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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-04
Workday vs PeopleSoft-Comparison between HR Software

Today there are thousands of vendors competing with each other to become a market leader in the HR and Finance software market. Out of these different companies, there is stiff competition among Workday and PeopleSoft. This competition is to capture the upcoming market future. Both of the software has good potential in customer service by providing enterprise-level, end-to-end HR and ERP solutions. 

Each of them has a loyal customer base and they offer effective features into the system while you opt for them. Both Workday and PeopleSoft software are designed to regulate the business process. And to increase the organization’s excellence and capability. 

They have their own market share in different areas of services and management of solutions.

Here is this blog post, we will discuss the terms Workday, and PeopleSoft, their key differences, and their uses. But before that, you should know in brief about these frameworks.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that offers services through financial and human capital management apps. David Duffield is the founder, an American native, in the year 2005 in the US. It also offers world-class ERP solutions to all-size entities starting from medium to large scale companies. It includes various features like payroll management, HRM, talent management, etc. Also, any customer can readily accept Workday for different purposes with minimum skills.

Workday vs PeopleSoft

What are the uses of Workday?

This framework is a widely useful cloud app for different purposes of an organization. Such as HCM, talent management, payroll management, etc. It offers unique Finance and HR software solutions that provide higher customer satisfaction with proven leadership. 

What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is mainly an Oracle product and an e-business software app designed to address the most complex enterprise needs. It is also a widely-used software ranging from mid-sized businesses to large-scale entities as a workforce management system. This product was initially designed to support financial and Hr services. But now its expansion leads to provides overall business activities. 

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Moreover, the PeopleSoft apps are designed to support various business needs. This software offers complete business solutions, speeds up business operations, and reduces overall costs, etc. Also, it helps to enhance the overall efficiency of the firm. 

Common points between Workday and PeopleSoft

Both Workday and PeopleSoft offer distinct functionalities that include HCM, financial, and ERP solutions.

PeopleSoft solutions include many out-of-the-box products like built-in CRM, Cloud services, and on-premise software.

Workday supports many third-part software combinations but has fewer embedded functionalities.

Moreover, Workday only offers public cloud services and not the private cloud. But PeopleSoft has both public and private cloud options to avail. Also, it runs well while hosted on the Oracle Cloud platform.

Further, PeopleSoft opted for the cloud-based model due to its popularity in the market that enabled the software to access from any point, anywhere. Workday also connected with IBM to enhance the storage capacity and computing performance.

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Difference between Workday vs PeopleSoft

The following are the key differences between both of the HR software providers.

Deployment and Software Updates

Deployment of software is the major point of comparison between Workday and PeopleSoft applications. Workday is structured with a cloud deployment model that facilitates users to use the latest versions always. It automatically updates the various versions, functions, etc. However, the developers of Workday instantly push the software updates through the cloud platform. Thus, it eliminates the need for system admins or end-users to deploy the regular software updates. 

On the other hand, PeopleSoft has begun its journey with on-premise solutions before the release of the cloud version. Hence, this software is available to purchase on the public cloud as well as private cloud or on-premise. 

Moreover, it offers a selective adoption of updated workflow instead of installing the updates instantly. Here it means as the new version of the software releases, the system admins can choose the specific update to download and use it. 

On-premise software will be more preferable where it relates to the large-scale structure of HR and ERP software. Companies may prefer to use the customize solutions that on-premise software provides rather than the cloud-based. But it’s a costly affair to run software in a private cloud than running it on the cloud platform.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is also considered a major part of the differences between the two software solutions providers. PeopleSoft offers its own CRM solutions to clients that easily connect with the other PeopleSoft apps. Also, it allows customizing to fit into different industry spaces as per clients’ needs. 

On the other hand, Workday doesn’t offer any native CRM software solutions as it dont has any built-in one. But it offers an integration with Salesforce, a cloud-based leading platform, due to a tie-up between the two companies. 

Reporting and Analytics Features

Like many other modern software solutions, Workday and PeopleSoft also included BI features like analytics and reporting. These features provide flexibility to the users of these solutions. But these features differ for both software solution providers. PeopleSoft integrated these features into each of its tools where it uses proprietary databases to store customer details. This enables users to look after the analytical data. 

Workday Analytics software is connected with external data sources and creates analytical reports within Workday only. 

User Interface features

UI is one of the best areas where Workday shines well with its intuitive design. It is built on modern architecture and includes a web-based user interface that provides a unified experience to the users. This facilitates the UX across different platforms and devices such as mobile, desktop, etc. Also, it is built to adapt to the latest design changes without the human touch to the core functions.

PeopleSoft also introduced Fluid UI features to its client’s solutions. The change from a typical desktop app to the responsive mobile-ready version is quite challenging but it managed it well through training the users with the latest UI. As a result, this software became a thought leader in the cloud computing services market. 

This is all about the important differences between the two HR frameworks. Now let us move to check the various advantages and cons that both frameworks have. 

Benefits and Cons of PeopleSoft

The following are the advantages of this HR and CRM software.

This HR solution is very stable and highly scalable that makes it dependable.

It offers good scalability in its solutions. 

This software provider makes the best payroll software in the market.

The latest version of the software is highly scalable.

Furthermore, it is very simple and easy to use, and any end-user can easily navigate through the various menus available.

Typically, this software solution performs well and has easy usage with a great user experience.

Cons of PeopleSoft software 

There is a need for more paperless environment solutions with better process automation.

System adaptability and mobile technology solutions need to improve.

In order to remain competitive in the existing market, it should move to mobile computing solutions. 

Benefits of Workday

Let us know the following benefits of this Hr solutions provider.

It offers great payroll solutions to its clients that make it easier to perform various calculations. This is also flexible with earnings and deductions. Also, it can run audit reports well. 

It provides a high level of stability to its solutions. 

This framework makes it easier to track time for the employees whether they log in and log out using various devices. This software solution easily manages the employee data.

It mostly relies on the vast community for growth due to its cloud-native.

Due to the great and open structure, it connects with other systems easily.

Moreover, the platform is very robust and agile with great reporting and analytical capabilities.

It offers great payroll management solutions. 

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Cons of Workday Software

Out of many advantages, there are some cons of this cloud HR software, Workday

Reporting is a little bit difficult to set up in this framework.

Hence, it is necessary to improve its reporting systems to give the best report views to customers.

Also, the UI features need some growth for providing a better user experience.

It is good to have a great community for growth and providing inputs. But sometimes due to overlooking details of the process lead to difficulties. 

Hence, these are the various pros and cons of both software solution providers in HR and ERP. 


I hope you received enough knowledge on both software solutions and the differences between Workday and PeopleSoft. Both are designed to provide solutions and handle critical business needs. They are also in line with the latest IT trends that emerge on regular basis. PeopleSoft is also focussing on cloud functionality and flexibility to provide improved solutions. 

Thus, both of these solutions are at their best in performance in different areas. They are at the forefront of cloud-based software solutions. Now it is up to you to choose the perfect one for your business depending upon the need. Choosing the best solution can enhance your business ops to a great extent. 

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