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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-06-12
Top Cloud Computing Certifications you should earn in 2021

Today every business entity, individual, or community is dependent on technology and its various aspects. Here Cloud Computing is the most emerging and powerful technology nowadays. It’s web-based computing that allows many businesses and individuals to ingest different types of computing services. Such as VMs, services, databases, memory, storage, etc. Moreover, cloud computing services allow users to access databases and apps both internally and externally. Also, the user can access his files, apps, emails, databases, etc through cloud computing. There are different types of Cloud Computing Certifications available to learn that can make your career great. 

In this blog, I will explain to you some of the top Cloud Computing certifications that will help you to make a good choice. Besides, there are many leading Cloud computing certification providers available on this global market. If you’re looking forward to making your career in cloud computing, then select the right certification that suits you better. 

Hence, getting the right certification is the first and foremost step of successful career development in the cloud environment. Moreover, having these certifications will automatically increase the chances of getting jobs and adds a great value. 

The Cloud services have the facility of pay as you use, unlike traditional computing. In the IT sector, there are different IT certifications for different IT professionals. As an IT professional, if you earn any of these certifications, you can assure yourself to be in a good position. The major objective behind these certifications is to train, educate, and validate these professionals with general technical skills. Also, it improves the credibility of the employee working within an IT environment. 

Let us now move into the main content of Cloud certifications and how to get them. 

Top Cloud Computing Certifications

There are a number of cloud computing certifications and their providers available today. The top cloud service providers of the globe are AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, etc. 

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Let us start with the following Cloud Computing certifications in detail one by one. 

Cloud Computing Certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS is the major Cloud computing service provided by Amazon company established in the year 2002. This is one of the leading cloud services providers in this globe that offers more than 165 fully-featured services. Moreover, these services are provided by global data centers, and they are useful for millions of customers. 

AWS cloud platform offers different types of services like AWS EC2, VPC, AWS S3, RDS, CloudWatch, etc. There are many other services available that Amazon company provides.

AWS Solutions Architect is one of the top cloud computing certifications at present in the IT market. AWS certifications include the following four types - Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Speciality. 

This is the most valuable and challenging certification across cloud certifications and platforms. You will learn the different cloud services and products that AWS offers and their usage in real-time with this certification. 

Moreover, you will earn the credibility of incorporating AWS solutions towards the business needs through this certification. Also, after getting certified in the AWS Solutions Architect program, you can expect to get a handsome package of $135K with a good position.

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Next, we have Google cloud certification in the cloud computing certifications list.

Google Cloud Data Engineer

Google Cloud is also similar to AWS and Azure and provides different cloud services in various categories. This is also one of the top cloud computing certifications from Google and the Google Cloud Platform is a part of it. 

Moreover, the different cloud services and products available with the GCP are as follows.:-

Data computing, Containers, AI and ML, Networking, Data Analytics, IoT, DB, Security, Developer tools, etc. These services are top-class with Serverless Computing and Storage. 

The certification in GC Data Engineer requires at least a minimum experience in the cloud platform. Knowledge of maintaining and designing cloud solutions will be an added advantage or having basic cloud skills are also good. 

This certification among other cloud computing certifications provides different skills. These are in designing, developing, data processing, security systems review, etc. After getting trained and certified in Google Cloud, you would be able to build different ML models and data processing systems ready to use. Moreover, you could earn a handsome package of $90k-$140K in salary along with a good position having this certification.  Hence, Data engineers with cloud knowledge and experience are in good demand across the IT sector.

There are other certifications also available with GCP such as Google Certified Cloud Architect, Assoc. Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud Architect, Developer, etc. 

Microsoft Azure certification

Microsoft Corp. also provides various certifications among which MS Azure is the top one. This is one of those popular cloud computing certifications that offer Azure-Fundamentals, Solutions Architect, Azure Developer, etc. 

Moreover, MS Azure qualification enables you to know about basic cloud concepts, pricing SLAs, Azure services, etc. Further, the advanced level programs include security testing, compliance, storage, computing, admin, etc. In order to gain expertise in this field, you should have additional skills in DevOps, Azure Development, networking, data management, etc. 

If you’re willing to get certified in MS Azure, you have to test yourself through the exams like AZ-103, AZ-104, AZ-204, and AZ-300. These are the exams that the MS Azure program will offer to get certified. 

Moreover, to get these certifications in combination, you can go with the Microsoft Azure Certification Masters Program. After getting these skills and awards you can expect to earn USD 60K-98K p.a which is a great package. 

Hence, these are a few of the major Cloud Computing certifications that rule globally in the IT field. Moreover, there are some other certifications that a cloud computing aspirant can earn for a better future. These are AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, GC Architect, etc. 

Reasons to get Cloud Computing Certifications

There are many reasons to get these certifications for an individual but the major result is getting a better career. Hence, there are a few reasons below that make earning these certifications necessary for the people in the cloud market.

Continuous growth in the demand for Cloud Professionals

The major reason behind getting these cloud certifications is the continuous demand for these professionals. There is a big advantage for people having cloud computing certifications across the globe. In the USA, there are around 25K positions left vacant for these professionals according to various internet sources. Moreover, the organizations are in search of these professionals who can implement a cloud environment successfully. 

Improves earning capacity 

By earning these certifications you can expect a six-figure salary package into your bank account. On average, Cloud developers earn around USD 118K per annum. Moreover, Certified Cloud Architects are also the potential earners with annual pay of $173K per year. With this, you can achieve those miles in a career that others may take a long time to reach. 

Job Security

The job of a certified cloud computing expert is very secured and valuable for every organization. Most business entities looking for trained cloud professionals that can fulfill their business needs. In this way, they can stabilize themselves with the fluctuating market conditions and with the latest innovations. 

It proves your credibility with the employer

Every enterprise looks for the basic qualities like training, certification, and experience of a person while hiring Cloud positions. A cloud certification allows an enterprise to reduce risks and expenses. Moreover, it helps to execute several other projects on different cloud platforms at a time. 

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Advantages of Cloud Computing

There are various benefits of cloud computing to the IT companies and the cloud computing certifications to individuals. The following points will give the idea of having cloud computing in business.

Cloud computing enables the business unit to minimize its operational costs and fixed recurring charges. These are related to databases, hardware, servers, licenses, etc. Also, it minimizes the multiple IT resources also which enhances its productivity. 

Most of the services and databases are hosted on the cloud platform.

Also, it increases the uptime for the cloud servers 24/7 where they are easily managed with less human intervention. Hence, it reduces the regular employee management for the business unit. 

Besides, Cloud computing is highly scalable and reliable so there is no limitation in the number of users and resources. Also, it enhances the need for processing and resources actively. 

It also helps to update new software, DBs, OS, automatically and provides high maintainability also.

Moreover, Cloud computing has three different categories like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. All these provide different types of services that help the overall development of an enterprise.

Having multiple data centers in different locations makes the cloud service much faster and reliable. The global cloud service providers like Microsoft, AWS, Google have their data centers across the globe. 

Cloud computing is getting better each day with new changes and value add-ons.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you have gone through the idea behind various cloud computing certifications and their benefits. Earning a good certification is very difficult and that too in the cloud is very much. It needs complete focus and dedication and the interest to make a career in the cloud environment. 

Today every large-scale business is moving to the cloud platform or shifting its resources and ideas to it. It automatically reduces the overheads that the entity bears earlier. Moreover, giant IT companies like IBM, Amazon, Google, Oracle, etc are providing highly scalable and reliable cloud services along with Cloud Computing Certifications. So, if you are a cloud computing enthusiast, then you are on the right path. Get trained to earn certification in cloud computing through AWS Online Training with ITGuru expert trainers in real-time.

Stay tuned in this space for more updates on Cloud Computing and its related ideas.