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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-03-27
Top Code Editors and Python IDEs of 2021

There are many programming languages useful for web development in the current IT industry where Python is the one. It is one of the most popular high-level coding languages useful for server-side web development. Code editors in Python language are the tools that are useful to write and edit the code along with debugging programs easily. These are generally lightweight and easy for learning but as the code becomes larger, it requires IDEs. Python IDEs or Integrated Development Environment is useful to handle large codebases and get faster deployment. 

However, Python IDEs are best useful for DevOps professionals for continuous integration as they are easy to understand. The most beautiful features that Python IDEs include are building automation, testing, and linting codes, etc. Moreover, they can speed up the work but are more complex to use. 

Before we go deeper in this blog to know the top Python IDEs and Code editors to use in 2021, we should know what is an IDE. 

IDE refers to Integrated Development Environment that is a software package having equipment for software development and testing. An IDE helps the developer to minimize the manual efforts by automating the tasks of SDLC that include tools like editors, libraries, testing tools, etc. It brings together all the types of equipment useful in the SDLC process where manual efforts are less and errors also reduce. 

Many developers use Code Editors in contrast to IDEs where a developer can write code in text for software development. These code editors are small in size and also fast in operation with code execution and debugging ability.

Python IDEs and Code Editors 2021

Most popular Python IDEs

Thus, you have got a basic idea of what is Python IDE and the code editor. Now we will move to the in-depth of this blog to know the different types of Python IDEs to use. 


This is one of the popular scientific Python IDEs written in the Python language designed for scientists for various integrations. These scientists can easily integrate with Pandas, SciPy, NumPy, Cython, and some other open-source software. This IDE is available with a free distribution system on Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. This is an open-source platform to use by scientists. 

This is mostly useful for Windows OS that enables to run of Python code via cell, or a file. Moreover, it allows plotting a time-series, makes modifications within NumPy array, etc. Also, enables to check and eliminate the bugs and errors. The Spyder Python IDEs provide auto code completion and splits it horizontally or vertically. Further, it is useful to trace each step within Python code execution. 

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This is one of the cross-platform code editors of Python IDEs used within the Python language. It’s a kind of software that includes API mainly useful for developers for writing Python plugins. Using these developers can extend the basic functionalities of the program. Further, it is open-source and compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. 

The most valuable feature of this Python code editor is that it is the most intelligent one. Also, it provides support for JavaScript, CSS, TypeScript, etc. This is very smart to jump to any symbol, class, or file within the system. The code refactoring here is much safer and faster with quick and smart navigation. Through the IDE, it allows the user to access databases like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.


It refers to Integrated Development and Learning Environment and its by default code editor from Python. One of the best Python IDEs software that helps the newbies to learn Python language easily and compatible to use with Windows, Unix, and macOS. Moreover, IDLE is an open-source software platform. 

The features that make it special are it is useful in searching different files with supporting undo, smart indent, & auto-finishing. This software includes an interactive interpreter that helps to colorize the output, input, and error messages. Also, allows users to search and replace under any window. 

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This is one of the Python IDEs useful for auto-completion of the various line codes. The Kite IDE Python editor supports more than sixteen languages and helps to use the code much faster without errors. 

The valuable feature that the Kite IDE editor offers is the Python documentation. Also, it provides a function signature as the user types along with email support. The code editor also uses ML models for the Python programming language.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The VS Code is an open-source ecosystem from Microsoft Corp. It is the best Python IDEs among others for the Windows platform and useful in Python coding development. This editor is based on the Electron framework useful in deploying NodeJS apps. Further, it is compatible with the system running Blink browser. 

It helps to work with Git along with other SCM providers and also allows to debug code from the code editor. The VS code editor also offers smart code completion. Moreover, to get the extra benefits of this editor service, it offers extensions to add the latest languages, debuggers, and themes. 


This is also a most useful code editor tool that developers prefer due to its simple interface. It’s an open-source platform where the users can submit packages for the software.

The editor includes some smart features like autocompletion and allows cross-platform editing and includes different panes. Moreover, the package manager also integrates plugins support. Also, this editor supports the Command Palette. 

Sublime Text 3

This is a kind of code editor that supports different programming languages like Python. It includes special built-in support for Python programming. Moreover, customization of this editor allows building a complete python programming environment. Further, it supports Linux OS, Windows operating system, etc. The code offers a free trial of the software to its users. 

It allows the user to highlight the syntax that is important. This IDE includes a command Palette application useful to accept text input from the users. The editor shows the badges for folders and files to mention the Git status. Further, the markers available within the gutter are useful to make any changes to the file. 


It is one of the finest Python IDEs that supports Data Scientists. This is also an easy-to-use and interactive IDEs of DS. The IDE also supports data cleaning, statistical modeling, ML data visualization, etc. It helps in integrating code, text, and images along with supporting many coding languages. Moreover, it consists of various DS libraries for integration like matplotlib, pandas, etc. 


This is a lightweight Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed for users to provide an efficient development experience. There are three different versions of this IDE where Wing pro is a free trial version. The other two- Wing 101 and Personal versions are the paid versions of the IDE. 

This IDE offers right away feedback as the user writes the Python code. Write a better Python code, it helps to eliminate the typical errors and bugs. Also, it helps to check for bugs in data and fix the bugs without restarting the application. It majorly supports test-driven development by integrating with different frameworks. Such as pytest, nose, doctest, Django testing, etc.


It is interactive learning and teaching coding IDE designed with the basic python scripts. This IDE enables developers to check their code and shell commands how it affects python variables. It includes a simple debugger along with support for evaluating an expression. The IDE automatically spots syntax errors. Here, the Python function call opens a new window with individual local variables along with a code pointer. 


This is a third-party editor by Python for eclipse also useful for IronPython and Jython development. It is an open-source platform that includes interactive console shortcuts. The IDE allows automatic code import to finish it. Moreover, it enables users to build a GAE Python project. PyDev integrates with Eclipse 

The major focus of the IDE is code analysis, graphical pattern debugging, and python code refactoring, etc. Also, it supports integration with Django, PyLint, and Unittest, etc. It highlights the syntax and debugs code remotely. 


This is a free cross-platform code text editor pre-installed within macOS and UNIX systems. In the case of Windows OS, you need to download the same. Further, this editor is useful as a CLI interface along with a standalone application. There is a huge list of plugins and features available for this editor. The following are some of its good features-

The editor is very stable and lightweight with free to use.

It includes the plugins available for syntax highlighting, code finishing, debugging, and refactoring.

Also, it is very resolute and includes a multilevel undo tree within it.

The text editor includes a powerful combination, search and replace functionality.


This is one of the Python IDEs with open-source availability and supporting Windows OS, Linux, etc. It is also useful for Data science or ML-related tasks such as getting data and info from different sources & also plotting the problems. Moreover, it includes cross-platform functional support with interactive experiment performance. The visual file navigator and the package search help the developer to get easily what he requires. 

The important features of this IDE include a clear code, auto code completion, and syntax highlighting support. All this supports writing code faster without errors. 

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What is the use of Python IDEs?

Using Python IDEs includes many advantages such as better quality code development, debugging, justifying handy notebooks, etc. Moreover, it combines all the features like compiling and deploying in one place making it easier for the developer. 

Choosing an ideal IDE is completely based on the developer’s need. Such as if a developer needs to code in different languages or any syntax highlighting or need any product compilation, etc. There may be a requirement of more extensibility and the combined debugger is needed or any GUI layout with drag-drop features is required, or features like autocomplete and class browsers are needed.  All these features are required in support of a better Integrated Development Environment. 

The ultimate goal for a learner of these Python IDEs is getting into web development, Data Science roles, Scripting, or Quality Analysis. Thus, anyone can choose rewarding careers in this regard. 

Final thoughts

Thus, we have gone through the various Python IDEs and the code editors that help to write and edit the software codes. The Integrated Development Environment helps the developers to handle large codebases easily. Here, the use of IDEs and code editors saves much time and also reduces the manual errors in code. I hope you have got the overall idea of the various code editors and Python IDEs. Faster coding with great features of integration is the major highlight of the IDE, and code editors. Moreover, to get practical insights into Python programming, get into the Python Online Training with the IT Guru platform. This learning can take you to the next level in coding with python.