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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-10-05
Which HRIS is the Winner: Workday or SAP SuccessFactors?

It's a good idea to compare Workday vs SAP SuccessFactors for HCM systems. These two solutions are industry leaders. So, they both provide a wide range of features for managing your firm's process.

You don't want to take any corners when assessing a system. It helps you recruit top talent, handle payroll and benefits. We'll compare the main features of each system side by side. Also, analyze which system is best for various kinds of companies.

What is a Workday?

Workday is a business resource planning system. This powerful app is ideal for handling your finances, HR, training, etc. So, it manages the tasks all in one place. This solution is best for medium-to-large firms with a big staff.

It allows you to manage personnel, compliance, learning, payroll. Also, much more from one central location. It gives workers self-service options for things. Like changing their address or submitting time-off requests.

Firms may use the technology to mix payroll, financing, so on. It is a PeopleSoft product. It knows how people work and do business. The platform, delivered through the cloud. It funds on openness and cheap capital outlay. This is a good option for today's traditional ERPs. It has hundreds of clients under its wing. So, it has aided medium-sized companies in their routine operations. It has many options to choose from to help you grow the features. As a result, it's a great method to expand your tech stack. While staying inside your existing financial constraints.

The option to buy an accounting module is a feature that it offers. But, SAP SuccessFactors does not. This tells it from the competition. But, since it combines payroll and accounting into one system for growth ease. T&E management is another function that SAP lacks.

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Workday Features

The following are the main characteristics:

Performance Management

Planning Your Career and Development

Cloud Connect to Manage Third-Party Payroll Organizations Administration of Benefits and Absence Management

Time Recording Goal Management Planning for the future Finance and accounting

Reporting to upper management

Adaptable to mobile devices

Online help is available.

Reconcile your financial accounts.

Check Processes and workflows.

Payroll software from across the world

Planning your career and growth

Recruiting resources

Strategic workforce planning

Analyzing the workforce

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Workday Advantages

It offers three main advantages. Complete and total protection, Efficiency Control, and resilience

Let's view them.

Complete and total protection

Create benefit plans for your workers in any place across the world.


Changes in employee status. E.g., new hiring, pay raises can give benefits effect without uploading new.

Control and resilience

When your plans and providers change. So, you can configure and update your plans with effective date changes.

What are SAP SuccessFactors? 

It is a modular online HCM solution. It has flexible vital features for every HR-related activity. Thus, making it one of the best HRIS software on the market. Further, it has three departments. E.g., Employees Central, Employees Central Service Center, and Central Payroll. Three of them are the most important parts of central HR operations control. Aside from them, the system has a variety of useful modules. Such as learning, payment, and recruitment. You may contact the seller for a quote that is right for your company.

SAP offers a wide range of features also to HR. So, making it a versatile platform that can meet your needs. Workday vs SAP is a comparable solution to get similar objectives.

It offers an advantage over Workday global company solutions. You'll discover support for a variety of languages and currencies. So, this allowing your employees to work from anywhere in the globe.

SAP SF Key Features

The following are key traits of SF software: 

Provides a complete HCM solution.

Knowledge on a global scale

Allows for HR transactions during recruiting.

Position shifts and changes

Aids in the control of vacation time.

Reporting on payroll timesheets

Union of compliance and auditing

All SF objects are subject to crude operations.

Permits the doing of a query when you want it to

Allows for a wide range of learning and development hope.

SAP Success Factors Advantages 

Here, are  the following benefits of SAP SF are as follows

Allows for limitless extension and scalability.

Offers broad end-to-end recruitment services.

The Performance and Goals module is the handiest method to keep track of. Hence, achieve professional and personal objectives.

SAP SF makes onboarding a structured process. So, it helps any company improve worker comfort and time to yield.

It aids the company in motivating employees to perform at their best. Hence, establishing a precise pay-for-performance culture. Further, allows for better performance management and payment. It allows you to build a policy to absorb learning management systems.

Difference Between Workday and SAP SuccessFactors

Even though both have a lot in common with what they provide. Also, they are better in certain areas than others. Compare these key traits to know which software is best for your firm's specific needs.

Which one provides a more complete HRM solution? 

You're comparing both since they're both great HCM solutions. Although the functions they provide are comparable. Also, you'll discover that each platform excels in some areas.

Moreover, when deciding which HCM suite is best for you. So, you'll need to first rank your key features to figure out which is better for you. Workday is a simpler solution than SAP for payroll and basic HR functions. But, since it is broader.

SAP, but, provides more global skills for recruitment, payment, and succession planning. Which tool is best for you in this area?. This determines by the direction of your firm and its areas of emphasis.

Which of them has global experience? 

SAP is a technology that is better for global businesses. In comparison to Workday's 35 languages, it supports more than 40. SAP SF offers worldwide payroll in over 40 countries. But, Workday only supports payroll in four.

SAP SF assists in ensuring payroll compliance with laws and regulations. So, if there are any red flags in your payroll distribution. You'll get an alert before the system starts making batch payments. Before paying your team, you may turn off the notices or make changes.

Furthermore, Workday does not handle the rule of visas and permits. So, you'll have to perform that job outside the system.

Which performs better analysis and reporting?

Both offer excellent analytical and reporting skills. Thus, to get a better view of your operations and personnel distribution. Hence, you may run reports on different data elements.

Workday outperforms SAP SF when it comes to generating reports. While SAP SF offers over 2,000 data points from which to run and filter reports. So, this extensive feature set makes it more difficult to browse.

Workday provides for more connections with other systems. Hence, allows you to cross-reference data from other parts of your firm with your staff info.

Which is the less expensive option?

It's difficult to compare the costs of both. But, since both firms create unique estimates depending on your company's needs. You may then choose the courses you need and tailor your experience.

The number of workers you have is a big effect on the pricing of these platforms. So, the total number of users determines the pricing tiers. Also, they have a significant effect on the platform's full cost.

Requesting quotations from each provider. Thus, comparing them is the only method. This will help to know which software solution is the most cost-effective for you.

Which has a superior UI/UX?

Workday is the clear victor when it comes to simplicity of use. For items like reporting and payroll, SAP offers plenty of choices. But, each choice comes with a more difficult to navigate and set up interface.

Workday now offers employees a more client interface. Follow these steps to request time off or update your profile.

Is the platform well-supportive?

Both provide extensive support. Each client gets a customer support manager to oversee their experience. The customer support manager ensures that the consumer gets the most out of the product. 

Both platforms also provide users with a support network. So, here they may ask questions and get answers from other users. Both include a searchable knowledge base. Thus, users may find answers to frequent queries. Also, step-by-step instructions for configuring different functionalities.

Customers may also choose priority support for faster service. The one area where SAP has a small advantage over Workday is that SAP provides live chat help. But, Workday does not offer this.

Which HCM Suite Is the Most Effective?

They are both excellent HCM software. If you buy either one to handle your HCM requirements, you will be happy.

The products have many of the same features. Workday has a small advantage for businesses with workers. Further, due to its simplicity of use and clear reporting skill. It has excellent support for handling payroll in so many countries. SAP SF is the superior choice for global businesses.

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Payroll Management

Because pay is the most vital tool useful for firms to direct and enhance employee yield. Thus, an efficient salary policy is essential for all firms. Firms need payroll management to make employees happier, attract better views. Hence, it reduces HR managers' workloads by automating dull administrative tasks.

When it comes to compensation management, Workday has a lot to offer. Its comprehensive set of payroll management attributes. It includes access to anonymized salary data from small and medium-sized businesses. Also, automation of rules to process compensation reports for better decision-making, and more. Compensation survey management also enables for comparison of pay packages. Employers may also send customized incentive letters to workers using workarounds.

 In contrast to Workday, SF provides a more basic set of features. While SF supports automatic rules for processing various things. E.g., compensation-related events, planning, employer reward letters. Also, the generation of reports to various views of payment. So, it requires partner connections and workarounds to handle compensation surveys. Also, they can access anonymized compensation data.

Self-service for Employees Employee self-service is the solution to your problems. Whether you want to relieve HR and payroll staff of executive tasks. So, they can think about other things. You want to save your employees from wasting time on paperwork. Also, this service ensures accuracy in daily operations. This can achieve by reducing the risk of it is resulting. Moreover, it results in lower costs and increased profit.

Within Workday's, it is a complete collection of employee self-service features. Workers can self-enroll in benefits, browse, apply for, and verify internal job listings. Also, they can store personal info. Employees may also request, amend, and check time off without more modules.

In contrast to Workday, SAP may seem simple employee self-service. After installation, it enables self-service benefit elections and enrollment. Internal job listings, time off checks, and personal records are all there for staff.


The choice between Workday and SAP SF is yours. But it depends on the information shown in this comparison. So, the following are suggestions:

Workday is the best choice for you. If you have a business that operates in a few different Western nations. So, it needs detailed reports and displays of your team's data.

Consider SAP Success Factors if you conduct business outside of the US, the UK, France, or Canada. Although the user interface isn't as sleek and new as Workday. So, it's a robust system that supports operations in a variety of locations across the globe.

To select between these two software solutions, firms must first know their goals. Once the company's goals and needs are clear. So, they can choose the finest software for their needs.

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