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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-04-07
Python Vs JavaScript - What are the differences?

Python and JavaScript, both are powerful scripting and coding languages with various real-world apps. Both languages compete with each other at the broad level in the current world. In this blog, Python Vs JavaScript, we will look into the key differences that both languages have. The difference between Python vs Javascript explains to us the major uses of both coding languages in different fields. 

Before we go deeper into the Python Vs JavaScript comparison, we should know them individually first. Let us look at what are Python and JS actually in a brief context.

Python is nothing but a beautiful coding language with high-level interpretation and dynamic semantics. It is designed with the OOPs model and is very easy to read and apply to every programmer. Moreover, this coding language supports different coding models, OOPs, functional, and imperative programming. It also helps programmers to script easily complex codes using various in-built modules and library packages.

JavaScript is a popular scripting language with an object-oriented programming model that supports the development of interactive web pages. This language provides dynamic functionality to the web pages. And this is not possible to get through typical CSS and HTML scripts. Moreover, JavaScript is useful across different areas like front-end, back-end, mobile, desktop, etc.

Thus, this is in brief about both programming languages in the Python vs Javascript comparison. Let us look at the major key differences between them in further context.

Python vs Javascript which is better

Here in this section, we will check the key differences for Python Vs Javascript and also try to find out the better one. There are many important things to differ them in a broad way depending upon various factors. The following are the Python vs Javascript comparisons.

Python is the high-level oops concept-based coding language that includes many built-in data structures with dynamic typing and binding. JS on the other hand is also a popular scripting language that follows client-side coding rules. 

Python vs Javascript

Javascript is useful for different technologies like REST APIS, XML, Node.JS, etc. Python language also has different uses that include data analysis and web app development. 

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In the python vs javascript comparison, python includes the concept of mutable and immutable data types. But JS doesn’t have such a concept. 

Javascript uses curly brackets while writing the scripts/codes whereas Python language uses indentation. 

Python is useful in dealing with tasks like data analysis, ML, and other mathematical operations. On the other hand, JS is useful for building native apps or websites dynamically.

The language Python includes various numeric values like int, fixed point decimal, etc. On the other side, Javascript only includes floating-point numbers. 

Javascript needs encoding into UTF-16 as it doesn’t consist of any in-built support for modifying raw bytes. Python, on the other hand, includes ASCII code by default even a use don’t specify the encoding format.

Python language uses an inheritance model class-based whereas Javascript uses a prototype-based model of inheritance.

JS includes a few modules like math, date, JSON, etc., but Python language includes different types of modules.

To define an attribute, the python coding language uses getter and setter functions. On the other side, JS uses a composition of underlying attributes to define a property.

JS is useful in front-end, & back-end development along with mobile app development additionally. Where Python is not suitable for mobile app development.

Python vs JavaScript performance

The coding language Python is a little bit slower in performance as it processes various requests in a single flow. There are many ways to optimize Python’s performance where it includes updated libraries like Numpy and Cython.

JS on the other side works much faster on the web than Python. it works well with I/O situations  (Input/output) where a huge amount of data moves to and through the app in real-time. The best suitable example for this is “Facebook”.

Python vs Javascript - Features

In Python vs Javascript, both the coding languages include multiple important features which we will discuss in this section.

Features of Python

The important features of the Python coding language include the following points.:-

  • This language is very simple, easy to learn, read, and code maintenance.
  • To the python interpreter, a user can include various low-level modules.
  • By using the same interface, python can run on different platforms. 
  • This coding language provides an ideal architecture along with supporting huge & multiple platforms.
  • The language supports automatic garbage collection from the system along with supporting interactive testing and debugging.
  • Its compilation time is much faster than any other language.
  • In Python vs Javascript, this language includes dynamic data types and offers type-checking at a high level.
  • Moreover, Python language code can easily integrate with C, C++, Java, etc. coding languages.
  • It includes the largest supportive community that supports from every corner.
  • Furthermore, it includes multiple libraries and frameworks such as NumPy, Scipy, Django, Scikit-learn, for various uses. All these libraries and frameworks support different purposes for the Python language.
  • Besides, the use of various libraries in Python saves much time for the developer and thus makes it more popular.
  • There are many built-in hash tables, popular with names dictionaries, sets, etc. These are useful in hashing with keys and values.
  • Further, Python language includes an in-built REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop).

Let’s look into the various features of JS.

Features of JavaScript

The following features denote JS, a popular scripting language in the app development world.

  • This scripting language supports cross-platforms with wide usage for client-side and server-side apps.
  • It includes a strong testing workflow with some added dependencies but it doesn’t have hashing table support.
  • Moreover, it’s easy to learn and implement coding through JavaScript.
  • It applies to multiple models and has strong community support.
  • In JS, we can include REPL features using node.js.
  • Synchronous and code blocking are the standard activities of JS.
  • It has greater control over the browsers along with platform independence features.
  • It helps to dynamically produce HTML content easily. 

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Python vs JavaScript- Application, and advantages

In this section, we are going to look after the various uses and benefits of python and javascript languages. 

Python language applications

There are many applications of Python coding language such as-

  • It is much useful in AI, ML, and Deep Learning programs.
  • Also, useful in web scripting or coding with rapid prototyping methods.
  • It helps in faster XML processing.
  • Applicable in many scientific and database apps.
  • Also, it is useful for many Graphical User Interface (GUI) apps.
JavaScript applications

The scripting language JS has many useful apps in the IT world. Such as-

  • There are many server-side techs like Node.js, MongoDB, etc. which are based on JavaScript.
  • This scripting language is most useful in mobile app development through using React, etc. script codes.
  • Helpful in developing dynamic SPAs (Single Page Apps).
  • The scripting language JS enables building secure, dynamic, and highly scalable apps.
  • Moreover, there are jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. front-end technologies. These are built using JS code.

Hence, we have seen the various apps of both coding languages in Python vs Javascript. Let us check out the advantages of these scripting languages.

Advantages of Python

In Python vs JavaScript comparison, the following points denote the advantages of the python language. 

  • Python is a popular and powerful OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming) language with a simpler and elegant syntax. This makes Python language much easier to learn and apply along with free usage.
  • The syntax or script that python uses is comparatively easier than Java, C++, etc. languages.
  • It has a huge standard library package that helps to support common coding works.
  • This language supports cross-platform OS like Windows, Mac, Unix, OS/2, etc., and runs on different systems easily. 
  • Python code is very easy to script and debug with easy syntaxes. 
  • Moreover, Python developers find many tools and libraries much handy. This language also deals with a memory address, garbage collections internally.
  • The pre-built libraries and frameworks make the development tasks much easier and simpler. 
  • It helps in making complex programs much simpler. 
  • Moreover, Python language provides useful GUI and database interfaces that support all database management systems. 
  • Also, it helps developers to test the scripts through an interactive shell before applying them actually.
  • Improved productivity with code extensibility can be achieved through the use of this coding language. 
Advantages of JavaScript

The following are the major advantages of JS in the Python vs Javascript comparison.

  • Javascript is an open-source, free-to-use scripting language useful for smaller scripts.
  • The compiler within Javascript helps it run in multiple browsers making it cross-browser supportive.
  • This language provides support for various classes, interfaces, modules, etc.
  • To write large applications, we can extend Javascript easily.
  • It has a large community base to support across the globe.
  • The major advantage of javascript is that it is useful on both the server-side and client-side.
  • Moreover, it is useful to store and retrieve information on the user’s systems.
  • Further, Javascript is useful in building several interfaces that react when the user hovers or hangs using the mouse.
  • Its interpretation speed is well which minimizes compilation time than other coding languages.
  • Great simplicity in usage and popularity with many global brands usage like Google, Amazon, etc.
  • Supports inter operations by working perfectly with other languages. 
  • Also, supports in developing rich interfaces with catchy web pages and drag-drop features. All this makes improved web page interaction for the users.
  • Further, it has great versatility with fewer overheads.

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Hence, we have seen the various advantages and apps of both scripting languages in Python vs Javascript comparison. But there are some disadvantages also held with these coding languages which are as follows.:-

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Disadvantages of JavaScript (Python vs JavaScript) 

The disadvantages or cons that Javascript have are-

  • Here, the client-side of JS doesn’t allow a user to read or write any files. Hence, this has been kept for security reasons to fight against harm.
  • Furthermore, this scripting language doesn't include any multithread & processor features. The older browsers don’t support the latest changes so every time it needs to check while implementing.
  • This scripting language is not much useful for networking apps as there is not much support available.
  • The debugging facility is also lesser with this scripting language. The HTML editors here support somehow but not much effective than others like c/c++, etc have.
  • Moreover, a single error in code can stop rendering JS code on a whole on the website. 
Disadvantages of Python (Python vs JavaScript) 

The following points are the major disadvantages of the Python language. 

  • It is useful within fewer platforms only.
  • This is not much suitable for developing web apps.
  • Due to its dynamic nature, there are many run-time errors that it presents.
  • Python code executes slowly line by line that makes it slower.
  • Moreover, the database access layers of Python are mostly underdeveloped unlike those developed JDBC, ODBC, etc. Thus, large enterprises cannot use this language much simpler.

When to use Python and Javascript?

This question can put you into many doubts whether which language you should use and when.

If you’re into web development or interested in that then you can choose Javascript along with HTML, CSS, etc.

If you want to explore your skills in ML, Deep learning, neural networks, and DS, areas, then go with Python language.

Final Words

Thus, it’s time to wrap up the discussion over Python vs Javascript comparison. I have tried to put many things before you to get the basic idea of both scripting languages easily. In this comparison, there are many important points that give the idea of using them and their various features and benefits. 

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