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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-09-25
Best tools useful for Dot Net developers in 2020

Working on an application with great efficiency is of great importance in any developer's life. It is also a difficult task to write good quality and standard code without any help for a developer. Hence, to make the process easy, tools play an important role in quickly improving our coding standards. Moreover, they also provide big relief by making the work much easy. The popularity of the dot NET framework has given rise to several third-party tools.

These tools allow Dot Net developers to build interactive applications and boost efficiency. But the difficult part is to select the right tool. Usually, developers need to do a lot to research to find out the best tool that works for them. In other words, to say, it’s a time consuming and monotonous process.

There are many advantages to the Dot Net tools. Some of them are as follows:

●      Enhances performance and efficiency.

●      Makes the developer’s life easier by helping inside the IDE.

●      Helps to build an easy workflow to transfer the raw code to an efficient one.

●      Help in writing the best, shorter and standard codes.

●      Produces typical analysis reports with static code inside.

Let us look into this blog to get more details on various tools useful in dot Net.

ASP.Net tools

There are several tools available in the market for Dot Net for web development. Here, we have compiled a list of the best tools for .NET development that every developer should have within their array. The following details will help the readers to choose the best tools that are widely used by fellow developers across the globe.

Visual Studio

The first dot Net tool that comes in this list is the Microsoft Visual Studio. This is the far most popular tool that most developers use for designing various types of apps. They also include various mobile apps along with websites. On the basis of a recent study, it is found that millions of live websites have reportedly used dot Net. It's an extension of VS that strengthens the core part against functionality with features like task shortcuts for HTML, JavaScript, etc. Moreover, as an efficiency booster, this extension margins out other Dot Net developer tools. It is also easy and must to write and debug code.

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This tool needs a lesser effort to understand and use. The ReSharper tool helps the developers to execute code analysis very actively. Besides, it also provides a number of easy solutions. It also offers automatic restructuring of existing code. This tool is developed by JetBrains, a software entity. It offers many refactoring codes with easy usage. Moreover, it’s the most useful tool for Dot Net developers that help to finish their projects on time. And it is also a big hit amongst programmers who have discovered .NET features recently.


This tool is a lightweight extension and available freely. Any dot net developer can confirm its productivity easily. It is one of the best platforms to test LINQ queries or any C#, VB program. Moreover, LINQPad is much popular due to its rich output format, optional auto-finishing, and combined debugging.


NuGet is a kind of package manager for Dot Net which is a great addition to the .Net developer’s toolset. This tool enables developers to access 3rd-party libraries and create or share their tools easily. Moreover, NuGet includes more than 98k packages inside that make it the largest database of 3rd-party Net components. By using this extension, developers can easily browse an unknown strength. And they can easily build manual packages.


Elmah is a free debugging tool. This is useful to debug ASP.Net web services or websites. It is also useful to log any error by debugging. This is offered by Google inc. Moreover, this error logging tool helps dot Net developers to locate gaps within their codes. The tool is easy to add to a running ASP.NET web app without any need for redeployment.


NDepend is another highly suggestible tool for the Dot Net developers. It helps coders increase their code’s quality by using numerous metrics. This analysis tool is a must to use for developers. Moreover, it also enables the representation of the code’s outline and helps evaluate the technical depth of the IDE. The tool provides a custom query language that helps Dot Net developers to test their app’s coupling. Also, provide an analysis of how well they stick to standards.

The features of this tool include;

Users can use it to analyze the code quality by using coding rules or standards. They can compare various developments and code files easily. It offers the best insight and analytics about the user application. Besides, it also provides valuable information about the build's health, like assembly versioning problems, assembly disputes, etc. Furthermore, it is very easy to install and perform quality codebase. It’s very fast and lightweight and combines with all VS versions.

.NET Reflector

NET Reflector is a perfect need for coders who want to de-compile and analyze with static for their Net framework. This is an essential tool for developers that help to debug the dot NET code. Like third-party components, even if there is no documentation. Moreover, it also provides an insight into what the code performs when source code is produced and what an assembly includes.


While walking through the dot net developer tools, it is important to talk about Fiddler. It enables developers to reveal dynamic data grids easily. And it also comes with personalization features that can show data in a favored visual. This tool is a production of Telerik Co. This .NET tool is vitally useful in between various services and snatches all communication.

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JSON Formatter

Most of the IDEs can format JSON files easily but the JSON formatter makes jobs much easier. These files can be difficult to read for users. Due to this, the tool formats JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) into a readable format. In the end, it makes it easy to debug. This tool approves, formats, and gives an accessible JSON output to the dot net coders. Moreover, JSON Formatter is the most popular open-source tool to use for developers.

GitHub Desktop

GitHub is useful with any Git repository. Therefore it provides a unique cross-platform experience to its users. It is one of the top essential dot NET developer toolsets. Moreover, it is popular for its visualization properties and wide range of features it provides. It also includes image diff support, strong community support, and extensive editor features. And, the most favorable feature of this tool is that this extension doesn’t need any custom API tokens.

Web Essentials

This tool is an extension of Visual Studio. It increases the VS functions by adding the new features that are in need for many years. The features like enlarged VS shortcuts for the tasks make life easier and HTML/CSS/Js code reduction for the best efficiency.


It’s an excellent and efficient tool from DevExpress corp. The tool helps developers to code at much speed, do fast refactoring, run test cases, etc. And it also fixes the bugs and errors, occurs during the test, much faster than ever before.

It also includes an in-built de-compiler, quick development with automatic statements, powerful clipboard tools, in-built static code analysis (useful to analyze the code for bugs and errors), formatting, and cleanup features, best code display tools, etc.


This is an automated and converging testing tool for VS. It is one of the best tools as it runs tests without saving, and runs tests while the developer writes his line of code. Besides automation testing, it provides developers other useful information also, like performance metrics and code reports.

It includes various features like Supports automatic convergent testing while developer types within an IDE. Code reporting provides the suggestions about the line of code by adding markers and other signs to present for the anomaly. And it also lets users know either test is failed or passed, with the different color markers. Performance Metrics helps users to know about every test line under the test with execution time. Hence, it will give the user a better idea of what's going on. Moreover, Inline Exception Details provides data about the anomaly originating during running tests to get a better idea.


This tool is an exact replacement for .NET Reflector. ILSpy tool is a dot net assembly browser and decompiler too. It’s a good open-source/free substitute for dot NET Reflector that no longer includes a free version. Moreover, the tool can produce source code from any dot NET DLL back to either VB or C#.


This is an open-source/free static code review tool among dot Net tools. The tool is good for analyzing dot Net handled code. It includes a set of static analyzers, a data mart, and a gateway where users can handle the technical debt. Having a strong community base, SonarQube offers additional analyzers to add as plug-ins. Besides, it offers easy setup and configuration tools. SonarQube consists of rich in-built rule-sets: coding levels, best practices, security, and usage.


The tool builds an instinctive terminology for the test language. Separating tests into “facts” and “theories,” it differentiates between “always true” and “true for the right data,” respectively. Moreover, xUnit is deemed to be extendable.


The DotNet-script is a cross-platform .NET Core tool that debugs scripts directly in the VS Code. This tool supports NuGet packages. The code is very relevant and can exist within a single file.


Bytescout is one of the most useful platforms that include multiple-tools and helpful for dot NET developers. Developers can easily build PDFs with rich text and images using this best tool. Several functionalities of Bytescout produced PDF include: deleting images, separating Meta information, converting PDF to surpass assumptions, dividing PDF archives, etc.

Users can build PDF files within C# or VB.NET. The report is also produced in different types of other formats that include PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc.


Ionide is a coding pack that comes under the VS Code with some additional tools useful for cross-platform development. The tool is mainly useful to build existing, creative, rich editing available to everyone, regardless of the kind of OS they use. It’s one of the most significant assessed modules within VS Code commercial center and is long-standing. This helps to develop projects with more than 1 million downloads.

What is the existing web development scenario?

There is a tough competition among the competitors within the market that many Org’s faces new challenges daily. They are trying to adopt the latest and cutting-edge technologies to stand up in the market well. By this, they also want to challenge the big giants. To become a professional Dot Net developer, this could be a perfect time. There are speculations regarding the change in the future of .Net technology by this year 2020. And all the existing Dot Net developers and enthusiasts are also looking for Microsoft’s update on it.

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Advantages of ASP.Net

The following are a few advantages of using the ASP.NET:

  • Asp.Net is completely a server-side technology, so the code is processed on the windows server before it is visible on the web browser. Therefore, .net apps perform much faster than depicted scripts.
  • The features like quick binding, Just-In-Time compilation, and local optimization support to get a high-level executive. Using dot Net users are not limited to JIT. But they also have the choice AOT if they want to avoid startup delays.
  • Asp.Net framework is language free, which means users can select any coding language (Example: C#, J#, VB, etc.) that best suites to their application.
  • The Common Language Specification (CLS) data types within all dot Net apps are similar. Hence, there no Type alteration is important while calling.Net methods, C++, C# from VB, or Vice Versa.
  • Dot net offers full support for XML, CSS, and other new as well as traditional web standards.
  • The initiation of view state helps in managing the controls state automatically between the posts backs events.
  • With the in-built configuration data, Asp.Net is easy to install. There is no need to register components due to having in-built configuration information
  • Ultimately, Asp.Net minimizes the line of code necessary to develop giant applications.

Reduced Coding:

While developing high-end solutions, where users need automatic updates, they need to ensure fewer loads on the websites. This is why ASP.Net most people prefer to use it. It minimizes the coding volume needed for the development of the websites.

Increased Security:

Generally, users always worry about the security that they are able to offer to a web application. Dot Net, having in-built Windows authentication and configuration for independent apps users will be able to provide better security to their applications.

Better Performance:

The platform consists of just-in-time compilation, early binding, and local optimization features. Having these features, users can make better performance of their application.

Powerful Tools:

This framework includes a rich toolbox along with the best WYSIWYG editors within it. So, users can design elegant pages using these tools.

Summing Up

Thus, we reach a conclusion in the best dot Net tools to use in 2020. Finally, the option to choose will depend mostly on a particular project you are trying to end up. Many dot Net developers use the above tools to automate various manual processes to save time and minimize human errors. It’s no matter what tools you choose for your work. But ensure that they enable you to finish the project without any bugs on time. So, if you want to know about these tools usage in .Net from experts, go through the Dot Net Online Training. It may give you the best idea of web development.