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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to enhance business efficiency using Salesforce CPQ ?

Today the scenario of modern business is growing and changing rapidly according to modern technology trends and customer demands. Salesforce is a leading CRM software that helps to manage a company’s interactions with customers and prospects. Moreover, Salesforce CPQ is a sales utility tool under Salesforce. The term CPQ denotes Configure, Price, & Quote. It is a premier sales tool for the entities that help in creating quotes for various sales orders. It’s a critical task to do the quote to cash process. The Salesforce CPQ makes it simple for the organization. Moreover, it helps them to configure products, pricing information, etc.

Salesforce CPQ automates the quote to cash process for organizations quickly and accurately to close deals at lightning speed. However, today many companies automate the CPQ process for getting faster results.

Salesforce CPQ architecture

As the Salesforce CPQ refers to Configure, Price, and Quote, it works out of the box simply anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Moreover, the architecture of Salesforce CPQ denotes the following things.


There is nothing that fits in the world of the same size. We do want our things configured with just the right one, but our thoughts have grown to the expectation that we look into customizing desires and needs. In the case of B2B sellers, it needs to address this with the combination of various products and services. Moreover, it should deliver exactly what the buyer needs. The Salesforce CPQ software enables the organization's sales team to configure their offerings. They follow business rules and meet customer satisfaction.


Most businesses sell their products at full list price with no discounts to all customers in all seasons and situations. Some entities may offer special pricing or volume pricing. Moreover, the salespersons may like to apply some additional discounts to ease the deal. To keep tracking of the latest pricing, discount rules, and bulk pricing could be a headache for the sales teams.

Here, the Salesforce CPQ software helps to manage the price for all the products and services. It helps the sales team to create simple quotes with manageable pricing including affordable discounts, quickly and accurately. Moreover, some advanced pricing rules could be set to handle bulk discounts, subscriptions percentage, etc. Besides, there are negotiated contact pricing, and channel-partner pricing also exists. By using Salesforce CPQ any business can make sure that the pricing is accurate and optimized for the customer's needs.

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There is no closure of any deal until we prepare & present a quote or proposal. Many sales representatives spend a lot of time and effort to present a quote to a customer so that they make sales. For this, they need to create the quote accurately and quickly with proper attention. Moreover, it needs to represent the business carefully by professionally crafting the quote.

Here, the CPQ software provides the solution in a great way. Just doing a few clicks, a salesperson can create an excellent quote & send it in email. Moreover, he can include a digital signature to close the deal. The Salesforce CPQ software automatically pulls in various products and pricing. It helps to tie the whole process together and ensures consistency with good results.

Salesforce CPQ benefits

There are many business benefits of using Salesforce CPQ. Mainly the salespeople who need to put lots of effort into their sales management, it helps to make and close any deal easily. We can see the following benefits of using CPQ.

Greater accuracy

CPQ enables greater efficiency by integrating different aspects of a sales lifecycle. This includes sales, service, finance, renewals, and other legal requirements of the products. Besides, it ensures salespersons not to deal with complex configurations that are financially or legally impossible. The CPQ saves the time of quoting manually and enables salespeople to create quotes with great accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, its automation function also ensures that errors can be removed before they occur. It leaves the sales team with satisfied and happy customers that make salespeople also happy. Thus, primarily sales persons are going to use the CPQ to make their deals easy.

Providing automated quoting

The business that is not using CPQ to generate automatic quotes and contracts is missing out on the competitive world of automation. This enables the business to create branded proposals and quotes using highly customizable templates and themes. Moreover, it enables them to make the documents quickly and attractive to look the way they want them to be.

Shorten the sales cycle

The Salesforce CPQ helps to save the salespeople precious time. The feature is especially useful for new hires that come from outside the industry. Using CPQ the business management generates a set of questions that allows sales representatives for acquiring customer data. Based on their responses, it helps them to prepare accurate and efficient quotes with improved order accuracy.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The CPQ enables the sales team to reduce errors and contract lead time. It helps them to customize their sales quotes in a streamlined process. The quotes are built to perform with real-time high accuracy. These avoid the need to go back to negotiate with clients to ensure that the sales process continues smoothly. With Salesforce CPQ solutions, it makes the client ready to close a deal along with the opposite sales team.

Maximizing sales with intelligent Quotes

It's (CPQ) builtin platform enables companies to build logic to predict specific payment process where it requires more aggressive collection practices. The CPQ tool allows business enterprises to use intelligence to adjust pricing concerning external factors, like competitor pricing and others.

Deal profitable analysis

Salesforce CPQ enables business management to ensure that sales deals are profitable. It helps them to analyze sales pipelines and perform the deal profitability analysis with accuracy. Moreover, it helps to deliver only commercially driven profitable quotes using different processes.

Increase deal values

The major goal of Salesforce CPQ is to enable organizations to increase their sales efficiency and profitability. It converts this goal with its powerful features and expendable performance.

Servicing customers better

Customer servicing is a major part of every business. Without customer satisfaction, there is no company to survive with its products. Though, in this tough competition, satisfying customers with the latest products and values only can help the business to prosper.

Moreover, a satisfied customer creates hope for the growth of the entity. Moreover, the Salesforce CPQ helps to deal in a better way with high-end customers by customizing products and quotes for them. This makes them happy along with a sales team that makes them feel they had reached their targets.

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Quote-to-cash: Anywhere

In time communication & 24/7 accessibility are the noteworthy factors of the sales cycle. Therefore, Salesforce CPQ allows salespeople with greater visibility throughout the sales cycle from any place using any device. Sales executives can offer deals to customers based on revenue goals, margins, prices & quotes, and other legal factors. Moreover, they can also send quotes & access reports, dashboards much faster on any device.

Any sales executive needs to be ready to meet the prospect/customer wherever they are. This is to build or present a customer-centric brand that is usually more profitable in its particular market.

Furthermore, Salesforce CPQ is not just a soft solution for sales or salespeople. But a platform for the whole company to smoother huge sales processes into the bend, efficient systems across the enterprise. While adding Salesforce CPQ to the existing Salesforce services, it defines sales as a process in a broad view. And it helps working teams to focus on enhancing their time and resources, by optimizing the overall sales process efficiently.

High Scalability

An integrated CPQ solution only can overcome the obstacles that occur by standalone CPQ platforms. Salesforce CPQ integrations help in automating processes that boost business efficiency in a dynamic way. Most business entities look forward to such an integrated software or tool for their smooth operations.

End-to-end integration support

The major advantage of the CPQ tool is its native integration with the CRM software that makes wonders in business. The business entities can support their full sales cycle, from opportunity management to invoicing and billing using better tools. Salesforce CPQ enables sales reps to manage products and services configuration, pricing models, etc. up to the deal closure. They can create exact quotes, and then use them as a baseline for setting up orders, invoices, or contract renewals.


The Salesforce CPQ solutions are very flexible to use where sales reps can do all things from configuring to pricing & quotes. This software tool allows them to pick up customized products from the built-in catalog from their tool. It makes them work with zeal and close deals smoothly and faster. Thus, they can trust this tool as their best business companion. They can get many useful features within this with custom proposals to deal with. Moreover, sales reps can easily manage several quotes on this platform.


Configuration of prices and quotes process manually may prone to errors. The syncing features of Salesforce CPQ enable the tool to get updated while updating the software related items. This feature makes the sales pipeline much reliable.


The Salesforce CPQ is designed with more mobility like other lightning solutions. This allows the sales workforce to access different processes from anywhere and on any device. It also gives them more attention to their sales deals.

Real-time view

Managing prices, quotes, and configuration in real-time on the same device makes its visibility more real. The CPQ platform is much useful to sales reps as they can check various things at a time. Such as; the funnels of deals in the queue, completed deals, and the revenue status in a single view.

Saves precious time

The CPQ platform saves much time for sales reps. Usually, in manual processes, sales reps need to carry many documents to complete a sales deal. But this tool has made their days much better. WIth automation facilities and accessibility anywhere, they can quickly check the available solutions and close deals easily. It gives the team many boosts to work in real-time.

Choices for customers

With the help of CPQ, customers can have their choice of getting prices and quotes for their products. Customers can check related quotes of similar products using this tool and fix their choices to buy them. The most profitable feature of this tool is that once the price or quote is fixed, it takes care of the rest of the sales documentation. It makes the sales reps more intelligent to work faster. Moreover, the customers may get much satisfaction by using such features in choosing any product or service.

Easy information sharing

The CPQ platform makes the information easier to share with others. This feature of the platform helps the sales reps and vendors to check the history of the deals and proposals they made. Any changes in information or data can be tracked easily with this tool. In relation to CRM software, it makes this happen that every sales rep works more smoothly.

Every business entity wants to enhance its revenue day by day which means the closure of more sales deals. They put every resource to enhance the sales and processes to earn more profits by the end of the day. But most times the outcomes stay behind expectations only. This makes them more enthusiastic about sales processes.

Thus, these are some of the benefits of the Salesforce CPQ platform that makes the salespeople work more comfortable.

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Salesforce CPQ and billing

While coming to billing and customer subscription many companies prefer automation because it is much easier to use and error-free. Salesforce has brought the latest automated billing feature. Using cloud Salesforce billing anyone can create and automate the invoices, payments, and revenue at the ease.

Salesforce billing is an added advantage for the users that uses the key records and information from Salesforce CPQ. It makes the process simple and accurate.

Like this, the sales team uses CPQ to fix the price and quotes to make sure the product cost is moderate to satisfy the business needs to enhance business.

Thus, the above article explains how Salesforce CPQ helps to enhance business efficiency with its different features. Using this software, any business can pave the way for a better future and a great market for its products. It helps to deal with different people or customers who don’t know about the products much. Moreover, it helps to close the sales deals easily by using simple steps. This makes the business grow more and more along with reducing huge efforts put by the sales team.

To get more practical insights into Salesforce and usage of CPQ one can opt for Salesforce  CPQ Online Training from the industry experts like IT Guru. Learning Salesforce from the best may enhance the skills and knowledge professionally.