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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to learn python fast?

Learning is Python is so simple if you follow OnlineITGuru tips. Up to my knowledge learning Python language, contains things like tools, libraries, and classes. If you know all this, you will become a Successful Python programmer and you will know How to learn Python fast.

Go through our “what is Python Programming” blog to get more information. Coming to our blog, I will show you some easy tricks to learn python easily.

Script Every Day

Step by step process is needed when you learn a new language. OnlineITguru recommends you write the code every day. You should have good memory power for programming in python.  If your code every day, your coding skills will increase a lot. Daily practice writing code for at least one hour.

how to learn python fast

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Write the code

Write the code in your notebook, do it daily. Research proves that in interviews you are allowed to write a program on a whiteboard or paper. So better to write your own code in your notebook, just as Homework.

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Write a Bug-free code

If you don’t know what is bug, first know about it. When you write a code, this code may allow bugs into it. It is a usual thing.  So be active while writing the python web code.

Group learning is better

If you have friends who can understand your code. Then it is easy to solve your doubts, in your python code, you can learn more tricks in writing the code.

Practice in Tool

if you are learning Python basics for the first time like dictionaries, lists, strings. It is better to use Python shell, known as the best learning tool. Debug your code by using python code.

You have to know about Open Source

When you write Python code, share it with others. Who can edit and make it the best code? These are some of the best tips so that you can easily learn python and get Python certification.

Is it easy to learn python?

Learning Python is very easy. Python is the best language for professionals and beginners. We all know that it is an open-source programming language. Memory management is automatic in Python. It supports multi-language like object oriented, paradigm, functional, and many more. As an Illustration, it is supported by main operating systems. If you compare python with other languages, it looks similar in some concepts like Loop statements, conditional statements, operators, and data types.

The Python syntax is easy and simple, it decreases the handling of the program. In one week, you can learn the basics of python. From Onlineitguru, you can browse different types of content on python, with the best examples.

Programmers say python is the first and best language to learn. The readability of python is good when compared to other programming languages. If you learn python you can design a game. For example, If you write a program in python, it just looks like the English language. Simultaneously It comes with IDLE, which means there is no need of spending more time.

Easiest programming Language to learn?

As I told you python is the easiest programming language to learn. It is considered an IT programming language. Python Designed to be pleasant and elegant. The factor of python, that makes it easier is its, white space, and its excellent communication. If you are not the best programmer. In the same way, Learning Python will help you in certain sectors. Not to mention We all know that it is the king in the field of  Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Many universities and colleges also use it.

Python programming app?

Specifically, Python is a well-known language for designing python programming app. We have a platform, that is known as py-mob. It converts them to native source code and many platforms. We have to know some unknown things about py-mob. Not to mention Writing applications in python is as simple as writing programs in Javascript and Java. Therefore Py-mob generates native source code for each and every platform.

Especially Py-mob supports, every feature of an operating system. So developers won't have any issues while writing the code. With it, they can add and edit the features.

Teach it

ITGuru recommends that the best way to learn Python is to teach it in your own way. In this case, there are many ways, such as share your notebook with other Python lovers, writing blog posts, articles writing with new concepts explanations, video recording by explaining something you learned well, etc. This habit will make you understand more about this language and it will present your knowledge very strongly. 


Through pairing with other Python Developers, you can work on a common task to complete it. Here both will work as a driver and navigator. The Driver’s role is to write the code and the navigator will help him by guiding. He reviews the code written by the driver and also solves the issues in it. Also, he can switch continuously to get the most benefit out of this program. 

This pair program will also help you to work with some experts and get the knowledge out of it. You can get the minor mistakes out of your written code and make it reviewed by another coder. Moreover, you will get new ideas and different ways of thinking about how to learn Python more simply. 

Develop Something

If you’re a beginner, then there are some small exercises to do that help you become confident using Python language. Once you cleared the concept in Oops programming and fundamental data structures, you can begin to code something. Learn Python coding and you can start building some small applications or codes, like-

Simple number guessing game

A simple calculator app

Price notification service monitor, etc.

If you find it difficult to learn Python and workout projects using it. You can go through the Python Oops concepts and many more. These concepts and tutorials will help you get to understand the language well. 

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Open source contributing

Due to the open-source availability to learn Python programming, the source code is publicly available and anyone can collaborate. Hence, there are Python libraries available open-source and accept contributions. Also, some companies also produce open-source codes and projects. So you can easily use those codes written and generated by professional engineers working in those companies.

This will be a great and valuable learning experience for anyone to contribute to these open-source projects. Further, this will help you to learn python best practices and can collaborate with other global developers as well.


Learn Python with a passion to get the updated skill and also to explore new career ways. This learning will help you to get the most out of it. Python is a very simple and easiest language to learn than any other as it resembles simple syntax just like the English language. You can learn Python and practice it alongside either on your own or join a community. By expressing your knowledge and skills relating to Python, like writing blogs, articles, social media pages, etc. You can get more exposure to this language and get more experts to help. 

Moreover, as much as you gain knowledge and expand your coding skills in this regard. You will get into the expertise of Python language and also you can suggest others to learn Python well. So, without waiting much, to turn your passion into a reality, get into the Python Online Course with ITGuru. Hope this learning will take you to the next level in your career growth.

Finally, these are the best facts about py-mob, in upcoming blogs, we will discuss more it.

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