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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-01-29
The trending programming languages you should learn in 2021

Today, the world is becoming much smarter with the advent of the latest technologies and tools like AI, Automation, etc. Also, there is a good demand for various programming languages. Nowadays every school-going child, graduates, and tech enthusiasts want to learn the latest technologies. As the old technologies are obsoleting. Therefore, this is a good time that a beginner should start learning the programming languages of his interest.

These programming languages are Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, R, PHP, Golang, SQL, and many more.

There are plenty of programming languages available in the tech market today along with additions or updates. Moreover, a beginner can easily get into a good profile after completing his learning with certifications. If you’re a beginner in technologies and interested in learning programming languages. Then this post can help you much.

Here, we are going to discuss the most trending or demanding programming languages that you should learn in 2021.

Top programming languages in-demand

There are some top trending programming languages in-demand to know about in this new era. So, we will discuss them in detail one by one and will also know why they are in-demand.


Today, the most demanding and commonly used among the various programming languages is Java. It’s still on demand since its inception in the year 1996 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems but later taken over by Oracle Inc. You can think of the most useful web apps and games that use Java language. This also plays an important role in the development of code that helps them to work.

Also, the Java language is platform-independent too as it is helpful for web development also.

There are more than eight million Java developers available today across the globe and still growing.

Trending programming languages you learn in 2021

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Reasons for learning

It’s an object-oriented programming language and is highly popular for its scalability and portability across various platforms.

The powerful features of the Java language are high security, solid memory management, rapid development tools, networking, etc.

There are some latest new frameworks available within this powerful programming language. Such as Hibernate, Spring, etc.

It includes a large space of open-source libraries that makes it attractive & easy to learn. This is mostly useful in developing Android apps. It is also useful with multiple domains like web development, mobile apps, system coding, etc.

This programming language also provides APIs for several activities to perform like networking, XML parsing, database linking, etc. It also allows developers to “write code once, and use it anywhere”. Thus, it’s a most demanding coding language for developers today.

Furthermore, in the job market, Java coding language has good demand with an offer of $1, 23,000 p.a. This is on an average in the global market.

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Python is one of the most powerful and demanding programming languages among others. Also, it is a very fastly growing high-level programming language with an open-source availability and useful for code readability. The Python programming language is very compatible with different systems and platforms. It offers extensive support to the libraries.

Comparing to other programming languages, it easily integrates with web services and offers extensive support for web development.

Reasons for learning

There are many reasons to learn this coding language for a beginner or a working IT professional.

It offers user-friendly data structures along with GUI based apps for Desktop.

Since this programming language is easy to learn with open-source availability. This is mostly useful for web development, business apps development, and other scientific apps.

There are many web development frameworks available with this coding language. Such as Django, Flask, Turbo Gear, Web2Py, CunicWeb, etc. Also, there are some other packages like NumPy and SciPy that are useful in scientific calculations and mathematical areas. Similarly, TensorFlow, Keras, etc. libraries are suitable for Data Science applications.

Hence, due to multi-purpose and other support systems, Python is used by giant IT spaces like Google, IBM, Qualcomm, HP, etc.

The average annual package that a Python professional could earn is around $1, 20,000 or nearly Rs 11Lcs p.a.


This is a high-level, multi-support, and web scripting language among the other programming languages. Also, this coding supports various types of programming styles such as OOPs, imperative, declarative, client-side, etc. JavaScript has different APIs for text, images, dates, continuous expressions, general data structures, etc.

Reasons for learning

The major reason to learn this programming language is that JavaScript is comparatively simple to learn.

This is one of the best programming languages to learn that works smoothly with other languages. Thus, it can also be used within a large variety of apps.

It helps to add some responsive elements on web pages so that they can work smoothly.

Also, JavaScript is most popular to use for both Front-end and Back-end app development.

Furthermore, this programming language is also compatible with some popular frameworks. Like React, NodeJs, Angular, JSON, etc.

There are some similarities of JavaScript with Java language such as syntax, naming convention, libraries pack, etc. Also, it easily integrates with HTML.

Besides, JavaScript only allows singles inheritance instead of multiple inheritances.


This is also one of the best and most popular among many programming languages. It’s a cross-platform supporting coding language that was designed & developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of C. The C++ language integrates the features of OOP programming, important, and generic programming languages. This language provides developers a high level of control over memory and other system resources. C++ has two major features such as- speed & efficiency that allow developers to design and create high-performance apps.

Further, C++ is also useful for developing OS, implanted systems, and GUIs. Being an old coding language, C++ is the topmost of the list among other programming languages.

Reasons for learning

Learning C++ is very beneficial for an IT beginner as he can know how to code as well as other important aspects of it.

Among other programming languages, C++ has good demand as it is reliable, high-performance, and wide range of concepts it uses.

This is most useful in the development of various games, scripting/coding, mobile apps related tasks.

Computer graphics, VR, and gaming are the core areas of the C++ programming language.

This language also helps to build a variety of apps that are capable of adapting to different environments or platforms.

Many top companies like PhonePe, IBM, eBay, etc. are hiring C++ developers with great demand and they also offer a good package of salary.

Moreover, there are some popular frameworks held with C++ language such as Dot Net, Qt, MFC, etc.

It is also popular with the development in low-level systems such as OS, kernel development, etc.

Hence, the C++ coding language is widely used in different areas of technology. The average annual salary that a C++ developer earns in India is around Rs. 10Lcs.

R Language

R is a statistical computing coding language with cross-platform compatibility. It was designed by Robert Gentleman and his colleague in the year 1992 in Auckland. But the basic version came out in the light in the year 1995. Later, its stable beta version was also released lately. R is the best one among the programming languages meant for statistical analysis and computing. This language is most useful for statisticians and analysts that provide them new ideas.

Since it’s an open-source language; users can modify and use it easily. Due to the improvement in technology, companies and research institutes begin to collect a huge amount of data. Here it requires R programming language to handle it. Thus, these companies adopt this language and its professionals too. The professional with R language can earn around Rs 6 Lakhs p.a. in India. Global salary could be around $1.2K for these professionals.

Reasons for learning

It’s an open-source, cross-platform supporting language with a great community. This is also useful for developing interactive and intuitive web apps.

Since it’s a statistical language, it is considered very much for easy coding.

It’s an integrated suite of different software tools useful for changes in statistical data, calculations, graphical displays, etc. So, it’s easy to handle and use coding language among others.

Also, it is compatible with different platforms and OS like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

The language R is highly-extensible and also works as a host for statistical and graphical methods.

It also supports multiple paradigms of programming languages like OOPs, languages, functional and procedural.

Hence, learning this programming language R may help to grow professionally in statistical modifications.


It’s considered to be the most powerful among other programming languages developed by Microsoft Corporation. This is one of the Dot Net frameworks. Moreover, C# is a flexible coding language that gives a strong foundation applicable to Java, Objective-C, PHP, etc. The developer of C# says that it is more similar to C++ than any other language. Therefore, it follows the same syntax as the C++ language and also easy to understand for a beginner.

Reasons for learning

This language includes a rich pack of libraries for compilation and performance that makes it use lightning fast.

It’s a most useful framework under .Net for developing mobile apps and game apps. So, there is a chance to get into this career sector after learning C#.

Also, the language is best suitable for the apps that are developed based on Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, etc.

Moreover, the C# programming language is highly suggestible for developing 2D and 3D video games.

The professionals of C# programming can earn a handsome package of Rs10 Lakhs p.a in India. And the global salary could be around 77K USD.

So, by learning the C# coding language you can make a good career.


SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language which is a special-purpose programming language to deal with databases. It is developed by IBM and available for the public in the year 1979. It’s a powerful query language that analyzes and understands databases including data table fields. There are many giant businesses along with fortune 500 companies that built their database-systems. This is mostly for high performance using SQL.

Reasons for learning

It helps to analyze and understand databases that consist of data fields with tables.

This coding language is mostly useful for data querying and performance analysis.

There are many repositories on Github and a large community base. Hence, it extends its facilities in the Data Analytics field also.

The SQL database developers can earn an average salary of $97k in the US/Rs10Lakhs in India. Where Uber, Netflix, Google, like companies are hiring them.

Since it has a high consistency and availability of data; it performs much better and faster.

Data recovery from multiple tables and rows becomes easier using this programming or coding language.

Hence, it’s worth learning SQL language for database professionals and beginners.


GoLang is an abbreviation for Go Language developed by tech giant Google itself in the year 2009. This is an open-source & free-to-use coding language that makes it easy to develop simple, safe, and efficient software. Moreover, it includes the features of both function and object-oriented programming.

Reasons for learning

GoLang is the fastest language compiled for machine code and performs well with Google’s optimization process.

This is an easy to learn programming language since the syntax of this language is relatively simple compared to others.

Moreover, the Go language also offers handy built-in functions with a standard library set.

Also, this language supports concurrent programming. 


PHP is an open-source/free to use server-side scripting language useful for web development among other programming languages. This language includes great features like cross-platform support, OOPs, etc. It easily combines with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more scripts. Also, PHP has great and huge community support.

There are some most popular frameworks that PHP consists of like Laravel, Symfony, etc. These can be taken into consideration while learning this language. 

Reasons for learning

There are many reasons behind learning this programming language for great skills and knowledge alongside a career.

This is almost 80% used for websites having server-side programming languages known.

It’s a very simple, platform-independent, and fastest programming language.

Most giant companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. use PHP for their websites.

The average global salary for a PHP professional in India is around Rs. 9 Lakhs and in the US it’s 1.2$.

Hence, it’s worth learning to have a great and successful career.


Scala is a general-purpose JVM language with type-safe that integrates both OOPs and functional programming languages features. Finally, it turns into a high-level coding language with this combination. Further, this programming language is a static type that reduces and eliminates errors within big and critical apps.

Reasons for learning 

It uses JavaScript and JVM runtimes that allow developing highly scalable and performance systems.

This also allows developers to build apps for different use cases, web apps, and complex Machine Learning models.

Hence, this is mostly used by the giant techs in this globe like LinkedIn, eBay, Bloomberg, etc.

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Summing Up

Thus, you have gone through the various programming languages that are trending and are worth learning in this era. Many giant companies use these programming languages to operate smoothly without any anomalies. Since many of these are open-source to learn but to become a professional you may have to choose a platform. By learning these updated programming languages, you can earn good skills along with a great career. So, without doing a waste of time go through the Core Java Online Training with ITGuru. Get practical insights into these languages with expert guidance and support.