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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-12-09
Python Vs Golang: Explaining the difference

Both Go or Golang and Python are the most useful and relevant programming languages in today’s era. The developer’s community strongly uses these two languages in parallel. The IT giant Google released “Golang” in the year 2009, a new language in comparison to Python. Moreover, Golang is an open-source programming language widely gaining popularity. The Go language supports the parallel processing of multiple processes along with programming. In this blog, Python vs Golang, we will compare the key differences, uses, and benefits of both coding languages.

These languages include object-oriented and many functional concepts. Golang has strong concurrency features that make it to use widely. This has been derived from the “C” prog language.

By comparing both languages in Python vs Golang, we can check the different uses and benefits inherent in them.

Introduction to Golang: Python vs Golang

Go language is commonly known as “Golang”. It is developed by Google with open-source availability. This language is developed and designed by G Robert, Rob Pike, and Ken Th. Moreover, it is based on the syntax of the “C” programming language. Therefore, it supports parallel programming, garbage collection, structured typing, and providing safety and saving memory, etc.

Furthermore, the Golang programming language is designed with the ease of coding and writing the code with the efficient and statically typed compiled language. Thus, it makes it easier to work with the Go language and the powerful additional features make it more popular.

That’s it for Go language now as a brief idea. Further, we will learn more about this language. Before that will also look at a little intro to Python, in Python vs Golang.

Python vs golang

What is Python?

Python is a high-level OOP programming language with built-in data structures integrated with dynamic typing and binding. This makes the Python language more ideal for faster app development. Moreover, it also provides strong support to the various modules and packages for code reusability and modular system. It has been proved to be the most useful fastest coding language with lesser code used to write. Thus, this makes the best choice for today’s beginners to learn this language.

Now you got a short intro to the coding languages with their basic use. These languages provide the ability to build the best apps for developers. Let us go further in this blog to learn the key points within Python Vs Golang.

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Python Vs Golang 2020

Here, we will discuss the parameters of both languages on which we can compare them. There are different parameters in this regard. Such as;

  • Performance
  • Execution
  • Readability
  • Libraries
  • Concurrency
  • Storage
  • Applications
  • Handling errors
  • Standard

In Python vs Golang, the performance part is the best one in presenting the difference. While coming to performance both are good but Golang is a little fast than Python-like Java, C++, languages. They are considered very fast coding languages now a day. On this basis, we can compare some mathematical functions using languages such as N-body, binary tree, Mandelbrot, etc.

Thus, performance-wise, Golang is faster than the Python language and easier also to use.


Building highly scalable applications is an art in the present world of technology. Business only scales higher when there is scalability in applications. Otherwise, they may face losses. Hence, Google has developed the Go language in this regard to help developers to resolve crucial issues.

But coming to Python, it only applies parallelism rather than concurrency. Both the terms are interrelated but there is a slight difference between them. These are mostly related to multi-thread programs. The term concurrency refers to the application making progress in more than one task simultaneously. Parallelism splits the tasks within the application into smaller pieces or sub-tasks to get processed in parallel.

Therefore, the language that supports the application concurrently is good for large scale apps. The Golang coding language makes it happen.

Next, we have the Execution parameter in the Python vs Golang and we will know how code execution is done.


Go language offers better support for concurrency without using many resources. But the Python language needs a number of resources for processing concurrently. Moreover, Golang is much preferred for backend development by developers and programmers due to its high concurrency in handling requests. Python is also still a good choice among them.

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Golang is statically typed whereas Python is a dynamically typed coding language. Due to statically typed, the variables are stated to the compiler in an explicit way. Here, the compiler does all the checks required so that if any bug exists then it’s easily caught very early.

In Python, it’s dynamically typed and applied by the interpreter so there may be a chance of having bugs. Hence, in Python vs Golang, Python language limits the developer while developing a large scale program.


Even in content, we see the readability, so that everyone could read it well easily. In the coding also, readability needs to be considered as it plays an important role. Python language has good readability while it presents the code or something in several ways. This makes sometimes confusion when there are large numbers of people working on it or the code is informative.

The Golang comes with restrictive programming rule sets. So, that it doesn’t allow un-necessary libraries while importing others. Thus, the Go language has a better understanding of codes and syntax.

In Python, the simpler term is its syntax that is easy to read and code. Anyone can learn the Python syntax easily. But the Golang’s syntax is less friendly to the fresh learners. Hence, we can say that in Python code development is easier in comparison to Go language.


In Python vs Golang, another parameter of difference is the “library”. Libraries’ support is very important for programming. In this regard, Python has an upper hand with numerous libraries over Golang.

Python includes a good number of supporting libraries such as Numpy, Tensorflow, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, OpenCV, Requests, etc. These libraries provide the code reusability with different modules.

Golang is not rich in libraries like Python but it has some sort of libraries that covers the usage like Python language. These include data handling, web development, encryption, concurrent programming, etc. 


In Python vs Golang, the Python language doesn’t offer any memory management as it automatically manages memory as per allotment. It virtually manages all the memory instead of managing it physically. On the other side, Golang includes excellent and efficient memory management skills. The language comes in very handy when we deal with complex issues.


For every software or coding language, the application of it for usage is very important. This point makes it the winner finally. The Python language is best suitable for web development, AI, ML, data analytics, etc. due to having a good number of libraries.

Moreover, the Go language supports concurrency and relies on system programming more. It is also much useful in areas like cloud and cluster computing. Besides, the in-built libraries allow users to develop dynamic web servers much faster.

Handling errors

A good pro-language always manages and handles various kinds of errors. Therefore, Golang is a statically typed coding language with a strong ability to handle errors. Whereas Python language is a dynamically typed language, so it checks and clears errors at run-time.


We reached the final parameter in Python vs Golang comparison where we have the paradigm or standards. The standards of Go language are very procedural, concurrent, and functional in nature. Python language is object-oriented, reflective, and functional in standards. Go lang offers a simpler debugging process whereas Python only checks and resolves the issues at run time.

The above are a few comparisons among Python vs Golang. There are some more interesting things to know in this section. Let us go further with the features, advantages, etc.

Features of Golang: Python vs Golang

The following points are the important features of Go Lang.

  •     Open-source availability
  •     Google’s creation
  •     Includes Compiled language
  •     Supports Concurrency
  •     Package management
  •     Statically typed language
  •     Have a powerful & standard library facility
  •     Excellent garbage collection
  •      A good collection of libraries
  •     Easy to develop and have code readability
Features of Python: Python Vs Golang

Let us look at the important features of the Python program-language within Python vs Golang.

  •     It’s easy to read, and manage, and even learning.
  •     This programming language runs on multiple hardware platforms & uses the same interface.
  •     Users can infuse low-level modules into the Python interpreter for different purposes.
  •     This language provides a perfect structure and support for large programs.
  •     It offers good support in testing and debugging apps.
  •     The language offers high-level powerful data types and also helps in type checking.
  •     Python language easily integrates with program codes like Java, C, and C++.
  •     Moreover, it also offers automatic garbage collection service support.
  •     The language also has a high-performance ability.
  •     It includes easy, simple, and shorter syntax
  •     Offers a speedy compilation
  •     Includes statically typed binaries that are simple/easy to deploy.

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Uses of Golang and Python: Python vs Golang

There are many uses of programming languages that developers use in their development practices. The following points are important reasons for using Go lang & Python languages:-

Go language enables users to use the static connection to combine all dependency libraries and modules into a single binary file. This is based on the type of the Operating System in use and architecture.

Moreover, the Go language executes more efficiently due to having CPU scalability and concurrency model.

The Go language provides good support for various libraries and tools. Hence, it doesn’t require any third party library involvement.

It's a strongly and statically typed program-language with a good ability to manage bugs and errors.

The best reasons for using Python language in Python vs Golang:

This is a powerful OOP language having dynamic library support.

It uses simple syntax that makes the program for the users to write easier to read.

Python includes a big size standard library that supports many general programming jobs

It runs on different types of systems and OS: such as Windows, macOS, UNIX, etc.

Python includes simple syntax compared to other pro languages like Java, C, and C++.

It offers an enhanced library and easy-to-use tools for developers.

Python language includes its auto-installed setup.

In comparison to the other codes, Python code is easier and simpler to write and debug. Therefore, it includes easy managing source-code.

This is a portable language so that it can run on different types of platforms and operating systems.

Python program-language comes with a different in-built library that makes user development tasks easy.

It helps users to make complex coding very simpler to use as it internally deals with different programs. Such as memory issues, garbage collection, etc.

The language provides an interactive case that helps users to test the apps before its real application.

Furthermore, it provides database interfaces to all crucial and important commercial database management systems.

The average salary that a Python developer earns is around more than $ 1 lac. Golang developers get comparatively lesser pay than Python’s but it will gradually increase.

Python language offers inheritance support but the Go lang doesn’t.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, we can say that both Go lang and Python languages have their set of standards, merits, advantages, uses, etc. Further, it depends upon the developer’s skill and ability to understand the codes in real-time. The great thing in both the languages is that they offer simpler syntax to use which makes the developer’s job much easier.

Moreover, both have cross-platform support feature where they get installed across the various OS. In python vs Golang, Python is virtually used in web development, ML, graphical interface, etc. Go offers better networking services rather than working as a system language. Python is easier to learn and apply for new beginners whereas Golang is also emerging much faster in this regard.

That’s all for now in Python vs Golang, learn more insights about Python language from Python Online Training with the best.