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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-11-21
Explain ServiceNow admin skills and activities

We are living in the era of cloud computing and there is a vast space in the cloud to store anything. There are many techs and tools available within the cloud platforms and most of them play a critical role in the IT industry. ServiceNow is a popular cloud computing software system that hosts apps for customers. The role of a ServiceNow admin is to develop, design, configure, and enhance custom apps or provide support to the end-users of the software. ServiceNow admin is a great service within the cloud computing platforms and a crucial position in the industry.

A ServiceNow admin plays an important role in the handling of various service requests that customers send to companies. Using Service Now, customers can raise various requests regarding incidents, issues, modifications, and other services. ServiceNow Admin has to follow these requests made by customers and resolve them. For this, he needs to have some special skills and knowledge as the role is very important.

By applying the Service Now best practices many Co.’s are achieving their deserving targets fulfilling needs.

Further in this article, we will check out the various skills, roles, and responsibilities of a ServiceNow admin. These admins are very necessary to build effective systems to automate processes and follow the service requests.

ServiceNow admin skills

Every technology includes different skills and concepts that an admin has to acquire so that he can perform well in critical issues. ServiceNow admin has to have a different skill set to handle various activities within an org. The following skills are generally required for a ServiceNow admin-

Understanding the configuration process.

Thorough knowledge of Service Now platform with proper certification.

A better idea of ServiceNow admin’s day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

He should have the fundamental skills of ITSM processes.

Have knowledge of using UI (user interface) and navigation system with the framework.

Ability to build tables, fields, views, etc.

Service Now core fields working knowledge like records and tables.

He must be able to define SLAs within the technology. It will help him to perform bee.

The SNow admin should be able to develop service catalog items, record generators, and orders.

He should develop workflows to automate the various processes.

The admin should create several reports and add them to the dashboards within the technology.

Admins should have a thorough knowledge of knowledge management. Also, he should trigger various email alerts and events.

Finally, a ServiceNow admin has good problem-solving skills along with the above other needs.

Thus, these are a few skills that a Service Now Admin must have and should apply in his service.

Servicenow admin skills

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ServiceNow admin roles and responsibilities

ServiceNow admin (s) can configure the system within a business unit in many ways to locate the business needs. The admins can install and set up any number of the process apps provided with Service-Now and also build custom apps. Moreover, these apps can be made available to use to specific users by way of roles and other access controls. 

The role of a SNow admin is very crucial for any business as he needs to handle various processes. However, the following are the roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow admin within any entity.

Core or primary configuration

Core/primary set up encloses modifications made to the SNow platform along with supporting apps. These changes can affect global settings across the systems along with the settings for a specific app.

Table administration

A table is a group of various records within the database. It keeps the data pieces into separate records for easy access. Therefore, each record equates to a row within a table, and each field on a record equates to a column on that table.

List management

Admins can control the data offered to the end-users within a list, the controls that occur, and the behavior of the controls.

Form configuration

This type of configuration includes swapping the form layout and the associated list layout. The form layout modifies the data that arrive on the form and the related list layout alters the lists associated, arrive at the bottom of the form.

Form management

SNow Admins are able to configure various settings that control form functionality and performance.

Field management

The independent pieces of data within a record are called fields where users enter data in those fields on the form or they use the list editor. Admins can build new fields or change the existing field. These fields are important to work on complex data systems.

Currency management

These data fields within currency management offer various features for managing display and calculations of currency values. Currency values have a changing status always depending upon the global market fluctuations.

Localization settings

These settings control the processes like translation, currency, and locale settings within the instance.

Time configuration

This kind of configuration includes the organizing of events and time tracking across apps. It makes the management much intelligent and punctual to follow strict deadlines.

Search management

The search administration uses the “Zing search engine” that helps to manage search functionality. Further,  it makes faster search practices for users.

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These are special records that the system uses to log when certain situations occur. Moreover, they also take some kind of action in response to those situations.

Data management

The data within the user’s instance is stored and managed according to an ethical structure that admins can view and configure. Moreover, data management functions include importing and exporting, etc. Besides, it includes archiving data within the database and configuring fields and tables.

Moreover, Service Now combines with many 3rd party apps and data sources. It makes it more flexible to work and expand to lengthy areas of industry.

User management

ServiceNow admin manages the individuals having access to the instance by defining them as users within the system. You can build user groups, and allot some users to them. Furthermore, you can use roles to mention the info that various users and user groups can see and act.

Platform performance

The admin makes sure about system optimization via performance monitoring and diagnostics of the system. It helps in effective system performance across the enterprise.

System security

Security is important for the system’s health and it is built into several levels of the system. The ServiceNow admin applies the security features that are relevant to the business entity. He also manages failed logins and encrypts password protection, to access control rules and audit logs.

Upgrades and conversions

The Service Now platform involves various tools that help users during and after an update. And it also enables them to convert a Service Now Express instance into a SNow Service Management enterprise platform.

Responsibilities of ServiceNow admin

There are a few more responsibilities that generally an admin has within this platform. They are-

An ideal admin should be responsible for day-to-day activities regarding support and maintenance. And he also works with the functional team of the platform to develop smart solutions to several issues.

They should work with the team within the Service Now platform to develop resources for the requests like items & tasks. Use workflows to handle different processes from different customers.

They will be in a position to build and develop several training plans for the end-users and also customize the platform. Furthermore, this will help to meet the various needs of the organization.

The ServiceNow admin has some general functions to perform along with administration and management of this platform and related apps. Moreover, this is a general practice for the system admins within any industry.

The admin is responsible to develop, configure, and improve the app’s performance and also resolve the end-users issues.

Admin of this platform has to closely monitor the issues, health, maintenance, usage, etc. of SNow. Moreover, he should develop a system unification and also automation processes.

They are also responsible for building and configuring UI policies, actions, scripts, pages, business rules, etc.

Furthermore, they should support and coordinate application upgrades, loads, and maintenance of data. This should be among the SNow platform and other systems. Besides, this helps in developing various reports and dashboards within Service Now.

Service Now admin future

Service Now platform is growing rapidly across different industries due to the cloud storage and development of several apps. Many giant partners like Accenture, Cognizant, etc. within the IT space are offering various positions in this platform. Such as developers, administrators, consultants, etc. are a few types of positions that companies offer in SNow.

Hence, there is a huge demand for these professionals and enthusiasts within the Service Now platform. Many IT talent management sources also follow market trends and hire Certified ServiceNow Admin professionals. Moreover, some large enterprises are also hiring experienced admins for big positions. They also offer great pay packages for these positions as they are crucial in nature.

Anyway, there is a good future undoubtedly for SNow professionals and aspirants.

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ServiceNow administrator salary

There are different categories and roles of an SN admin having professional certification within an entity. Moreover, they also include a handsome salary range depending upon their roles and experience. In this regard, a Sr. Developer or Admin receives an average salary of Rs 1 million in India and a technical consultant receives around Rs. 780k. Depending upon the skills and position within an org, the admin receives good pay. However, a certified Service Now admin and developer can earn good pay on average globally. This technology is enhancing its wings across different spaces globally that brings new developments.

Summing Up

Thus, we have gone through the ServiceNow admin skills and roles and responsibilities within this article. The admin is a person who has to be skilled in various aspects to resolve issues within the enterprise. ServiceNow admin generally has to develop and configure custom software apps for the end-users. Moreover, he also has to handle various service requests from the customers and clients to serve them better. To know more about these services and the responsibilities of admin within this technology, go through the ServiceNow Admin Online Training at the Onlineitguru platform. Hope this learning will help you get into your desired position within the IT space.