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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-09-23
Full Stack Developer vs Software Developer: Understand the differences

Today, this might be confusing for a newbie who wants to enter into the IT world among the two development fields- Full Stack Developer or Software Developer.  This quite happens to everyone thinking about making their career the best one. So, you need not worry about it, as we are here to resolve your doubt regarding the selection of the right path. Through this blog, you will come to know which one could be the better choice among the two. But before that, you should know in detail what is Full Stack Developer and Software Developer exactly. 

Hence, upon a detailed reading of this blog post, you can make a wise decision. Whether to go with a full-stack developer or a software developer as a learning path.

There is a lot to know about these professions in detail which you will come to know slowly by the end. Let us begin with a brief introduction to the Full Stack Developer and Software Developer.

Full Stack Developer vs Software Developer

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Developer is an expert who can manage both the front and backend of a website efficiently. These developers are mostly responsible for the design, database, clients, system development, and so on. Moreover, having extensive knowledge and mastery in web development, Full Stack Developers are the most popular professionals. 

Further, a Full-Stack web developer works mostly on a web stack, mobile stack, or on a native application stack, etc. His work mostly depends upon project requirements and the client’s needs. 

Having expert knowledge of both server-side and client-side app development, they can check the project progress frequently. Also, they can assist the other developers in the completion of their tasks. Hence, these experts are in full demand because they can manage various responsibilities along with enhancing their team’s productivity. 

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Who is a Software Developer?

A software Developer or Engineer is a professional who possesses vast knowledge in developing solutions for various issues. He mostly focuses on working with software or native apps that we daily use on our system. To become expertise in Software Development, you need to acquire vast knowledge in this field. 

Generally, Software Developers work on building the system and coordinate with the other team members.  Hence, many Software Developers are specialists in designing software and they focus on a specific aspect of Software Development. They cover many other areas including the Full Stack Developers do. 

Hence, this is in brief about both the professions and they still have great demand in the IT market. Let us move to the key differences between Full Stack Developer and Software Developer. 

Full Stack Developer vs Software Developer

So, if you’re planning to enter into these fields, you need to have the following expertise and knowledge. Let us know the key differences between Full Stack Developer vs Software Developer covering different aspects. 

Application Access

A Full Stack Developer with his expertise in web development can access any web app easily and can work. He also helps other team members resolving various issues by reducing time consumption and operational costs. For example, he can involve in system design-related issues by helping front-end developers in his work.

On the other hand, software engineers can only access the limited part of the software or application they develop. They also work with other teammates within the development and other departments. 

Extensive Work

Full Stack Developers have the expertise in almost every aspect of the web app they develop or work on. They look after both sides of an application growth i.e., client-side as well as server-side. Hence, it means they are experts in writing APIs, programming databases, and build extensive design for a website. 

Software developers on the other side, create various apps that generally work on your personal computer. Hence, all the software apps that we use on our system are products developed by Software Developers. All they do is application coding, testing, and checking whether the app works have errors, or runs smoothly. Moreover, he focuses more on working on a particular aspect like OS. 


A Full Stack web developer can easily build a prototype design for a product much faster. Also, they deal with almost all the aspects of elements for a product buildup.

On the other side, Software experts manage a specific part of the product or application. They only handle the particular area of the product growth process rather than the entire process. Moreover, they make it error-free to run smoothly without any issues along with other components.

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Required Skills

A Full Stack Developer needs to have multiple skills like client-side and server-side development, system engineering, and databases. Also, he should have a basic knowledge of coding languages associated with these domains. Therefore, a full-stack expert should gain expertise in different front and backend coding languages- HTML, PHP, Python, JS, CSS, etc.

But when it comes to a software developer, he should know multiple programming languages depending upon the project. Their selection for a particular project depends highly on their area of expertise and skills. Programming language skills are necessary for these people because they are responsible to build apps for OS.  Therefore, they must have skills in C++, Java, C#, Swift, etc. software developing languages. Also, they have studied the basics of Computer Science as part of their studies.

For this check out the following Full Stack Developer skills and roadmap blog link here.

Roles and Responsibilities

In general, Full Stack Developers play a major role in a team, like a team lead. He manages all his teammates so that work is done properly without errors and on time. This person is given such responsibility because he has good knowledge of both sides of development. 

But in the case of Software engineers, the scenario changes here. They work under a team as a part and focus on a particular growth area. Moreover, they coordinate with the other members of the team to create various parts of the software app.   


Full Stack Developers mainly focus on designing and developing web applications and websites. Hence, anyone can access these products easily through the internet using the web browser.  There are many web apps designed by these experts that serve either multiple purposes or any single purpose. 

Software developers work on growing native apps such as MS Office, MS Word, Excel, PS, Skype, etc., and other apps. These applications run on a personal computer or a laptop we daily use for general purposes.  Moreover, these apps can only be accessible after installation on the PC. 

Career growth

We can say that still there is a good demand for Full Stack development professionals. They are mostly hired for technical support as a technical team member due to their capability in handling both sides of development. Also, they could be entrepreneurs because they possess diverse skills and experience in web development. They can make a bright career in the IT field with a good pay package.

Software engineers on the other side also have a good demand in major IT and non-IT companies as well. This is due to their interest in a specific area of a product and they also coordinate with other teams for solving issues. Moreover, these experts work within a team to look after the different IT needs of the enterprise. 

Full Stack Developer vs Software Developer salary

Now let us have a look into the most interesting part that everyone looks for before entering into a career. In India, a Full Stack Developer Salary could be around INR 582K p.a. As per the top research website PayScale on an average. But it could go high as well up to INR 1400K as the skills and experience grow. Mostly the pay package depends upon the company and the job location. It may vary depending upon many factors like city, country, job profile, company, experience, etc. We can say that a full-stack developer’s job in India is one of the topmost salary-paying careers. 

Similarly, a software developer also earns a competitive salary like a full stack professional. The average salary for a Software Engineer in India is around INR 506K p.a. Moreover, the highest pay could be Rs. 10 Lakhs p.a. Or more for them. This is depending upon the skills, experience, and other factors mentioned above. 

Learning Curve

A Full Stack Developer should have strong knowledge in the frontend, and backend, programming language skills, and web designing. These skills and factors could earn him a great career in this regard. Also, by joining an online training platform you can earn these skills easily.

But a Software Developer should have a CSE degree to become a professional. He should have knowledge of different coding languages, OS, and other technology subjects. 

Full Stack developer vs Software developer: Choose the better one

I hope you have gone through the whole blog post and also got to know the differences in both careers. Both Full Stack Developer and Software Developer learning paths provide great and exciting careers. But it can be very tricky to choose between the Full Stack and Software Developer. Here you must have a clear thought about your interests and fields. 

As a full-stack developer, you can build robust websites and web apps in different ways. Software Developers can build many complex programs that fit into the PC for daily use. So, you can choose wisely among these two distinct career paths.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make a good decision when we come in front of two distinct things. You might also think about which one to choose between Full Stack Developer and Software professional. If you’re planning to go for Full Stack, then you can go with our Full Stack Developer Training program. Here you can learn and experience the real-time environment regarding Full stack through experts. Our online learning program will help you in upgrading your existing skills with the latest technology trends. Moreover, you will also get career guidance after you complete this program successfully. 

So, just get into the above link and explore a new career in a new way.