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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-01-09
Explain Java developer skills, roles, and responsibilities in 2021?

Java is the most popular and dynamic coding language that helps in developing computer applications of various types. A Java developer is a person with knowledge of the Java coding platform and developing system apps. If you are starting a new Java project in 2021, then you must need to have a Java Developer for this. Today, Java developers are in good demand with their programming and development skills.

Here, in this blog, we will try to know about the Java developer, his roles and responsibilities in 2021, and the skills he needs to add or to know. 

Who is a Java Developer?

A Java developer is a software programmer or developer with software skills and combines Java programming to develop system apps. Moreover, he also involves in the web development process along with other tasks required by the client & the Server.

Java Developer should have excellent skills in software programming as it is in most demand today. Many big IT giants are in search of good programmers with Java programming. 

To become a full-fledged Java developer or programmer, you should have the Java certification to enter into the professional field. You should have a basic qualification in Computer Science that includes software development and related courses. Like B.Tech (in CSE or IT), BSC degree in Computer Applications, etc. Moreover, you should earn Java certification with real-time project works like attending any internship program. After getting experience working with Java app development and other tools, you will become a complete Java developer. Further, it depends on the projects you deal with and learn new things in this regard.

Java developer

Java developer skills

A Java developer must have excellent skills and knowledge of Java programming and other related tools. There are numerous skills that a Java developer needs to know about. The following skills that a programmer should know.

Core Java

To know about anything in detail, you should know the basics first. Here, we will start with the basic skills or core java skills. Core Java is the main building block for an expert Java developer. The required Core Java skills in the current market are as follows. -

OOPs (Object-oriented programming)

As Java is an object-oriented programming language, the OOPs concepts are very essential to know. This includes class and object model style of programming along with Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction features.  Moreover, the major objective of the OOPs concept is to combine data and functions at a single platform along with providing safety to code.

Get practical insights from an expert’s voice by stepping into the Core Java Online Course from OnlineITGuru.

Java design patterns

The Java design patterns deal with the common issues faced during the software development process. These are the standard solutions for the above issues.  In common, a software developer also needs a perfect design pattern, architecture, and technology to handle various issues in the development stage. Similarly, the Java developer needs to learn Java design patterns in detail. They provide customized solutions to the design problems that occur in developing software modules. 

Moreover, design patterns in Java are of four types of majorly. They are- Creational design patterns, Java EE design patterns, Behavioral design patterns, and structural design patterns. 

Java interface

An interface within Java prog. is an advanced level of getting abstraction or reducing code complexity in this language. Moreover, it allows a Java developer to achieve a great level of abstraction within this coding language.


Serialization in Java is a concept or mechanism that converts objects into byte-stream. It helps for the free flow of Java objects from one JVM to another. This term is mainly useful in Hibernate, JPA, EJB, JMS, etc. technologies. Moreover, this concept also helps Java developers to get in touch with various factors of real-time coding. The reverse mechanism of serialization is known as “Deserialization” which works opposite of that.


The abstract classes with Java are useful in getting abstraction for the Java developers. An abstraction in the OOPs concept helps to minimize the code complexity and displays only the required details. These details are related to the objects useful within the program & the readability of the code.

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Build tools in Java

The Java developers need a specific tool relevant to the tasks assigned in the course of development. These build tools help a Java developer in automating the development of executable apps from the source code. Further, build tools are categorized into two - Maven and Gradle. Besides, these tools automate the development process of the apps in an agile way.


Due to the ever-changing architecture of the applications, many companies are thriving towards Microservices. Java developers also should know the Microservices architecture to build Microservices in Java to get the advantage. Moreover, to simplify Microservices development within Java programming Spring framework offers Spring Boot and Spring Cloud services. 

Web Technology

This technology is useful for a Java Developer to develop dynamic and intuitive web content in the fastest way. With the knowledge of good web technology, a developer can create a technique that builds contact between several computers through markup language (Example- HTML, JQuery, CSS, etc.).

Web frameworks

Java web frameworks are the best option to develop mobile applications with great features and less coding. These frameworks support web application development including web services, resources, and APIs in a typical way. This helps to create and deploy web apps on the World Wide Web (WWW). Besides, there are some best web frameworks available that are Spring MVC and Play.

Testing tools

There are some dynamic testing tools available in the Java framework that enables developers to test their JSP and web apps. Here, JSP stands for Java Server Pages. It is possible with the help of an interface where the developer doesn’t need to launch his application in the web browser directly. Furthermore, these tools help in the various activities of test like scheduling, needs, building, execution, and defect location (bugs), etc. The most useful/popular web testing tools available in the market are Selenium, TestNG, etc.

Java EE components

These components help a Java developer to write codes for server-side apps dynamically. The components in Java EE are useful in handling various requests that arise from web-based clients to enterprise developers. The Java EE components offer Servlet and JSP-JavaServer Pages that simplifies this issue and enables methods for logging activities. This also provides the best solutions to browser issues and other related issues. Moreover, the popular Java EE components that are available- JavaServer Pages, Servlets, JavaBeans, etc. 

Java Libraries

The developers in Java might be excited to learn various Java libraries and they also need it. The APIs and Libraries within the Java environment plays an important role. Out of the many APIs, there a few noted ones like Jackson, Gson, JAXB, Mockito, JUnit, etc. 

Moreover, some JVM internals like JIT, JVM Options, etc. is also very useful for Java developers in their development process.  

Soft Skills

In every sector of work within this globe, communication skills play an important role. Soft skills are also an essential weapon for Java developers. To work well with other teams, collaborations, perform well and achieve something new, comm skills are important. 

Good communication cum active listening skills, interpersonal skills, openness to learning new things, teamwork, etc are the great ethics of a professional Java developer. 

Why do businesses need Java Developers?

Due to the cost-effective tool to use, and code security, flexibility, platform-independent language, and enterprise-development features, Java developers can easily and quickly resolve difficult tasks. Moreover, they can also reuse already built code pieces for further use.

Furthermore, this dynamic language offers faster and seamless data sharing across devices with the working team. Besides, many companies offer Java development services remotely also due to promoting remote collaboration. 

These are the out-of-the-box features of Java and its development. So, we can say that Java developers are still in demand. 

Roles and responsibilities of Java developer

The major roles and responsibilities of a Java developer include coding/programming, involving in project testing, project management participation, following Agile development principles, etc. Moreover, he needs to perform and deliver high-level performance. He must involve in designing, managing, and maintaining Java apps at high volume but with low latency. The person must involve in the app development lifecycle. Moreover, he should conduct analysis and debug of application at the initial level and fix bugs and resolve them.  

Software maintenance includes the following things -

  • The list of software maintenance includes:
  • Providing various updates relating to the software
  • Ensuring all hardware specifications are up-to-date
  • Addition or deletion of users
  • New features and development’s addition
  • Developing end-User Documentation and provide the necessary training
  • Managing an active testing ecosystem along with teamwork
  • Looking for code disturbances and optimizing code for easy usage
  • Moreover, locating other programs that could improve existing systems with changes.

Like the above, there are many things that a Java developer should attend to perform as per requirement. Hence, these are the greatest roles and responsibilities that a developer of Java apps should have. One should know all these things before becoming a perfect Java developer in the IT space.

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The career path of a Java developer

The path of a Java developer is also an interesting part of this section. A developer can start his journey as a professional with an Associate level, then to professional and Master lever. Through the certifications, he earns with the learning platform he can achieve all these things. Furthermore, he could be a Project manager, Software lead, Design engineer, etc. 


Thus, we reach to conclude the topic of Java developer’s skills, roles, and responsibilities in 2021. Today Java is an advanced programming language with the collaboration of many other useful tools and languages. The people learning Java are also in most demand with excellent skills and knowledge. So, why do you not? Become a professional Java Developer through Core Java Online Training with expert guidance. This learning may help you get into the IT space of development with great leaders and professionals.