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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-04-12
Python vs C#: What is the difference?

Python and C# are the extensively used most popular coding languages across the globe. C# is mainly developed by Microsoft and it runs of Dot Net framework useful for developing web, mobile, desktop apps. Also, useful in the development of games and much more. In the Python vs C# comparison, both languages follow the OOPs concept, easy to learn the syntax and provide good performance. Before we start learning the key differences in Python vs C#, we should know about the concept of programming language. Also, we will know about Python and C# in brief.

Programming or coding languages include some set of instructions that are given to computer systems to execute certain tasks. Every coding language uses a certain type of syntax that is useful in program development. Moreover, coding languages are useful in developing programs, apps, games, web pages, OS, etc. In the earlier days, the programming languages used were very hard to understand due to complex coding. It was not that much easy to handle such programming but a few experts used to manage it. The most syntax is only machine-readable rather than human-readable.  

But today programmers have managed and developed the most useful high-level programming languages. They are easier to understand and some of them have simple syntax. Moreover, the latest coding languages have many interesting features like code simplicity and good readability. In this regard, the OOPs concept is the most important feature for the latest coding languages like C sharp and Python.

In this concept of programming, there are many features like encapsulation, inheritance, data hiding, reusability, etc. of programming codes.

Let us understand these differences of Python vs C# in detail. Before that, we should know about Python and C# in brief. 

What is Python?

Python is a high-level object-oriented interactive programming language with open-source availability. Globally popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, etc. uses this coding language for development. Very useful and learner-friendly coding language for beginners and is an interpreted type of language.  

python vs c sharp

What is C#?

C# or C-Sharp is also an object-oriented coding language developed by Microsoft to compete with other languages like Java. It is the most powerful language and also follows the constructs of C & C++ coding. Moreover, this language also compiled on various platforms and uses high-level programming and a part of the .Net framework. This language is based on the CLI infrastructure that includes workable code and runtime settings.  


Hence, this is in brief about programming languages and their latest changes in features. Hence, we will move further in this context regarding the key differences for Python vs C# and their usage benefits.

Python vs C# which is better

Here, we will understand the various key differences between Python vs C#. There are many differences along with some similarities among these coding languages.  

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The key differences between Python vs C# are as follows-

  • C# is a statically typed compiled language where Python is an interpreted dynamic language.
  • Python is an open-source development and distribution platform even useful for commercial purposes. But C# is developed by Microsoft comes with both open-source and commercial use facilities. 
  • Due to statically typed language, in C# the compiler shows the errors for type-casting. But in python, there is no need for variable declarations due to dynamic typecasting. 
  • Python supports integration with Java, Dot Net, and JavaScript whereas C# supports Dot Net framework. 
  • In C# DI or dependency injection works perfectly but in Python, there is no such concept of dependency injection. Here a user can add custom tags to any object at runtime. 
  • Moreover, C# takes less server space for a similar volume of clients than the Python language but Microsoft charges for this server usage.
  • Python has faster in compiling codes and sending them to clients whereas C# is a little bit slower in this case. 
  • C3 has a much consistent and arranged syntax format whereas Python has easy to read and simple coding format. 
  • In Python vs C# battle, C# doesn’t include any interpreter. But Python includes an interactive interpreter useful in writing codes with ease. 
  • C# is a more static language that requires compiling and running. But Python language is more dynamic in nature and minimizes the development cycle & picks at runtime. 
  • Due to the support of the .Net framework, multithreading in C# is easier but in Python, it needs different processes.

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Python vs C# performance 

Coming to the performance of both the languages there is a great distinction between the two. Being an interpreted coding language, Python’s speed depends upon the interpreter that includes CPython and PyPy. But in most cases, C# is considered much faster than Python language as it is compiled one. Also, it takes a little more time to write code due to compilation but runs efficiently. Further, in C#, variable types are a must declare before using but in Python, there is no such need.

Python vs C# License

Coming to licensing part, the Python language is free to use with open-source availability. Python holds a GPL license policy so it is available for the large public. Most of the IDEs are useful for this purpose. 

C# is also mostly open-source or free but some of the features are not free to use. Some of the IDEs popular with C languages like Visual Studio are useful with C# that provides an average workflow for C# developers. Thus, in this regard, C# seems to be more expensive than the Python language.  

Features of Python

In the Python vs C# battle, the following are the important features of the Python language.

  • Python offers easy coding with simple to understand syntax due to high-level programming structure. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly coding language with great features.
  • Due to open-source availability, the source code is available for the public for downloading and sharing also.
  • It supports object-oriented coding that includes classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, data hiding, etc.
  • Python language includes Graphical User Interface (GUI) support modules like PyQt5. PyQt4, etc. They are useful in developing GUIs in the Python language.
  • The language Python is a high-level coding language so the users don’t need to manage the memory or need to remember the architecture.
  • This coding language is highly extensible so it is useful in writing a few Python codes into C/C++ language. There is also a compilation facility into C/C++ language after writing codes in Python.
  • Moreover, Python is an integrated and portable language also. A user of Python can run this language on any platform or OS such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, etc. There is no need of modifying code as it is compatible with cross-platform. Also, it is easier to integrate with other languages like C, C++, Java, etc.
  • Furthermore, Python language includes large libraries that offer a rich set of functions and modules. This saves the programmer from writing codes for every small thing. Libraries like unit-testing, regular expressions, etc. are the most useful in the Python language.
  • Here, the source code conversion into byte code is much easier. Also, the language automatically debugs the code so no need to compile code written in Python.
Features of C#

In the Python vs C# differences, the following points denote the important and useful features of the C# language.

  • The language C# is a very simple language that offers a structured approach including a rich set of libraries/functions and data types.
  • It is a simple but powerful coding language with high scalability and provides robust apps in the modern IT world.
  • The language C# follows the oops programming model which makes development and maintenance much easy.
  • This coding language offers type-safe code that allows memory location access with permission to execute. Also, in this way it improves the program’s security.
  • The feature interoperability of C# makes it perform all the things that a native C++ application does.
  • Also, C# automatically updates with new changes and highly scalable language. Here, a user needs to delete the old files to update the new ones.
  • Due to structured coding language, it allows splitting the program into pieces that make it easy to understand/change code.
  • Having a rich set of libraries makes the language fast in the development process with good compilation and execution.
Python vs C#- Advantages and Disadvantages

Let us check the benefits & cons of these coding languages individually in the Python vs C# comparison.

Advantages of C#

The great advantage of this language is that it is object-oriented with automatic garbage collection.

C# has cross-platform support with backward compatibility.

Also, offers better integrity and interoperability and it is applicable in games and web apps.

It helps in developing web services applications on the go.

Disadvantages of C#

It is poor in cross-platform support and for GUI also.

This coding language supports only Windows-based apps as it supports the .Net framework.

Also, this language is less flexible in working than other languages.

Python vs C#- Python Advantages

The following points denote the various advantages of the Python coding language in Python vs C#.

  • It is very simple to use high-level coding language with easy to read, write, learn, facilities.
  • The language Python is very productive that helps developers to focus on solving various issues with simplicity. Therefore, developers don’t need to spend much time understanding the syntax structure.
  • Highly interpreted language so it runs code directly line by line and stops at the place error occurs. It sends back the report of error and waits for further instructions. It also makes debugging process much easier.
  • This is useful in Operating systems and web application frameworks. Also, it is useful in developing enterprise and business apps with prototyping support.
  • The version of Python language is free to use with the distributed facility.
  • Large library support and portable features make it a much popular one among other languages.

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Python vs C#- Disadvantages of Python

There are a few disadvantages also of Python language in the Python vs C#, which are as follows,-

It is dynamically typed and interpreting code line by line makes it slower in execution. It also leads to runtime errors where programmers need to execute testing of the apps every time.

The language uses a large amount of memory so the application development becomes cumbersome due to memory optimization.

It mostly uses server-side programming so it is not suitable for mobile computing. The slow processing power and memory insufficiency make it unsuitable for mobile apps.

In Python, database interaction is not that good and it is underdeveloped in this layer access.


Both Python and C# languages are excellent and it is difficult to pick the best one among the two. They have many active communities and mature tooling, great libraries, and framework support. Both languages have their own strengths and weaknesses within programming languages’ overall performance. Hence, programmers of the modern world need these languages with more updates so that they can do well. Organizations also can do well with the use of these coding languages for better development.

Bottom Line

I hope you understand the fundamental differences between both coding languages in the Python vs C# comparison. This leads to making the decision of using the perfect language for the development of apps, web pages, mobile apps, and so on. Both are definitely good coding languages but each has some sort of area of expertise. According to the requirements of the user and the market updates, it is easier to choose the best one among the two. Get more practical skills through opting for Python Online Training at the ITGuru platform with real-time projects.