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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-05-21
Top HCM Software to use to 2021

Human resources are the most important part of every organization that supports it to grow in overall aspects. In this regard, HCM or Human Capital Management plays a very crucial role to manage the overall business. Moreover, the HCM software market is also changing based on the latest HR practices. 

HCM software is used across the HR department of any entity to manage the overall management activities. This is also called HRIS or HRMS technology application that helps employers to manage the overall human assets of the company. Today, there are many best HCM software solutions available in the market. But it is a difficult task to find the best among these solutions. 

For all your queries regarding the best HCM software solution, this blog is the best suitable way to find. Here, we have sorted out the top HCM software solutions out of the many available in the current market. Moreover, it will be easier to choose the best one among them after getting the accurate details.

Let us begin the topic on top HCM software to use in 2021 and find the best solution suitable for your organization.

Top HCM Software

As we have seen in the above content that there are many HCM software solutions present in the market. Let us know how the HCM software helps in employee management and how HR professionals can utilize it.

But before going to explore these Top HCM software, you should know what actually HCM is.

Top HCM Software 2021

What is HCM?

HCM or Human Capital Management is a set of standard practices of HR within an organization that is applied with human resources. This practice of HCM includes overall HR functions such as workforce management, planning, recruitment, and optimization. Moreover, it helps in maximizing the overall business value through the best HCM strategy.

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What is HCM Software?

HCM software is nothing but a software solution useful for the overall human resource functions in any enterprise. It brings all employees into the business conversation from the very beginning and empowers them to work smartly. Also, it helps in applying overall HR best practices within any enterprise.

Thus, this is in brief about the HCM and the HCM software. Now, let us move on to our main topic of various HCM software to use in 2021.


Let us start with Workday HCM. Workday offers many different tools and software to use in the overall development of any business. One of them is the Workday HCM that deals with the overall HCM functions of the entity effectively. Workday offers the best (human capital management) HCM software to businesses to effectively and efficiently manage people. Moreover, it offers many self-service features, so that HR can manage, organize staff, pay employees, etc. And deal with overall activities from acquisition to retirement easily and effectively. 

Workday’s HCM software solution allows the user to keep track of the whole workforce and analyze it well. This analysis is based on various factors such as salary, position, history, and other factors. Also, it gives the overall user experience to the Workday users.

Moreover, Workday provides overall solutions for finance, HR, planning capital management, etc. Giant business entities like Netflix, Airbnb, etc. use this technology for their business operations. Workday HCM software suite is designed for the way people work to accept the change by offering workforce and operational insights. 

Further, the Workday HCM suite provides various benefits to the business. Such as - recruiting, L&D, payroll, talent management, time tracking, workforce planning, etc. Also, it provides support in audit and internal controls and managing package. Workday usage begins with $100/user/year including a free demo.

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Oracle HCM

The Oracle HCM Cloud suite offers the best AI and ML insights to the users. Oracle is probably the big name in the software business and Oracle HCM Cloud offers complete HR solutions. Further, this HCM solution offer to engage the overall entity workforce and optimize operations. This includes HR help desk functions, workforce modeling, and talent acquisition, etc. Hence, Oracle SOA and Integration suites can easily integrate any on-premise HCM application for business ops. 

Other than the various technology adapters, Oracle also supports many other integrations including REST, SOAP, FTP, etc. It is useful to start with a monthly charge of $13/user.

But the major con behind this software suite is that the Oracle payroll solutions support only a few countries. This may be a challenging one for the remote workers working across the globe. 


SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing and SAP HCM is of its important modules. Through SAP HCM plays an important role in developing an arranged management within a business unit. With proper training in SAP HCM, one can gain better hands-on experience in using the SAP HCM module. 

Furthermore, implementation of the SAP HCM module doesn’t require any redesigning of the processes. Also, the SAP HCM User module is very flexible to use and enables users to adjust to the latest developments. This also includes the existing SAP processes.

The different SAP HCM modules are as follows:-

Enterprise management, People management, and administration, E-recruitments, Payroll. Reporting, Time management, etc. These HCM modules in SAP allow the HR team to work effectively and efficiently. This is to manage employees and the data of the organization.

The other tool SAP SuccessFactors also provides enterprise-level solutions in HR practices with great flexibility in pricing. Also, it provides great flexibility with many add-ons.

ADP WorkforceNow

This is one of the popular HCM software solutions and offered by ADP that serves businesses with many HCM solutions. Moreover, ADP HR solutions easily integrate with many business software apps including payroll software, HR and financials, ERP, etc. Also, this HCM software allows managing many key business activities. Like time tracking, scheduling, payroll, and pay statements, employee benefits, etc.

Through automation and ML technology support, this software is capable to reduce administrative burdens, workflow movement, etc. Moreover, it also minimizes compliance risk and employee engagement in work.

It serves better from small and mid-size businesses to large-scale enterprises as well. Also, it follows certain HR best practices for advice and consulting purposes. There are different HR and payroll products that ADP consulting solutions offer. Such as ADP WorkforceNow, NextGen HCM, ADP Totalsource, etc. 


Paycor also offers unique HCM solutions to entities with a single focus to help business leaders, HR practitioners, etc. This helps them to achieve their organizational goals by making a difference. Moreover, the innovative talent acquisitions, HR, and Payroll solutions of this suite help the small and mid-sized businesses well. Also, it keeps them practicing to manage their employee assets. Companies like Habitat, KFC, Wendys, etc uses the services of Paycor regarding their HCM solutions. 

Furthermore, it allows enterprises to establish a better connection with employees through modern, and unique HR/Payroll solutions.

Sage People

This is also one of the best HCM solutions providers with around 10 years in the field of Human resource functions. Also, it has grown into a great, respected, and progressive HRMS solutions company that has complete people analytics tools. 

This HR solution offers flexible reporting features, faster application, the best automation, and streamline activities. In addition to this, the HCM solution also provides some of the most workforce engaging tools.

A user can start using Sage People with $10 per user per month.


This HR software solution is a modern HCM solution specially designed for small-scale businesses. Moreover, it is designed to handle hiring new talents, deductions, time tracking, custom reports, etc. Also, it has a Core HR and IT solution G2 Crowd, a #1 rated employee management platform. Further, it also bagged an award in this regard.

Hence, it is very competitively priced which makes it a great option for small-scale entities with tight budgets. Thus, it is chosen by many small enterprises for its value for the cost segment. It offers a free trial version also to its new users as a cost bonus. Moreover, it is improving its key areas like reporting features, data visibility, etc. where it faces some criticism.

Vibe HCM

This one of the popular HR solutions that automate HR functions and provides a unified platform for HR managers. The solution provides human resource managers to engage with all employees of the enterprise through any device. Hence, this flexible to use anywhere on any system or device. 

Moreover, this HCM tool provides a picture-perfect unique feature for small business users. It can also benefit businesses of all sizes with its top-notch compensation planning model that makes it different. Further, advanced features like customization and flexibility in operations come with some extra expenditure on this tool. There are some marks on this platform based on its limited functions and its size of operations. But it is improving to better itself in the current market.


This solution also allows business management of major HR functions including time tracking, payroll, stock options, etc. There are many other key features that are common or uncommon to the competing HRIS system.

Moreover, its online interface makes the employees onboard easily with a few clicks. Also, the employees can onboard through this platform by submitting their docs online. 


Paycom’s HR solutions automate the overall HR processes within a single software package. Its user-friendly app allows employees to engage with the HR database directly for different purposes. They include training, updating personal info, queries, solutions, etc. Also, it is a powerful HR software where employees have access to the HR info round the clock with data accuracy. 


Infor is also the best HCM software, reporting, and analytics solution for many business entities. It offers leading business cloud software products. This HR software solution has many features including employee benefits, employee relations, and budgeting, workforce management, analytics, etc. It also has the best reporting capabilities with data management. But it marks the lowest in grade due to more expensive and value for the cost. 

Like this, there are many HCM software solutions available in this world that serve better to accomplish HR tasks. Other than the above, there is some handy HCM software also available. Such as StarGarden HCM, Purely HR, Ceridian, BambooHR, etc. 

HCM Software benefits

There are many valuable benefits that HCM software provides to any enterprise. This HCM software allows many automated features & solutions to business enterprises. They include recruiting, payroll, and benefits, admin management, employee performance, and training, etc. Further, it also includes regulatory compliance, record-keeping, etc. 

Overall, the HCM Software suite is designed to maintain and manage a large workforce easily. It also boosts employee experience with their proper engagement. 

This facilitates overall business entity growth along with the employees working there. 

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In order to choose the best HCM solution for your business, there are some criteria. Such as the UI of the software, usability, payroll features, recruiting feasibility, good analysis and reporting features, etc. Also, it needs to check that solution would be value for money, and provide easy integrations with other platforms. These things should be considered while selecting the top HCM software solution for your business. 

Hence, these are the overall benefits that a business could expect from adopting a suitable HCM software solution. To get successful results from the HCM functions one should follow the above parameters.


This is all about HCM software and human capital management for different business sizes with different HR solutions. Using a perfect solution for human resource management, any business can prosper for a long time. It can also achieve great milestones in the long run within the global market. HR functions are very important for any business unit whether small, medium, or large. The success of every business greatly depends upon their employee engagement. Selection of the best performing employee is also necessary for this.

Hence, to use such a great solution one should pay attention to its learning. To learn more on this, click through Workday Training with ITGuru. Stay tuned with this space for more engaging updates on HCM and its latest changes.