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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-25
Why should you Learn Python Programming in 2021?

For decades, programming languages have shown tremendous growth in their usage and demand. In the last 4-5 years they have grown much popular among them Python is considered the best one. These programming languages continue to change with the latest technology trends and as per the market needs. In this era, Python became the most in-demand programming language for new IT entrants. The reason you should learn Python programming is the current demand for it and its vast usage for app developments.

Today, most technology aspirants show interest to learn Python because of its popularity and simplicity. In recent times the demand for this language became rich and aspirants want to acquire and learn Python programming skills.

But as a new tech enthusiast, you should have a doubt in mind, that “why should I learn Python now?”. Generally, every aspirant has a thought regarding doing a particular course or learning new technology. We can see that Python has taken over other coding languages like Java, C, C++, etc. in the last decade. This is why it became the most sought-after programming platform to learn.

In this blog, I have listed most of the top reasons that help you to decide why you should learn Python programming. So let us start this blog with the below statements.

Learn Python Programming Language

Why to learn Python in 2021?

Everyone thinks well before starting to learn anything new. By trusting this technology, you can easily learn it for your better future. There are many reasons behind you get started to learn Python in this era. Following are the important reasons and applications behind choosing Python as your scripting language. 

Easy to learn

The foremost reason to learn Python is its simplicity and ease of learning. This became an excellent choice for beginners because it is very powerful and almost resembles the general English language. Moreover, it’s a simple syntax that everyone can understand easily and have great readability. All this makes it a starter-friendly programming language. 

The reason behind its simplicity and easiness is that it is-

Free to use, learn, with open-source availability

A very high-level interpreted language 

Have a vast community of developers, learners, and professionals. 

Therefore, Python is highly useful in different areas such as web development, data processing and analysis, and so on. 

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Highly extensible and flexible language

The second top reason to learn Python language is its high extensibility, flexibility, and scalability. You can use it for cross-language operations across the platforms without worry. Moreover, you can also integrate it with other coding languages like Java, Dot Net, and its components and easily invoke C++ libraries. It allows developers to easily execute cross-language operations and doesn’t need to compile a program. Because it is already an interpreted coding language. 

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Besides, there are most useful industry top platforms that support Python such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux, etc. So, we can say that the Python language has a good reach to the IT market.

Python has a vast useful library collection

Here comes the most popular reason to learn Python for a newbie or beginner. This language includes a vast collection of libraries and frameworks that support ML, Data Science, Web Development, and more. Hence, the following are the most popular Python frameworks and libraries that are currently in most demand- Numpy, Pandas, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Scipy, Pyramid, Django, etc. 

These are some of the standard libraries that help developers to focus on the major tasks. It brings them out of the struggle using the low-level things. 

In the coming sections, you will come to know the uses of these libraries and frameworks in different areas. 

Python useful for Artificial Intelligence

All we know is that AI is the next-gen technology update in the IT world. This is the technology that makes the machine act like a human brain. Through this, it can think, analyze and make wise decisions that humans make. 

There are certain popular libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow, PyBrain, OpenCV, etc. that bring ML and AI technologies into the mix. Hence, it provides the capability to learn easily and without explicit programming. This also includes image recognition techniques. 

Web Development

Learn Python to develop the most popular designer websites on a go. It consists of a great array of frameworks useful for web development such as Django, Pylons, Pyramid, Flask, etc. These frameworks of Python are written using this language that makes their code stable and faster to work. Also, you can perform web scraping using this language that helps you to fetch details from another website. Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are the major platforms that build using this framework. 

Today web development and its growth became much popular career platforms for young aspirants. 

Testing Frameworks 

This is also the major reason to learn Python that provides built-in testing frameworks to cover debugging and quicker workflows.  Many giant companies use Python coding to validate their ideas and products effectively. 

Hence, Python supports many cross-platform and cross-browser testing through its popular frameworks- PyTest, and Robot. These are the most used testing frameworks under this coding language other than UnitTest, Lettuce, etc. Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to test any application, and Python gives a booster to it. This makes every tester become robust to work. 

Python for Automation and Scripting

Python is not only a famous programming language but a scripting language also. You can write various codes in script format and execute them. Then the system reads the code and interprets the same along with checking for errors in Runtime. Once the code is perfect and results in error-free output, it allows using the same code multiple times. Because scripting languages don’t need any compilation and are directly interpreted, python is the best choice. 

It also supports automation through code reusability for various tasks or programs. You can use the same code written once for executing other tasks easily. 

Data Visualization

This is the biggest task for every enterprise to handle varied data. Today there is plenty of data produced by all companies which require a great mechanism to manage in terms and security and data overflow. This makes you learn Python for data visualization purposes. There are most famous and popular data display tools available in Python like Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pygal, Gleam, etc. 

These data presentation frameworks allow you to make complex datasets easier. So that you find your visuals in the form of intuitive charts, plots, graphs, etc. This also helps in making good business decisions faster. 

Handling Big Data

Python efficiently handles the hurdles in large datasets and also supports parallel computing. You can use the Hadoop framework for this. There are some famous libraries in this language such as Pydoop, Pyspark, etc. that support big data processing. Therefore, Python is a widely-used coding language for Big data processes. 

Also, Python is useful for enterprise app integration by embedding it into various other apps. It makes a strong bonding for integration with languages. Like Java, C++, etc. that make it better for app scripting. Also, you can learn Python for text processing, integration, developing GUIs, and many desktop apps as well. To manage this huge data one needs to be an expert in this field. 

Great Community Support

Python is backed by a strong community of various tech enthusiasts and professionals. Any issues relating to Data Science or based on Coding, you can easily seek help from the Python Community. Due to its open-source availability, many developers and coders make new changes and contribute to new progress regularly. They always try to enrich this popular scripting language by growing new tools and libraries. 

The community not only supports in the times of issues that occur but also helps in growing the community well. This attracts more people to join this huge tech family for support and guidance. So learn Python language to join this huge community.  

Higher Salaries for Python Skills

Having great Python skills one can attract a huge amount of salary in return. It plays well with the Data Science and development fields and promises a huge amount of pay prospects with the growing graph.

An average salary of a Python Developer or Engineer in the US is around $110K p.a. It varies from city to city and even countries where these professionals work. Also, the giant companies that hire these people pay around $121K depending upon their skills and experience. 

There are many platforms to work using these frameworks and languages that create huge opportunities. You can learn Python for getting into a fantastic career that one cannot imagine. In India also, there are many enterprises that hire people with these technical skills. 

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Benefits of learning Python

There are many benefits of learning the Python language in real-time that give you experience its value. It is much useful language for various IT developers and programmers. The language is widely used in different sectors or businesses like:

  • Finance and Trading business
  • Web Development and Computer Graphics
  • Scientific Computing
  • System Automation and Game Development
  • Mapping, GIS, Security
  • Framework Testing
  • Application Scripting
  • And much more.

This is most popular because most data mining and big data platforms rely on it for different services. Simplicity to read and write code faster even for a non-coder makes it different from other languages. You can learn Python for many other reasons like getting a perfect high-paying job, easy-to-learn coding, the simple syntax to play, flexibility to use with open-sources availability, etc. 

Moreover, this learning also gives you the knowledge of designing websites, web scraping, etc. which is most popular nowadays. So, there are plenty of opportunities with the growing industries and their demands in these fields. 


I hope you have gone through this blog well and gained a basic idea of why you should learn Python. The above reasons and benefits will tell you about its importance in the existing IT market. Many people run after the popular things to become rich or to gain the advantages of having them. Python is one of them which can give the skills and knowledge to create wonders in the IT field. Through this study, you will gain extreme knowledge and skills regarding famous frameworks in one place. 

You can learn Python easily to gain in-depth knowledge in Data analytics, ML, AI, web development, data visualization, etc. Moreover, there are many essential concepts behind it that make your logical thinking extreme. Learn this most in-demand skill that will launch you into an attractive career. Also, your experience and skills can make your career bright through learning the Python language. Due to growth in technology and industries web growth is the most in-demand skill.

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