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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to utilize Salesforce for COVID -19?

Today the whole world is suffering from the pandemic COVID – 19. It is spreading like a forest fire. The countries are taking every necessary step to control the spread. Moreover, technology is also playing an important role in this field. Especially, it is supporting healthcare. Salesforce among them is very useful and effective. It has many aspects that can utilize currently.

Salesforce is leading cloud computing software that brings customers and companies together with CRM solutions. Furthermore, it allows using cloud technology to the business people to better connect with its customers. Moreover, it helps various business units with various enterprise applications. Fighting with COVID-19 is a typical task at present but it can be cured using some technical steps too.

The healthcare sector can provide better services using Salesforce technology. With its latest Health Cloud IT CRM system, it can establish doctor-patient relations quickly. It also manages their records. Further, we will go into a detailed analysis that how it can be utilized for COVID-19 and like diseases.

Salesforce in healthcare organizations:

Using the Salesforce community channel, the patients and other members can securely log in to their health accounts. The Salesforce Health Cloud having a rich API structure can easily generate CRM and clinical data of a user. The service cloud system also helps the hospitals to get patient needs quickly and to reach them faster.

The Health Cloud supports the doctor-patient relationship through the patient profile. It helps to integrate information from different sources like medical records, devices, and wearable. Many private communities also help in this regard. They help patients to view care plans, connect with health units, etc. Moreover, they answer the common questions of patients and their requirements to visit any healthcare.

Many MNCs are supporting in this regard to fighting against the pandemic disease. The CRM under Salesforce helps the healthcare sector very well. It connects the emergency calls from the patients to the nearby health units to get fast medical treatment. The Health Cloud platform helps to impact patient experience positively.

To get practical knowledge of utilizing healthcare technology services, Salesforce lightning training may help very well.

Continuity of care

There are many conditions where the patients being sick cannot afford to communicate well. If the patient gets the same information repeatedly regarding his health during a hospital stay, it feels worsen. He may lose confidence and trust in healthcare while giving his health records to everyone.

The Salesforce Health Cloud helps to eliminate all data silos. It ensures the patient’s healthcare team having access to all electronic health records of the patient.  Besides, it saves the precious time of both patients and doctors. The medical records and device integration reveals the whole history of the patient that helps the healthcare team to provide 360-degree care. In this way, they can continue to care for their patients. Moreover, COVID-19 patients need extra care to get healthy faster.

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Offering Telehealth and homecare services

To provide faster response many healthcare units practice Telehealth services. These services save the time of doctors as well as patients too. In the case of COVID-19, the patients who cannot move everywhere may utilize this service well. Telling their issues over the telephone can get special home care services from healthcare in this regard. Moreover, the Government is also supporting this practice of healthcare everywhere, especially in India.

The Health Cloud platform is very useful in this regard. It brings out convenient services to the patients without decreasing the quality of service. Using digital conferencing with patients and inmates of the house, the healthcare team helps them more professionally. Furthermore, they can provide home care services by visiting a patient’s home with all requirements.

Analyze Large Data sets of patients

Several patients suffer from various diseases. Addressing them commonly is a difficult task for every physician. Even a healthcare organization cannot afford to review the patient’s records. Besides, the Salesforce platform offers a variety of services to the healthcare sector to minimize the patient's review time which takes longer. Using Cloud services any healthcare organization can give a quick solution to them. Moreover, it reviews all medical records at the same place and at the same time. This makes it easy to respond quickly to healthcare teams.

Health Cloud helps to pull out every data regarding the patient and his medical history from various sources. It follows the ETL process that helps to collect, analyze, and report patient risk factors and quickly start an action. Moreover, in the case of COVID-19, the patient's last travel data and medical issue records may help to assess the level of treatment.

Salesforce offers free access services to various emergency response teams under care management.

Salesforce Health Cloud use cases

It offers to manage various use cases within the Salesforce scenario. It helps to automate the management of heavy risk patients. This technology helps to input use cases gathering all data from different medical sources and business units. The Health Cloud helps to store and diversify the medical records to get them available. Moreover, it enables the healthcare team to collaborate from a single point where all can engage.

This facilitates to treat COVID-19 patients more carefully. It helps to recognize the patient’s history and provides clinical data through which the teams can react. The Health cloud platform provides self-service resources from its trusted centers to get exact information. Furthermore, it gathers data from different sources setting up high-level call volumes. It also offers various learning platforms to get quick information and to ensure the medical staff with the necessary care.

Moreover, these care response solutions may increase the level of quality service in the healthcare sector. It will also increase the response time for doctors and medical teams towards the patients.

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Salesforce for medical device sales

The leading corporate and many healthcare companies and hospitals are advancing their services and treatment with technology. In this regard, Salesforce is very helpful. It provides intelligent medical solutions along with mobilizing sales of medical equipment. Moreover, it transforms the medical industry with its latest technical aspects.

The digital revolution has improved the healthcare sector by providing mobile medical devices and healthcare apps for diagnostic. By using these devices and applications any medical system can improve its services better.

Various medical devices require especially when there is a pandemic like COVID-19. The medical devices that are useful in this regard may fall short to use. Because of the enormous use of various tools and kits for testing the disease and report making may affect the system. There may be a huge requirement for such devices. Here, Salesforce can provide the best solutions. Moreover, it helps to know more about these devices and their uses. The countries are trying to leverage the costs of these devices and make sure to available as soon as possible.

Salesforce covid contact tracing

Salesforce is also useful in tracing Covid contacts, especially in public and private sector Org.’s. Because both sectors are highly responsive to Covid-19. In this regard, the Salesforce Org. has released work.com, the latest suite for many solutions and resources to help business as well as community leaders. This helps to reopen businesses safely, re-skill employees, and respond effectively in the Covid-19 situation.

In the public sector, Salesforce’s contact tracing solution helps the Govt. org’s to trace people working in different Depts. It traces who may have been exposed to this pandemic through any other infected person. The Dept.’s of state and local govt have the ability to build a linked network of command centers at the top of Salesforce’s platform. Moreover, it can manage the large volume of inbound and outbound contacts. Thus, the Salesforce contact tracing solution helped many people across the world in this pandemic. 

Companies and health care units worked in collaboration here that has given good results. So, using this technology in every sector is a boon for that industry or sector. To get robust results in a customer-centric business, Salesforce provides the best solutions.

Why this is important?

Across the globe, public sector units are facing the daunting risk of Covid-19 and are trying to slow down the spread. It’s really difficult to trace the speed of virus’s spreading and the changing way in many terms. Besides, the officials in the Govt. Depts. are also spreading awareness among the citizens to inform the members whether in contact. They should right away respond to inform if they come into contact with an infected person. 

Furthermore, Salesforce’s covid contact tracing solution helps these people as a key part of the relief effort. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the need for many digital services. There are three important components behind the launch of contact tracing for the state or local bodies. They are technology, people, and process. These factors help in dealing with various activities in this crisis moment.

In terms of technology, the Salesforce platform has already built the manual contact tracing functionality. Later, the development of cloud architecture and technical expertise has given more power to come forward and help. Through this development, it became easier to improve contacts much faster and easier. 

When coming to people, there will be a need for people at contact centers to trace people. The Govt bodies need these people to work for tracing infected people and sent them to quarantine and isolation, etc. Following them up regularly till they recover and getting details for records. 

The third and important part here is the process. In every operation or activity, there exists a process. It is necessary to maintain the records of the sensitive data that the people deal with here. Moreover, this sensitive data like personal details of citizens and govt, officials gathered in this regard need to handle securely. In this place, people need proper training to prepare records appropriately in relation to health & regulatory protocols.  

Successful key factors of contact tracing

The people handling the contact center data and the contact with citizens manually are the key factors here. Besides, this technology also plays an important role here like a supporting element in this regard at a high scale. Moreover, it helps data security, decision making, and process automation features. 

The combined work in collaboration with different departments, states, and local bodies make it successful. Here, everyone needs to collaborate with others and stay in contact anytime to get and forward necessary info to the officials. Hence, all these factors made this situation to handle with a broad mindset and technology influence. It makes the Salesforce much useful in the future course of action also.

Customer experience

Today, in this pandemic situation everyone needs to join hands with each other to support. In the business sense, most companies with product orientation have made good bonding with their customers. Besides, they tried their best at every level of service using technology and manual efforts. S force, being a leading CRM software specialist, given a boost to the companies and their product sale at online platforms. Moreover, customers received a good response over the telephone and emails regarding their orders and products. 

Hence, in this hard situation also, some of the businesses used S force technology at the top level. 

Especially, the health care industry has got a good response in utilizing S force through automation and manual efforts. Medical assistance over the online platform with bots also made it possible to assist citizens within the country and globe.

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Thus, we can say that Salesforce has many uses, especially in critical conditions. The services offered by this technology cannot be altered as it has its way. These may not only restrict up-to IT services but in healthcare and many other sectors also useful. The Salesforce has proven records by its services in different sectors across the globe. Moreover, it helps the healthcare sector and its people very much. Knowledge of this technology can improve the work along with professional skills.

Learning this technology from experts' views through Salesforce Online Training with practical insight will help to achieve a great career. This learning will improve skills and knowledge well. Applying this knowledge to different sectors may also increase the chances of growth.