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Salesforce Lightning is a platform that helps to build next-generation applications in Salesforce. The lightning component helps to increase development and application performance as well.  

It helps to do any integration very quickly. It provides a client-server framework. Salesforce lightning application builder helps to build applications without much exposure to coding. It simplifies the application performance. 

Lightning experience gives a better understanding of Salesforce and its different components. The term “lightning” gives a sense of power to create something new. Salesforce Lightning provides the best user experience to develop fast, beautiful and attractive things. It helps the sales team to focus on the important terms in sales. Salesforce is definitely a high-end platform. But the introduction of Lightning has made it more powerful to use. 

salesforce lightning | OnlineITGuru

Salesforce Lightning components:

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform. It provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. This platform has many uses such as; sales, marketing, services and so on. It has a large community that helps organizations with all the support. It helps its users in many ways while updating the latest features.

Salesforce Lightning components are based on the UI framework, which helps to develop attractive web applications. It uses JavaScript to create web applications. These applications apply to mobile devices and desktops also. It helps in developing single-page applications without writing any code. These applications use a single HTML page which updates quickly while the user interacts with the page.

These Lightning components use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc to build the application and it contains .cmp extensions also.

Salesforce Lightning components include an open-source Aura framework. Aura framework helps to build and develop dynamic web pages. Aura components have reusability. 

The lightning component framework has many uses. Here are a few;

  • Salesforce Lightning framework helps to build and develop applications faster.
  • These components can be shared with other Salesforce users also.
  • This Lightning framework supports all browser technologies such as; HTML5, CSS and so on.
  • This framework gives more user interaction.
  • It provides reusability with responsive and attractive designs.
  • It provides an attractive user interface.
  • This framework helps in building different apps for mobile devices and desktop purposes.
  • It helps in applications fast performance.
Top features of Salesforce Lightning:

Salesforce Lightning enables us to experience the difference in handling business. It has many features and benefits. The following features give in-depth ideas of the evolved platform of Salesforce Lightning.

a)Latest technology updates:

Salesforce Lightning is packed with trending technologies that help in maintaining better customer relations. It mostly provides cloud-based services. It allows using the updates automatically.

b)Selling features:

It provides more than 150 features over the existing sales cloud pages. These features help sales representatives to become more productive and dynamically enhance the business.

c)Lightning voice:

This feature helps the salespersons to engage directly with the clients through the Sales cloud. It enables voice calls to clients. Besides, It helps to connect with the prospective customers that generate leads for the business. It helps users to make and receive calls, log the calls along with notes at the same time.

d)Salesforce1 mobile application:

This feature is completely based on the Lightning platform. This platform is developed to make attractive dashboard designs. It can be customized for mobile devices which enables CRM features to use hands-on. 

e)Steelbrick CPQ:

Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) is an attractive feature built on lightning infrastructure. It allows monetization of the sales platform. Moreover, It helps the sales representative to get any discount approvals, generating proposals, and making perfect quotations. It helps to close the deals without leaving CRM. 

f)Application builder:

The Salesforce Lightning architecture helps to build applications at lightning speed. It’s a unique feature of Salesforce. It allows for creating different applications without using the codes. This feature facilitates the person to work at lightning speed without spending much time. Using this feature anyone in the team can alter or customize pages. It uses pre-built components for faster development.  

g)Lightning customer community:

A lightning customer community is the power-packed feature of the Lightning framework. This feature empowers organizations to interact directly and very intelligently with the client’s community. It gives a personalized experience to both the client and sales representative. The lightning customer community comes with new updates that make customer engagement smoother. It assists in business operations to attain better client experience.

          Thus, the above features of Salesforce Lightning attract the users to give a better experience in the business. Besides, It helps the sales representatives to interact with the clients more intelligently. Salesforce Lightning training helps to know more about its features in-depth.

Salesforce Lightning design systems (SLDS):

The Salesforce Lightning design system helps to build applications at lightning speed without applying a single code. The SLDS is a CSS framework that allows accessing different icons, pictures, fonts, etc. to developers. It gives them a lightning experience to work. In addition to the traditional components, it allows special components useful to manipulate data. It also provides different UI patterns that help to solve issues while creating Data-driven apps.

Salesforce for Outlook:

Salesforce Lightning integrates with the MS Outlook to enable better management and sales experience to the sales team. Besides, Here the sales executives can create a Salesforce record from Outlook and attach them through their emails. Moreover, this Lightning feature can be configured for Outlook through its application to get better user experience. 

Salesforce Lightning review:

Salesforce Lightning experience gives the user many benefits. Moreover, It maintains an updated User Interface platform. It helps to create customizable dashboards. Besides, It helps in better client interaction with the sales representatives of the companies. Salesforce is considered a great tool for CRM. Its lightning features provide the best CRM capabilities. 

The Salesforce cloud feature also offers a better CRM experience. It leads the market with its cutting edge features like Cloud and Lightning. It offers services beyond the CRM. Salesforce offers great quality lead management. Besides, It automates the lead generation workflow with lightning speed. Moreover, It helps the tasks to be done automatically. Thus, reviews for Salesforce Lightning are at its best. Many large enterprises use Salesforce for their CRM management. 

It helps to interact with their clients directly and to provide better services. Moreover, It makes them more competitive and helps to stand out from the market competition. 


Apart from the CRM services, The Salesforce also provides Software-as-a-service (SAAS) features. It includes the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, analytics cloud, etc. Different features have different pricing ranges depending upon the usage. Besides, with the introduction of the Lightning feature in Salesforce, it became the more demanding product. 

Along with these features, it also includes workflow automation, enterprise report management, profile pages, custom app development and so on. Here, the Lightning Professional plan comes with $75 per month whereas the Enterprise plan has $150 with an annual subscription. The Lightning unlimited plan comes with $300 pm with an annual subscription. Along with this, it offers a 30 day trial period also.

Thus, Salesforce gained more power with the Lightning feature. It carries some advanced features than the older Salesforce Classic. Moreover, to get a better user experience, one can switch to the Salesforce Lightning feature. Besides, It helps CRM management with more elasticity. It facilitates easy interaction with clients to give them better service. Moreover, it makes salespersons more intelligent and productive. Besides, It integrates the cloud system that makes things done more efficiently without any bothering. One can opt for Salesforce Online Training to gain knowledge and experience of Salesforce with the latest technology updates.

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