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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-24
What are the famous Backend Development Programming Languages?

Even if you're a complete newbie, you hear about web development. It comprises two parts. They are frontend development and backend development. They each, of course, have their own set of tools and technology. When we talk about Frontend Development, for example, 3 words jump to mind. They are HTML, CSS, and JS.

Similarly, when it comes to Backend Development, we need a backend programming language. It is a server-side system. Also, many other tools and technologies. E.g., databases, frameworks, web servers, and so on, to make the website run.

Okay, here's the deal. So, you have to choose a programming language based on many factors. It includes project needs, learning curve, performance, and safety. Furthermore, you must consider the demand for the language in the tech world. So, if you are curious to learn a programming language for your career. Thus, there is no point in learning an old programming language. Also, that is no longer in demand in the market.

In this blog, we'll provide you with a list of the top programming languages. Hence, you should learn to get started with Backend development.

backend development programming

What is Backend Development?

Server-side development refers to backend development. The topics of databases, programming, and website architecture are all addressed. It refers to the events that occur behind the scenes. On a website, a user engages in a certain activity. It may be buying anything from an internet retailer. Backend developers write code. So, this allows browsers to connect with database information.

When you're reading a post on a blog, you're familiar with backend programming. The front end of this page consists of fonts, colors, and designs, among other things. The blog's content is recovered from a database. And, rendered from a server. This is where the application's backend lives.

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Languages for Backend Development

Oops, and functional programming is two types of backend programming. The former is a technique that focuses on item production. Statements in object-oriented programming must perform in a certain order. Java, dot NET, and Python are popular OOP languages.

The latter is a more "action-oriented" strategy. Functional programming uses declarative language. This means any sequence can run the statements. SQL, F#, and R are some of the most used languages for data research.

Statically typed or dynamically typed languages exist.

The former is stricter. But, it is better at spotting errors, whereas the latter is more flexible. So, it does not allow for variable types to change. Also, this could account for unexpected errors.

Uses of Backend Development Programming Languages

Now let's look at some specific backend development languages and their apps.


Whenever there is a topic on web development, the name of JS is mention. JS is one of the most popular programming languages in the IT firm. According to annual statistics from major platforms. Such as Stack Overflow and Octoverse. It has one of the most important reasons for this language. This is useful for both front-end and backend development. We can see it from various historical patterns and statistics. The fame of Node JS has boosted the use of JS as a backend language for web development. Meanwhile, the language offers many features for backend development. E.g., Lightweight Scripting, OOPS support, and a large community.

Next.js, Express, MeteorJS, and other JS frameworks for backend development

Facebook, Google, eBay, and other well-known websites use JavaScript.

What JS can do for you

Many sorts of sites and applications use JavaScript. So, they are the following. Hence, including:


Mobile apps 

Further, desktop applications


Web servers

Moreover, displays

And more

JS-Based Companies

Moreover, many companies use JavaScript. Thus, it includes:








JavaScript Developers' Average salary

JavaScript's developers in the US will earn $76K a year in April 2020. So, with incomes ranging from $58k to $107k.

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Though Python is well-known for its fit with modern technologies. Such as ML, IoT, Data Science, and so on. This programming language is also much in use. Also, well-suited for backend development. Even Google, one of the world's most powerful IT companies, relies on it. So, this is one of Google's three major programming languages. The other two being Java and C++. One of the best uses of Python is its wide library of standard libraries. So, this makes developers' jobs easier and more efficient. Python has many other notable and unique aspects. e.g., improved code clarity. It is a more popular language among web developers. So, due to its better interaction with other languages. GUI programming skill, mobility, and a variety of other factors.

Django, Flask, and other Python frameworks for backend development

Spotify, Pinterest, Instacart, and other well-known websites use Python.

What Python can do for you

The following are some of the most common Python applications. So, they are

Shell scripting on many platforms

Further, effortless automation

Also, easy web development

Python-Based Companies

Further, some of the largest firms use Python as a programming language. Thus, it includes









Python Developers' Average salary

Python developers in the United States will earn $77K a year in April 2020. So, they have incomes ranging from $58k to $107k.


In the realm of web development, PHP is a former player. This open-source server-side scripting language is easy. Especially, for web development. It was first released in 1994. It doesn't need a compiler because it's an interpreted language. Also, it can operate on every major operating system. So, it includes Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, and others. There are several enriching aspects of PHP. E.g., its ease of learning, Oops features, support for different databases. Such as MySQL, SQLite, and others, as well as a large community of users. Aside from that, PHP is a secure server-side scripting language. So, thanks to the various hash methods. They are available in PHP for encrypting user input. For backend development, PHP is a good choice. Particularly if you're a newcomer to this business.

Laravel, Symphony, and other PHP frameworks for backend development

WordPress, Mailchimp, Flickr, and other popular PHP-based websites.

What PHP can do for you?

You can do the following, according to the PHP website. So, they are as follows

Collect information from the form

Create dynamic page content.

Further, send cookies and receive.

Scripting on the command line

Write scripting on the server.

Also, create desktop programs

PHP based companies

Here, are a few firms that use PHP in their development teams. So, they are the following








PHP Developer’s Average Salary

PHP developer's in the US earn a median of $82K per year in April 2020. So, they have incomes ranging from $55k to $100k.


Another great programming language for backend development is the Java language. The OOP language is utilizing in enterprise-scale online apps. Also, for android apps, desktop apps, scientific apps, and so on. The main benefit of adopting Java is that it follows the Write Once, Run Anywhere concept. So, this means that compiled Java code can run on any platform. Thus, the platform must support Java without requiring a compiling. The first step is to convert Java code to machine-independent byte code. So, it is then executed on the JVM freely of the basic architecture. Java also enables multi-threading. Hence, it allows two or more threads to run at the same time to maximize CPU use. Java has many features. E.g., follows OOP ideas, libraries, automatic memory allocation, etc.

Spring, Struts, and Grail are Java frameworks for backend development.

LinkedIn, IRCTC, Yahoo, and more popular websites that use Java.

What Java can do

So, backend technology in Java is to do a variety of goals. So, this includes the following and others.

Development of Android-based mobile apps

Further, developing a website

Connection to databases

Moreover, creating images

Applications with a graphical user interface

Also, networking

Java using companies

Moreover, many groups use Java backend technology. So, there are a few well-known names. Thus, they are as follows.










Java Developer’s Average Salary

Java developers earn on average $79K per year in the US in April 2020. Further, they have incomes ranging from $57,137 to $117,137.


Ruby is an interpreted programming language for general-purpose use. So, it supports procedural, functional, and Oops patterns. The language is for web development throughout the world. Also, novices should use it to get started with backend web programming. Hence, it is easy to learn. Ruby, like Python, focuses on boosting developer yield. So, this in turn speeds up the web development process. Ruby runs on every major platform. So, this involves Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Also, it's worth noting that it's hard influenced by other languages. E.g., Perl, Lisp, Eiffel, Ada, and others. Ruby has some notable traits. It includes the dynamic type and duck typing, and management with Ruby Gems.

Ruby on Rails, Grape, and other Ruby frameworks for backend development

Airbnb, Shopify, Slideshare, and other well-known websites use Ruby.

What can you do with Ruby?

You can do the following, according to the Ruby website. Thus, they are

Auto repetitive chores.

Further, create online applications

Make mobile apps and games.

Also, make prototypes and many more.

Ruby-based Firms 

Here are a few groups that use Ruby in their development teams. So, they are as follows








Ruby Developer’s Average Salary

Ruby developers in the US earn on average $91K per year in April 2020. Thus, with incomes ranging from $54k to $136k.


If you believe “Go” isn't popular among developers, consider this. According to a Stack Overflow survey from last year. It was one of the top 5 most popular languages among developers worldwide. Go is a Google-designed statically typed programming language. Also, it has a syntax that is quite close to C. The language makes it easier for developers. So, to create scalable and secure online apps. One of the most appealing features of Go is its strong multi-threading support. Also, its garbage collection usage for smart memory management. Other features of the language are its ease of learning, clear code, Google support. Also, compiled language, rich library, fast performance, and many others.

Backend Development Frameworks in Go: beego, echo, revel, and others

Dropbox, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and more popular websites use Go.

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It is one of the few languages that has ranked in the bottom 5 languages. This shows in several standard indexes in recent years. But, Microsoft created this language for the dot Net framework. Also, it is a programming language. It allows you to create websites. C# is currently much utilized in various fields for backend development. E.g., the production of Windows programs, game development, etc. This language has many more benefits come standard. E.g., the faster compilation, scaling, and update ability, structured language. Also, C# comes with many libraries. It aids developers in completing projects faster and more efficiently. Hence, if you're looking for a language to use as a backend web developer. So, it is a good option.

.NET Frameworks for Backend Development in C#

GoDaddy, Stack Overflow, and other well-known websites that use C#


Finally, this blog covers all the details of backend development. I hope you gained a better insight into backend development. Also, it covers the skill of each language. This is by no means a detailed list of available backend languages.

But, before choosing any of the above languages. So, you must examine a variety of specific factors. Such as your objectives, project needs, learning curve, and so on.

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