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Throughout the tutorial, we have seen various Amazon services. And all these services were not free. Some of them were charged. So as a starter, prior to start any service in AWS account,  its essential to know the cost incur tp an AWS account. And amazon platform allows calculating the estimation for you in advance. And today this block, I’m going to explain to you the cost estimation through AWS Calculator.

Step – 1:

Navigate to the following  link

step – 2:

Click on create estimate

AWS Calculator

step – 3:

select the service (Here I’m selecting EC2) and click on Configure

AWS Calculator

step – 4:

Fill the detail as shown below ( Here im calculating the cost as per my configuration)

AWS Calculator

AWS Calculator

AWS Calculator

AWS Calculator

So if you observe the above, you can observe the cost as $ 763.25. Likewise not for EC2, you can also check the cost estimation for any kind of service that you needed. And if you ok with the price that was fixed by Amazon Click on Add to my estimate

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Then you will be moving into the following screen

AWS Calculator

Now click on Contact sales. 

AWS Calculator

Then you will be entering into the following screen

AWS Calculator

Select the department that you want to speak. And make the query that you require(if any)  and then proceed with the payment.

So, I hope you people have got a clear picture of AWS Cost estimation. And all these charges shown in the above screenshots were based upon today fares. Moreover, it will be changing on a timely basis. So, log in to the AWS account to get the current fare of the requires services in your account. And I personally thank you for visiting our website and reading the  AWS tutorial. And I hope, you people have gained some stuff on AWS. Besides this tutorial, also check our blog, to get the information on various technologies with advanced features that were coming.

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