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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-08-11
Is Java still useful for developers in 2021?

Every IT enthusiast wants to learn the latest technologies and programming languages to update himself. There are many programming languages that came to light today with the latest technology updates. One of them is the Java programming language, which is still a trending one. Many people thought it is an old and obsolete language, but it is still immortal. Moreover, this language is the major platform for developing many enterprise-level apps useful for giant companies. 

Java language continues to grow even after 26 years of its existence, since its inception in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Furthermore, the newer versions of this language were released once every year. But now the scenario has been changed and, even in this global pandemic, it has released two new updates: Java 14 and 15 versions.

The report produced by JetBrains says that Java 8 is still the most popular version to use. Next came Java 11 which stood at second place. Like this, there are so many newer versions of this language are coming forth. It is updating according to the current market demand and nature. 

Moreover, Java is an object-oriented language and also platform-independent. This is what puts this language on top of all other coding languages. Today, there are more than 8 million Java developers across the globe, and still, the number is growing. This is because of the growing popularity of Java-based apps. 

Let us move further in this discussion to know more about this coding language’s usefulness for developers in 2021.

Java trends 2021

In the last couple of years, things mostly changed and updated with the latest innovations in technology. This posed a challenge for the Java developers to keep updated with the latest versions of this language. Such as Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, Spring Security 5, Java 11, 14, 15 versions, etc. 

Is Java Still Useful

Moreover, there are DevOps, Git, Java 9-15 versions, Unit testing tools, Restful Web Service, Angular 2, Android, Docker, etc. These are some of the innovative technologies that a Java developer should learn to keep up to date with the changes. 

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The language is keeping itself up to date with the latest tech innovation and software trends. Moreover, there is the everyday use of this coding language in different areas. Such as software development, big data, AI, IoT, web apps, mobile apps, etc. Many people today think that “Java is dead” or “it's no more useful”. But the facts and stats continue to prove that this coding language is widely used in numerous projects today.

Further, the latest mobile apps and updates need the use of this language very much today. Mobile app development is the most sought-after business process trend, with new technologies. Today, a Java developer should also learn the latest skills like React, Jenkins, Kotlin, etc. along with the core technology. Besides, the use of Docker, Kubernetes, also impacts the DevOps users. This proves to be a game-changer for today’s developers.

The significant changes in Java 2020 version 15 are “sealed classes”. Further, there are other features added like Records, text blocks, hidden classes, etc. Besides, this is being an OOP language, it also supports inheritance. Hence, all these latest features will include within the upcoming version of JDK 17 also. 

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Future of Java in 2021

We can see that many new modern technologies have been added in the last decade. But this programming language is still holding its position. With the advent of Android and multi-platform application growth, it became a more popular language. 

Many developers feel that Java cannot see a major decline in the foreseeable future. Because its updated versions are still hitting the market. 

These developers can be employed in different sectors where innovation is required. They can get employment in the mobile app and Android app development sectors. Today, the retail industry is also growing well, where POS terminals/machines are important features. Developers can easily code for these machines to run in all dimensions. They are basically followed by the Android system, so this is easier to write code for these machines. 

Besides, these developers can find employment in the growth of software products and solutions. They can grow many innovative software products irrespective of the domain. Also, they can get employment in the web development space. Today there are many high-traffic websites that are leading the internet space like LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. These platforms are working robustly because they are using it as one of the coding languages within.

Moreover, there is a newcomer in this corner is the GraalVM Native Image which is still rising. It helps to turn your standard Java app into a binary app without using JVM and other libraries. This approach is very useful in microservice and serverless architecture. 

Like this, there are many features and add-ons to come for this language, which will take it to the next level. 

Features of Java 

The following are some core features of Java that are responsible for its unbeatable future. 

Wide usage

We can strongly say that this language is a widely used language for different platforms and projects. It spans its application wings to different domains, from interactive widgets to back-end development. Moreover, it is widely useful in the growth of web app, IoT solutions development, developing Android apps, etc. 

Hence, these developers can choose from a wide range of projects to work for. There are numerous projects are going on globally and innovation helps them to grow. 

Largest community

The developers’ community of this language is widespread and still growing. There are many developers available with great community support who can help to clear doubts while coding. Community plays an important role in supporting the global developers having trouble in coding. 

Platform-independent language

This coding language is widely used because of its platform independence. In the mid-’90s, this language got much popularity due to its “write once and run anywhere” policy. But in those days there were other popular coding languages too which were platform-dependent. 

Moreover, the use of JVM with this platform has also given much support. It helps to convert the code into byte code. This feature helps to execute code lines anywhere, irrespective of the platform’s usage.

Other important features

This language has many other features like open-source language with high availability, rich library, and community support, etc. Further, there are IDEs, supporting big data and ML, etc.

Moreover, it is much popular language also because of its vast credible learning sources. There are various resources to learn this language from free and paid platforms. Also, there is extensive community support. All this makes this language much popular among the next generation techies. 

Today, due to the global issue, everything went too remote. People working remotely have got access to remote things where working and learning were the main. Messengers, audio, video, teleconferencing, etc. emerged as the major communication mediums. Data transfers at high speed, cloud accessibility, and storage remain the major factors here.  

Also, many hybrid solutions have been developed today. They help to deploy apps on both on-premise and on-cloud platforms. There are many other services that are important for secure remote working and support as well. 

Thus, in spite of other extreme problems due to the global pandemic, the IT sector still continues to grow. So this coding language is very important and useful for many backend systems, online platforms, and web apps. 

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Salary and Job opportunities for developers

The above discussion shows that Java developers and architects are still in demand. Maybe the legacy code is the major issue for this language, but it is in force. Many developers using this language have to support more years if there is no innovation in the development side. 

Hence, Java engineers still earn good pay which is above average than the other language-specific developers earn. The pay of these developers purely depends upon the skills, experience, position, country, city, etc. There are three major positions, mainly seen in the organization’s level of employment. Such as junior, mid-level, and senior positions where these people are employed. 

As per Glassdoor’s latest data, the average annual salary for these engineers in India is around 5Lakhs INR. The maximum salary for the senior-most developer is around 9Lakhs INR, and it may differ from company to company. 

Also, the PayScale platform reveals that a Java developer’s average annual global salary ranges up to $69,000 p.a. This may also increase depending upon the above factors given. 

Thus, we can say that these professionals can earn a good package in any organization. This may happen with the latest innovative growth ideas.


I hope you received enough ideas on Java developers and their current and future demands. A professional developer or an architect of any software product, solution, or innovative app can survive with the changes in industry growth. Every platform in the IT field requires innovation with the passing of time due to emerging issues with older versions. Java is one of them which continues to develop, including new versions and product updates. 

The latest innovations in IT are possible with the inclusion of Java language as part or whole along with other languages. So learning this language will help developers greatly. Useful to innovate new software products, solutions, or apps, and much more. Mainly Android and mobile technology get this benefit very much. 

Well, these are the best-known facts to speak about Java. To get more ideas in this space, go through the Core Java Online Training with IT Guru mentors.