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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-10-20
Overview of Dot Net Developer: Skills, Advantages

Dot Net is one of the most relevant and widely used frameworks in software development. So, although it has been around for more than 15 years. It's come a long way since Microsoft initially introduced it in 2002. So, it's getting very popular. In this blog, we'll discuss what Dot Net is. Why it's become more popular in recent years, and what skills a good Dot Net developer should have. Also, we will see the advantages of a Dot Net developer.

Dot Net developer

What is Dot Net?

The Dot Net Framework was created by Microsoft in reaction to the success of the Java platform. It was initially released in 2002. The intention is for use in object-oriented programming. The Dot Net development platform now includes not the Dot Net Framework. But, some other products develop over two decades. But, since its first release. You'll find Dot Net Core and Xamarin among them. Each one has its library and serves a distinct function. As the .NET Framework is the most mature. But, Dot Net Core is more platform-agnostic. But, Xamarin is optimizing for mobile devices. You'll discover Microsoft-supported API link libraries and a lot more.

One biggest pro is how simple it is to connect with other Microsoft products. It's also a well-established platform. So, it has strong backing from Microsoft and the development community. Only one IDE Visual Studio, also from Microsoft is necessary for all types of.NET programs.

.NET is ideal for programs with a diverse set of skills. Web-based services, desktop applications, and cloud base are all examples. But, you can only use it to create games and Virtual Reality apps.

Over 60 programming languages get support from the .NET Framework. Using shared components, you may write code in more than one of them. Even at the same time and for the same application. Microsoft created 11 of the languages on the list. MS supports the following languages, which are worth mentioning:

Visual Basic




Iron Python

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What is a Dot Net developer?

A Dot Net developer is a software engineer. They create applications and leverages Microsoft's Dot Net platform techs. Also, .NET supports programming languages. E.g., C#, F#, and Visual Basic. But, most programmers choose C#. Thus, the majority of programmers choose C# as their primary language. C# allows .NET developers to create a wide range of software. So, from simple web and desktop programs to mobile apps and computer games.

Employers hire .NET experts if they meet the following criteria:

Permanent work is available

Permanent staff, such as web developers. They do not have a set end date for their job. An official employee works for the firm on a permanent basis. The employee receives all the company's perks. As well, a set monthly Dot Net developer salary and the employer's payment of taxes.


Employers can, of course, hire someone to work full-time on a contract basis. But, as experience has shown. So, most net freelance developers on a contract basis for a short time. E.g., a few hours every day or for the completion of a little work. A freelancer is a self-employed professional. So, one in most cases works for many companies at the same time. An expert like this operates in the customer's office or remote site. A freelancer is accountable for a specific job linked to a project. But, not in the context of the project as a whole.

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What technical skills do Dot Net developers musts?

Let's start with Dot Net developer-specific technology. If you want to be one of the most sought-after NET experts. So, you must master your idea of these solutions.

Visual Studio-

It is a Microsoft-developed IDE. It enhances team talk, continuous integration, among other things. Thus, with a slew of extensions from Microsoft and third-party suppliers.


This framework allows you to reuse your code in many locations. But, making it more readable. It allows you to separate the code of your app from the display layer. Also, the framework supports a variety of programming paradigms. E.g., ASP .NET Web API simplifies the HTTP services when building RESTful apps.


It is a redesigned version of ASP.NET 4. X that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also improves your performance.

Entity Framework

It is a Microsoft-supported open-source object-relational mapping framework. Objects aren't a concern. Also, tie in your app database using Entity. Thus, you can still get the most out of it.

Entity Framework Core-

It is a lightweight, open-source, cross-platform version of Entity Framework. Also, it works with ASP.NET Core.


It is a platform for Dot Net compiler. Also, it provides a set of APIs. This allows for more extensive interaction with code. It offers you access to information about the source code. So, allows you to do on-demand code analysis.


It is a Dot Net development platform with tools and frameworks. This is useful when working on mobile apps. It's easy to create native NET apps using Xamarin. The includes a framework for accessing native skills and editor extensions. So, it provides mobile programming usage.

Why has Dot Net gained so much traction in recent years?

One of the most popular frameworks is NET. Also, we expect to remain so for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the main advancements in the previous several years. Moreover, that has led to a rise in dot NET fame.

Super Fast

NET-based websites and apps are quicker. This is because dot NET applications are compiled rather than interpreted. The term "compiled code" refers to code that converts into object code and then runs. Because translated code must first read before it can perform. Further, it is quicker than interpreted code (as used in PHP).

Having more code control

Object-oriented languages such as VB .NET, C++, and C# are useful in.NET. The main benefit of object-oriented languages is that their code is more detailed. It's also more conducive to testing and reuse.

A wide range of uses

Microsoft has always attempted to give developers the tools. They need to create cutting-edge apps. So, still of the application type or technology stack. Today, .NET is to supports a wide range of applications. From cross-platform responsive web apps and 3D games to business apps and cloud apps. Thus, there's something for everyone.

Benefits of Dot Net

Here are a few of most dot NET's enticing features:


Object-Oriented Programming Module is the foundation of Dot Net. OOP is a software development method. So, it includes breaking down large software projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. OOP divides data into data fields. Also, it uses class declarations to describe the behavior of objects.

The OOP Module makes code easier to maintain, respond to issues, and test. It removes the need for programming. So, results in less coding for developers. Furthermore, .NET allows developers to reuse parts and code. Thus, reducing development time and costs.

Visual Studio IDE 

The IDE simplifies application development. Thus, it simplifies by offering all the tools required to build and test apps.

Microsoft's Visual Studio is an IDE for creating, debugging. Also, publishing apps for a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS.

The following are some of the most important features of the Visual Studio IDE:

It is a single IDE that is useful to develop all dot NET apps.

Debugging and integrated compilation tools are in the IDE.

The solution is for applications with code written in a variety of languages.

It also tailors the surroundings to the choices of the user.

The Visual Studio offers a variety of editor extensions. So, it offers continuous integration, group effort, and third-party integration.

Design for Many Platforms

.NET Core is a cross-platform framework. So, it means it can operate on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X . Unlike the original .NET framework, dot NET core is completely open-source. So, it is allowing a large technical community to contribute to its development.

If you write your code in F#, C#, or Visual Basic. So, it will operate on all the supported operating systems. This allows businesses to connect to a wide range of platforms. But, while remaining within the .NET ecosystem. The cross-platform architecture makes it workable for the NET community. Thus, to share its vast reservoir of engineering expertise.

Deployment Resilience and Maintenance Ease

Flexible deployment is one of the most important and beneficial traits of .NET Core. It can install as part of the program you're working on or on its own. The modular architecture allows you to include all the dependencies you need. Furthermore, with.NET, deployment is as simple as copying a folder.

Another advantage is that you can run many .NET Core versions on the same computer. As a result, it's easy to cover several projects while still deploying.

Dot Net Core is compatible with a wide range of applications.

You may use the NET framework to create apps in a variety of sectors. For example, it includes gaming, mobile, IoT, and AI.

Microsoft has announced a partnership with SWIFT. So, placing AI and data at the heart of Fintech. This will include establishing an environment. So, that allows banks and companies to conduct business in an efficient and secure manner.

It recognizes ML, Big Data, and AI have all as having enormous promise by businesses. They are increasing investments in the integration of such components into their apps. AI and Big Data are useful in healthcare, marketing, finance, business. Hence, pretty much everything else in our everyday lives makes life simpler.

Dot Net Core Enables High-Performance Apps

Microsoft improved the application's performance. Thus, improvement is by a few percentage points with each new iteration.

Stack Overflow, the biggest knowledge website for coders. Furthermore, it manages to deliver 5.3 million page visits per day on 9 servers. So, thanks to the .NET Core technology.

Ray gun, a New Zealand-based business. So, it created a cloud-based monitoring solution for online and mobile apps. The development of the application's core was in the.NET framework. But, to enable snap, they used APIs that accepted data written in Node JS or Linux. The Node JS framework grows heavier and slower with time, which entails scaling up. But, this needs a financial commitment. As a result, the firm chose to migrate its API to.NET core. So, by employing the same-size servers as before. Thus, they were able to increase their throughput by 2000%.

Further, when combined with the appropriate database and architecture. The framework is the ideal option for any type of group. So, it will need to expand in the future.


One of the first things you should look for when picking the right technology is IDEs and tools. So, it is useful to need or add to yield. Many of them are free. But, the finest ones have license fees. This can go into the hundreds of dollars per developer. If you're a little business attempting to get into the market or a large firm, your money might be better spent.

Many front-end developers choose Microsoft's Visual Code Studio. So, it is good, small, flexible, and updated.

When it comes to base, .NET Core gives you the resilience to choose a supplier. Moreover, that offers a lower SLA. Furthermore, you have the option of hosting your application on the cloud.

Even if prices aren't a concern, avoid having to spend on something. So, this isn't essential allows your company to be more flexible. Thus, it invests in the growth of your employees.

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Enormous Community

When many firms and developers use a framework, it implies it offers traits. So, these appeals to them. It also demonstrates its stability and a high degree of community trust. Thus, encouraging everyone to try out the framework.

Furthermore, a big community means that any problem can solve. It can handle with the help of other members of the community. According to the Stack Overflow poll, ASP.NET came in fourth place among the most popular frameworks. So, with Dot Net and.NET core coming in second and third. 

Salary of a Dot Net Developer

As per a poll containing info on .NET developer wages in the US. It looked at the annual salary amounts for each industry. The study looked at the retail, banking, health care, and insurance industries. In the US, the average yearly pay for a Dot NET developer is $84K. The typical pay for a junior Dot Net engineer is $ 63K per year. But, the top 10% of senior net developers make $110 K per year.

According to Indeed, the .NET developer income in the US is $95 K. (dated March 26, 2021). 3900 software developers' wages were included in these figures. So, this poll shows a greater average annual income. Thus, there were fewer applicants.

Also, gives stats on how many women make as .NET Developers in contrast to males. The average pay for a male .NET developer in the US is $87 K. But, the average pay for a female .NET developer is $84 K. It claims that men and women paid equally for their job as Dot Net software developers.


In this blog, we gathered data on Dot Net developers, popular techs. The benefits of Dot Net are large based on with above facts. Choosing to install your project using .NET technology. So, this will be one of your finest business moves. Software engineers are keen to install complex web, mobile, and desktop programs. As well, games, IoT solutions, and machine learning solutions. We can use .NET to create scalable software. Also, it can run on many operating systems and devices.

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