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Salesforce Company is a cloud computing provider, from San Francisco, California. Mainly, its revenue comes from customer relationship management Products. It capitalizes commercial apps with social networking. One of the high cloud computing companies with $50 billion as capital. It also listed in New York stock exchange with S & p 500 Index and it is the best salesforce training.

ServiceNow (Snow)

ServiceNow is a platform as an assistance provider. It was established in 2003 by Fred Luddy. The old CTO peregrine systems and Remedy Corporation. The main elements of Snow are, it offers ITSM applications. By that, it competes BMC computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, IBM. It also offers platform as an advantage. That based on Workflow application development. It has many IT Certifications.


Lightning Performance

This Edition offer, the aligning and scaling CRM for support guidelines and selling advantages. The Subscription price is $300 per month.

Lightning Enterprise

This edition Provide total Enterprise level guidance and guidelines. The subscription cost is $150 per month.

Lightning Professional

This Edition offers basic terms and support for every Size business and the subscription price is $75 per month.

The pricing Design for Snow is little different and it guides from $100 per month. We have many attractive discounts available for association samples, where you take a subscription.


Campaign Dashboard.

Email Marketing.

Knowledge Base.

Lead Management.

Multiple channel marketing.


Sales automation

ServiceNow stock

General Rules/Workflow

Especially Remote Control Access

Multi-site Support

Mobile Integration

Email Integration

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Salesforce services is a highly customizable application and termed as a tool for case management. It offers you the capacity to work with Hotel, home and traveling. In the same way, it is available everywhere. Additionally, it provides mobile devices.

Most Important, When it comes to snow, CRM system it cannot upgrade fastly with experts and efforts. In the point of Availability and reliability, we not see any errors with Snow CRM system.

Support and page loads

Salesforce list has the best feature, known as page loading time. Where the applications designed faster and quicker. In fact, they load in a span of two minutes. Support is the best option from executives, but you have to upgrade them by yourself.

Coming to ServiceNow ticketing, page load time is not an issue in Snow CRM. This is known as Big Strength with regular advantages and support. In other words, every Executive is very Intelligent and friendly.

Third-Party Integration

However, We can integrate salesforce with every third-party application that includes Yahoo, google analytics, and Gmail. You have to know the exact steps for completing Integration. It also ranked as the best CRM systems in Terms of Integration, configuration, and Customization.

To explain, snow is Very Difficult to Integrate, and for example, it requires many efforts and assistance every time.

Moreover, ROI considered is fast in both cases, it can be achieved in a short time. When the Solution implemented exactly. As a matter of fact, With this, Customer handling is simple and easy, the snow did not offer any information that required about users.


Both technologies Supported by Android, online, windows, and iPhone stages.

Salesforce is preferred by many businesses because it used on Web dependent Applications. In particular, Snow cannot be used on iPhone or Android, In other words, it offers support for only windows mobile.

Especially, the option between both comes with the need of your Business. Consequently, It offers a good choice for supporting solutions that fit many different users.

Furthermore, The real selection of CRM systems, that mainly depends upon the requirements of your business. At the same time, Every offer is a big set of benefits and Service that are not exactly the same. As a matter of fact, to illustrate there is no total winner, matching your business requirements.

Generally, Salesforce is a Big Technology that deals with many tools and applications. The marketing cloud, service cloud, analytics, portals and many more. In the meantime, It offers a Big room for exploring the process. But on the other side, the sales could be your strength. By that, you can go or you have to upgrade yourself in any module.

Finally, With ServiceNow ITSM, you have limited service request Processes. It is a Company level solution for handling advantages Incidents, works and Projects. Where Salesforce has strong ticket managing capacities. In particular, It is mainly known as an Engagement tool. In particular, It has limited access, on the other side, Service Now tool has limited certain orchestration capabilities and it starts certain proactive communications.

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