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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-12-09
Workday vs. BambooHR: Which is superior?

Are you curious about putting an HCM solution to the test in your firm? Well, there are two HCM tools that are at the top of the list. They are BambooHR and Workday. But which one is the greatest option for your firm to manage human resources?

It's not simple to choose the best HR software for your business. There are plenty of firms that market useful products that can assist your HR managers. But, since each business has its own set of needs, financial barriers, and legacy software. So, you'll want to be sure the solution you pick fulfills all your needs.

Bamboo HR and Workday are the two HR products we suggest the most. Both systems are attractive, feature-rich, and cost-effective. Even for small firms. Only one, but, is to handle all your business can throw at it. We'll look at the similarities and contrasts between the two tools in this blog. And then tell you which one is best to manage the complete burden of HR chores.

Let us walk you through the two systems and compare them to find which one is the best match for your firm.

workday vs bamboohr

What is Workday HCM?

Workday HCM Suite is a cloud-based HCM software system. As a result, it provides a single solution for all HR-related duties. For example, financial management, performance control, & planning. It is fit for all sorts of businesses, especially those with many locations. All aspects of onboarding, recruiting, payroll, benefits, time off, analytics, and so on. These all are manageable in one location. Workday HCM software is a straight, global system. As a result, it offers clients the most recent version. It has more functionality on the web and on mobile.

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Accounting and Finance

Spending Control

Reporting and Analytics

Human Resource Management

Management of Talent

Automation of proficient services

Organizing your business

Payroll and workforce regime

Extensions to platforms and products


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What is BambooHR?

It is an HR management software system. It is hosted in the cloud by Bamboo Technologies. Moreover, it provides an HRIS for small and developing businesses. So, it includes an ATS, time tracking, payroll processing, employee satisfaction features, data analytics.

Bamboo makes it possible to shift your HR database away from spreadsheets & paper files. Thus, providing you with structured, centralized data whenever you need it. Store your data in a single HR database. So, that connects with all other aspects of the program. Thus, it includes third-party integrations. Hence, allowing you to quickly add, edit, and review employee data.

It provides you the upper hand by keeping application info structured throughout the hiring process. Thus, allowing you to focus on placing the best candidates for the position. Also, providing a positive candidate experience. It simplifies the recruiting process for applicants. Further, enables timely touch throughout the review process. This includes reporting and analytics to track your time to recruit. Moreover, detect bottlenecks, and uncover kinks. Its recruitment platform allows you to publish job openings on sites. Like Indeed and Glassdoor, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Its onboarding solution speeds up paperwork completion for more meaningful intros. Thus, allows you to collect electronic signatures with customizable pre-boarding packages. So, makes it simple to set up new recruits ahead of time with welcome emails and IT checklists. This guarantees that your employee onboarding process is well and quick. Thus, making you and your firm seem good to new hires. HR onboarding software assists applicants in becoming more engaged and effective employees.

You can check your current PTO balance. Further, any upcoming time off that you have booked right on their phones with the time-off calculator. It enables you to build as many policies as you need on your account. HR software makes it possible to produce a variety of reports with only a few clicks. With automated reminders, the HR system keeps everyone up to date. HR payroll hours reports and timesheet approval methods provide you with confidence. It has the simplicity to handle payroll properly and efficiently every time.

Appraisal of Performance HR software. It gets to the essence of good performance management by asking a few simple questions. It stimulates action while reducing subjectivity and guesswork. Within our performance assessment software, managers assist in the setting. Also, it helps in tracking different targets. It allows you to choose the manner and frequency of reminders. Thus, it will deliver them to you and your staff automatically.


Data & Analytics on People





Workday vs. BambooHR: A Comparison

BambooHR has a user interface. It is simple, clean, and intuitive to use. So, making navigating a breeze. The program is incredibly simple. So, it allows you to hop right in and start using it.

Furthermore, the platform takes no training and is simple to set up. So, you don't need to be a software developer or an IT specialist to utilize it.

Workday HCM, but, requires ongoing help in the early phases. Despite the system's simple design, it takes some time to become used to it. If you can't afford to use technical help, you could find that utilizing the program in its early phases. So, it includes installation, which is a source of irritation.


BambooHR's versatility makes it excellent for smaller businesses looking for a SaaS HRMS. The tech is scalable, which means it expands along with your group growth. Bamboo HR is useful for even huge firms. It is helpful for searching for a solution to manage workflow.

It is often effective for a worldwide firm. Thus, owing to its ability to differentiate across locales for reporting and onboarding.

Workday HCM, but, offers a great deal of flexibility. Since, when it comes to customizing and automating procedures. But, ongoing maintenance necessitates the presence of an expert technical crew.

Nonetheless, the system is simple to use. So, you may begin using its features with the help of your technical staff.

Workday HCM is a great human capital management platform for businesses. It wants to take advantage of employee and manager self-service. Workday HCM provides greater room and stuff for bigger businesses. So, by using this to process their apps.

It has functions like a well-oiled machine. It generates reports in the background without the need for clients to wait.


BambooHR comes in two different packages: Essentials and Advantage. The cost may vary depending on the number of extra features needed. Prepayment savings are available to users. BambooHR offers discounts to non-profit firms.

For a quotation on Workday's SMB and enterprise pricing, contact the company. Workday is better by users than Bamboo HR in terms of average discount %.

When compared to Bamboo, it has a longer average contract duration. Users, but, consider Workday HCM to be one of the most costly tools in the niche.


Users provide their feedback. Bamboo received a better score for its ability to integrate with third-party apps. Hence, resulting in increased usefulness and productivity. Employee engagement apps, payroll, ATS, enterprise resource planning, and e-signatures. These are all integrated.

The Workday API was created with the object model in mind. Thus, allowing for dependable, auditable connectivity to keep your firm operating smoothly. As a result, continuous audits are less time-consuming and costly.

Workday's HCM Suite includes many apps. So, it combines diverse features into a single platform. Thus, including recruitment, talent management, benefits, and HR. Its connection package allows firms to connect to a variety of SaaS apps.


BambooHR is a simple system to set up and utilize. It functions best as an employee directory. So, allows users to quickly check the data of other workers and contact them.

But, several WorkdayHCM features are difficult to locate and utilize. The system is unsuitable to utilize.

Bamboo cuts the bother of keeping large amounts of data, and info about each employee. So, this we shrank and accessible with a single click. This ensures that you always have the relevant documentation on hand.

Changes and updates to data are simple with the HCM application. Furthermore, it has superb reporting abilities. Thus, ensuring that you are constantly on top of things.

It's simpler than ever to gain a full perspective of your employee data. Further, work history using Workday HCM's reporting and analytics features. You can use the reporting and analytics tool to discover identify risks, and track trends. As well as uncovering options, identifying risks, and monitoring trends.

Mobile compatibility

BambooHR is a robust HR mobile app for Android. It includes an integrated corporate directory. Thus, allowing you to keep in contact with your staff no matter where you are.

Both iOS and Android users may use Workday's mobile apps. This enables customers to manage their workforce info and recruitment process. This they do in a more efficient way, regardless of their location.

Workday also includes social network connectivity. Thus, making it simpler for users to integrate application info from a variety of sources.


BambooHR provides polite, attentive, and prompt customer support. Workday, but, has an advantage because of its quick response time and 24-hour customer help.

Number of users

When compared to BambooHR, Workday has a greater average number of users.

Bamboo HR Advantages

Employees will get automatic reminders once they have tasks to do.

Setting user rights to control who has access to sensitive info.

It's simple to utilize the online employee portal.

Further, employees' digital signatures

Onboarding and offboarding checklist

Also, it's simple to use.

PTO details and expectations

Further, it clearly defines everything.

The availability of mobile apps makes it simpler to get info on the move.

You can simply control who has access to what employee details.

It's more of a self-service platform. So, it allows workers to update their data without having to contact HR.

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Workday Advantages

The most well-known Workday HCM benefits are below.

The solution is cloud-based. So, it is available to users from any location.

It provides a flexible working style for a variety of fields. So, it includes finance, planning, and human resources.

Even if you don't know how to code, it's easy to pick up.

Users can make their procedures more efficient and productive.

Audit each transaction containing several objects in Workday.

It enables clients to access a large number of reports in real-time from any device.

With the help of a simple GUI, business platforms may make adjustments more easily.

This tool also gives you access to your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does, but, have a high degree of security.

Assists businesses with human resource management and hiring.

It also offers a variety of recruiting services. As a result, it is beneficial to assist businesses. It helps in identifying the best employees throughout the firm's life cycle.

Workday's talent management system solutions also help with staff management, rewards, and promotions.

Workday's API and time-tracking system. So, employees may check their time for login and out.

Furthermore, this technology delivers a reliable payroll administration system. So that it can do a variety of calculations. You'll also be able to perform audits. Also, have greater flexibility with deductions and earnings.

It can also integrate with other systems thanks to a variety of integration tools. EIB, Web Services, Studio, and others, for example.


Bamboo is simpler to use. But, workday requires some technical knowledge for new users. The absence of user manuals makes navigating the system much more difficult for a new user.

Furthermore, the report latter to be more costly than Bamboo HR. Thus, making it a good choice for big businesses. Bamboo HR is an excellent system for HR and administrative operations. But, it isn't as effective as Workday for recruiters. Workday is a modular solution with a lot of features. As a result, it seems to be in the industry.

As a result, each system has pros and cons. Choose the one that best fits your firm's objectives.

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