options for your salespeople. With proper customization and maintenance, it can give more accurate results for you in the long run. 

There are many leading business organizations that benefitted by opting for Salesforce CPQ. Hence, this CPQ tool helps to build the way for a successful business for everyone. I hope you got enough idea of this leading sales tool. Get more insights on this from the industry experts also, by opting for Salesforce CPQ Online Training with Onlineitguru